Dearest diary...

Well welcome to my life... my real one


2. fake smiles


And we put a fake smile to hide the pain,

yet we wished someone would look would look closely enough

and see how broken we are inside.


Those are the words I live by when I lie to anyone.I lie by smiling. My fake smile.

Every time I smile it's fake.

No one can look deep into my eyes and see my pain.

I am so used to faking a laugh and a smile,I forgot what it felt like

to be happy.


Today (Feb. 27 2013) I had to fake a smile to my best friend,

well she doesn't think as me as a best friend but shes my only true friend.
Anyway,I feel somewhat gulity a tear fell from my eye on the way home.

During that ride I noticed what I am.A fake.A lier.A loner.




A/N:I am sorry for this somewhat depressing chapter,but its true.And if I didn't make it clear in the prologue,this is to help people.To tell them that they are not alone.That they

are not the only ones who feel or do any of this stuff. Love you my kittens




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