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Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


29. please !!

Louis POV

i was sleeping so well until i heard a little cry, i looked up to see Acacia in the corner crying. "babe" she doesnt stop, "whats wrong?" i ask walking to her, her heads turns showing her mascara spread face. her eyes were swollen and full of tears. "babe please tell me whats going on" im worried, i say her wrist being held, "lemme see that" i demand, "no" she cries, "now Acaica now" i start to get worry/frustrated "NO" she cries harder. i grab her arm and pull it, she fights for only a little time then gives up and let me see. "holy shit Acacia" i whisper. he head falls back into my chest, he wrist was covered in dark red marks. "why" i start to cry, "they are gone, me too, i need" she crys harder, i run into Harrys room, "ahh" Harry says, "sorry but you guys need to help me with CC right now" i cry, Harry and Stella run into the room. "stop CC please stop" Stella cries, "leave" CC says harshly, "but.." "LEAVE" she shouts and comes closer to them, they walk out and then she slams the door and locks it, "SOME HERE NOW LOUIS" she gives me an angry and scary look, "ookk" i move to her, she grabs my face and starts to kiss me, harder, harder. 


"damn" she says, "wow" i breath. "you get sexier when you are mad and sad" i growl "thanks" she crys and i hold her tight.


Harry POV

the next morning we all go down for breakfast. Everyone is eating, but Acacia. "CC sis arent you hungry?" i ask hugging stella at my waist, she nods her head with a no . "bab you need to eat" Louis says kissing her. she nods her head again. "please?" Niall begs, "no" she slams her head on the table. "nevermind ill eat a little" she says and eats. A lot!! "wow" we say, "you ate more than Niall" we say shocked. "i um need to go" she run to the bathroom and shuts the door. it get super quiet. "ill check on her" Niall says he shuffles down the hall.

Niall POV

i walk slowly and quietly down the hall. i hear a few gag noises i knew right there and then what she was doing. i open the door and see her barfing, " stop" i command but she doesnt listen. i grab her and pull her away i whip her face with a moist towel and sit on the ground with her. "Acacia baby, please, please listen to me you need to stop, you have many people that love and care for you and you cant do this" i start, "now lift up your shirt for me" i command she does and i stare in shock, "Acacia i can nearly see bone" i start to tear up, "please, baby, please" i say. i had been emotional from breaking up with Daniella, but i needed to stay strong, "no" she says blankly. she comes closer and closer i start to get turned on my her beautiful eyes, she pulls me in and kisses me . i pull away quick, "i love you" she kisses me quick and walk out, no shirt or anything. i take a sec to think about what just happened and walk out to see the other crying. Ella was hiding behind Zayn, Athena was crying into Liams chest , Stella was crying and Harry was touching Acacia to figure out what to do . Louis is crying and trying to comfort Stella, "wow, sis you need to eat please, your hurting others, your scaring us please" he kisses her cheek, "No" she says and faints, "NOO" Louis yells, she quickly wakes up and walks over to me, "hi Niall i wanna talk to you" she smiles, i go with, we walk into her room and she starts to kiss me all over, "i love you, your the best best friend ever" she smiles and starts to talk about her feeling, we walk back downstairs, "i am the only one she will talk to" i nod "lets go to bed" Louis starts "no NIall" she stares at him "he makes me safe" she nods and leaves with me, "sorry mate she emotional she still loves you" i nod and she french kisses Louis for a while then leaves with me. "goodnite love" i smile and kiss her cheek. "nite" she smiles.

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