why me ?

Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


13. Their talk ?

Pilar's POV
As I woke up I heard the boys talking down stairs. I new exactly what to do. Wake up Katie. But as I shut my door and walked out, so did she. "what is going on?" she asks me, "thry are talking about something serious I guess" I rub my eyes and we walk to sit on the top step to listen. "look Niall we know you and Zayn love her but well so do I" Louis says, "yeah but we all know that Niall and Pilar look super cute together" Harry adds, "wait Lou you like Pilar too?" Zayn snuffs, "well I sorrda kinda like both of them" we look at each other in shock. "But what and me and Liam we love Katie too Louis" Harry starts "yeah well it's for them to choose who they love" Liam states. "yeah" the rest of the boys sigh. "what are we going to do?" Kaite says quietly, "umm well find the one we love, I think we should just go.." I was cut off by someone..Louis "girls?" he looks up at us, "yeah" we say back "were you two listening?" he moves closer, "nope not at all" we giggle a little and walk past the boys,"great I think they heard all that" Niall says, "yup and what's just said" Katie laughs.
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