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Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


26. Swimming !!

Acacia POV
Idk about swimming today, I'm scared. I mean Stella and Ella are models so of course they will look good in their bathing suits. But I won't, I know Athena will too, she is hella perfect. "Ok so what bathing suits are we wearing?" I ask the girls, "here's mine" Ella says and walks out in a bathing suit with a black top and white bottoms with little bows. "Sexy mama" we laugh, "my turn" Stella says, and comes out in a super pretty light pink bathing suit from VS. "Ok now Nenna and Cacia" Ella says, we go in and change into our bathing suits. Athena's is Purple with Gold studs on the top, and mine is light  blue bathing suit with silver studs on the top. We walk out and the girls are quiet then speak , "wow you guys look really good" they smile "thanks, not let's go to the boys outside" "yeah!" They shout. We run out and the guys are all grabbing beers and talking, "hey..whhooo" They say, "what?" We all blush we walk over to out out towels down, they are still staring, "you guys look hella fine" Harry picks up Stella and kisses her, "sure do" Louis smacks my bum "Louis!" I squeal, "yummy" Liam says and love bites Athena's neck. "Hella sexy" Zayn smirks and looks at Ella, "oh come here you fool" Ella says and jumps on Zayn kissing him. "Whoo" everyone whistles, "love you" she smiles and walks away.

Zayn's POV
Wow she kissed me !! Wow ! Oh my ! I love her so much idk what to do. "Wow" I smile, "hehe, ok now swimming?" She asks, "yeah yeah" last one in gets thrown in" I yell, we al, jump in but Acacia, "oooooo" we all hiss, "what?" But it's too late Louis runs and knocks her in, "aHhh Louis it's cold" she whines, "haha sorry love but you were last" she frowns and he kisses the crown of her head. 
We swim for a long time then it starts to get cold, we grab our towels and sit on th grass around the bonfire. "It's cold" Ella says, I grab a towel and wrap it around us, Harry, Liam, and Louis do the same to the other girls, Niall eats.  "Truth or dare?" Louis smirks, "sure" we say, "ok I'm first" Acacia smiles, "ok Acacia truth or dare" Athena asks, "Dare" she smirks, "ok I dare you to make out with Louis while sitting on his lap" she says, "ok" and does as she's told "holy shit Acacia you got this down" Louis laughs, "ok Ella ToD"? Cacia smiles, "D" Ella's laughs, "ok I dare you to chew gum and then have Zayn take it out" "fine" then they do that but end up making out, "haha Harry TorD?" Ella says "D" "I dare you to lick Vodka off of Stella's tummy" he does, "ahh it's cold" Stella says as I pour the liquid on her tummy. "Ok go Harry" he starts to lick and suck all of the blue liquid off her tummy, "this feels weird" she laughs. "Done" Harry whips his mouth, "how was that?" He asks, "perfect" we all laugh then continue, "Niall I dare you to let all of the girl smack your bum as hard as they can, and which ever one hurts the most you have to French kiss them" Harry says, "fine..." He says and stands with his butt facing the girls, "Stella then Acacia then Ella then Athena" "ok go" the girls all hit him damn hard, "which one?" I ask, "the second" he says, "that's Acacia" Harry says, "ok come here baby" Niall says and Acacia goes over, they start to French kiss , "ok ok enough" Louis shouts and abs Acacia. This was so funny. 

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