Dearest diary...

Well welcome to my life... my real one


3. crying and flaws

Have you ever laid in your bed and just cried?

Because you think you're ugly.Because you're not good enough for anyone.

You've counted all your flaws head to toe,making youself feel worse.

Cried because of all the comments people blurt out,actually hurt?

Cried because your family is dysfunctional and never understands you.

They tell you have it so much better than kids in Africa,even though they don't understand

your life either.You don't want to feel like an attention seeker,so you bottle everything up.

Around friends and family,you've created this lying smile

and people belive it,but then at night,when you're all alone in bed,the girl who

everyone thought was so happy,is crying her broken heart out.


I have counted all of my flaws and it added up to a huge number,but everyone has flaws

and there is nothing to be ashmed about.When people say they are perfect they lie because

No one can be perfect.We are all diffrent and have diffrent 'flaws' ,but your 'flaws' are

what make you.


Everyone cries.Some people bottle up their feelings until they are alone and let them out (me).

Yeah that is all I have to say about that, most of it is in the first part.



A/N: I find most of these quotes from tumblr

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