why me ?

Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


32. moving forward

Acacia POV

lately i have been a mess. i mean i havent been normal. i have lost almost too much weight. Im skinny to the bone. weak. i cant help but sit and just eat ice cream all day. im slowly getting back to normal. school starts again in tomorrow. But, we only have three months then we are out on our own in the world. Finally adults. haha. but i turn 23 tomorrow. so i mean yeah, ill be three years younger than Louis. he is 26 right now, the other boys are 23, 23, 24, 22. Harry is 22, Liam, 23, Niall, 23, and Zayn 24. yeah im older than Harry, but not that much older, my bday is on Jan 2. I cant wait. I wonder what everyone is doing right now. im just sitting with Stella and the other girls eating ice cream and sorting our school things. "babe?" i hear Louis say from behind me, i havent talked to him since my parents and sister died, "baby please talk to me" he cries, "yes?" my voice is weak. "i love you" i say and the girls smile, i turn around and hug him, hug him super tight, he kisses my forehead, "i love you too babe" he smiles, "ive missed you" he kisses my nose, i giggle. "im sorr.." he smashes his lips onto mine, "sorry" he said, "its fine" i coo and we kiss more, "eww getta room" Ella squeals, "oh like yo and Zayn did 5 nights ago" Athena and Stella laughed. "shut up" Zayn said kissing Ella, the other boys came in. Harry & Stella, Zayn & Ella, Liam & Athena, Me & Louis, and then Niall. "aww niall come here" i queue him over, "love you too baby" us girls say & give him loads of kisses leaving him shocked, "how come we dont get that?" the other boys pout, "its the luck of the irish" NIall skips. we all laugh, "but seriously i want some" they pout again, "oh no worries, thats what the night is for" all us girl say and the same time and then giggle. 


-Morning, school-

Liam POV

i am super happy to be going back to school, i think we all are. I think these three last months will be great and then we are alone out in the world. "Athena?" i yell i cant find her, "morning mate" Louis says, "LIAM!" Ella runs to me, "Athena is in the bathroom she looks sick," she sounds worried, "ok im going" i run to the bathroom and Athena doesnt look too well. "babe?" she looks up, "i..i..im pregnant" she chokes out, "holy shit" i stare at her, "are you going to leave me? are you mad?" she cries, "never, im happy for us, i love you with all my heart" i hug her and give her some meds, "ready everyone?" Niall yells, "yup" "yeah" "wait" "who said that?" Zayn yells with his arm around Ella, "where is my mascara?" Stella whines, "just forget it babe your beautiful eitherway" Harry runs to her and picks her up and we leave. Cant wait !

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