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Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


33. School (bad words)

Athena POV

i cant believe im going to have a baby in like 81/2 months. this is crazy !! Liam and i arent even married. Ha i laugh thinking about this in my head, First and second period were pretty boring. I mean i was Liam and Acacia and Louis in this class for third period, History, my favorite. "how you doing babe?" Liam asks, "im fine, my tummy hurts a little" i look down at it, "here" he bends down and kisses my tummy. "thanks" i giggle. "Class here is a new student, her name is Alina Lora Smith" Mrs. Hylton says, a really pretty girl walks in and everyones eyes are drawn to her, everyone except for Louis and Liam.

Louis POV

she was pretty but not as much as my baby gal CC. Alina looked like a slut with her outfit and stupid makeup and hair and ehh. we all started our class and Alina sat next to Liam and was totally flirting, she was bad at it. haha.

Liam POV

she was flirting with me, she was ok but nothing compaired to me Nenna (: she wa a slut and Nenna is totally sweet. "hey there my name is Alina" she smiles, "Im Liam" i say back, "you single?" she smirks, "nope" i smile kissing Athena, "oh how bout you?" she goes to Louis, "nope" he kisses Acacia, "damn do you have friends?" she asks, *cough slut cough* "yes we have three other boys, two are taken and one is single but he would never go for you" I smile a fake smile, "we will see" she says and class starts.


Ella POV

the day was a blur, i met this girl named Alina i hate her and i think the rest of us do too. She is a total scumbag."ZAYNNIEE IM HUNGGYY" i whine from the work room, we are all doing hw in here, "ill save you" he smiles and runs away and comes back with ice cream for me, "thanks baby" i say and kiss him and dig in, "why dont you do that for us?" Athena, Stella, and Acacia say crossing their arms and standing up. They look like they are going to attack Louis, Liam, and Harry. "whoa Babes chill" Niall says and come back with ice cream for them, "thanks baby" Acacia kisses him pretty hard on the neck, he looks like he is in heaven, "merci" Stella giggles and kisses niall on the nose, "Thanks sexy" Athena kisses nialls cheek, "not fair" Lou, Li, and Haz whine, "why?" the girls say, "we dont get that!!" Harry pouts "well you dont treat us with ice cream" Acacia smirks, "oh ill treat you with something" Louis starts to walk over with a scary smirk on his face.

Acacia POV

he walks over, "ahh" i whine as i hit the wall, he grabs my bum and nibbles on my neck, "ill save some for later" he smirks, "getta room" Ella complains, "yeah" the rest agree. we laugh. this hasnt been a bad day (: ahha.

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