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Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


4. first night, (btw school year is over)

Zayn's POV

i really like Pilar, she is so pretty and nice. She is sweet and super cute, i cant help but look at her as we are unpacking. "umm...which side of the closet you want?" i ask, she looks over "umm i dont mind anyhting is ok" she says shyly, "ok ill take the left" she nods and we walk to the closet to finish up. there was only one bed so we would have to share it. "Umm Zayn?" she whispers, "yea love?" "uhhh i hope you dont mind sharing a bathroom, bed, and whole room with me" she looks confused, "yea, no i dont mind" i smile as i look for my sweats, i pull of my pants and change them when she isnt looking, but as soon as i pull off my shirt she turns around. at first she doesnt really look but then she stares, 'whoo' i here her say quietly, "like what you see?" i smirk, "oh umm sorry, its just, well, your really muscley, like your abs and v-line and arms and all" she blushed, "why thank you" gosh she so cute, "can i touch?" she says, i never thought she would ask, "sure" i smile she walks up and pokes my stomach and then starts to feel my abs and arms, she starts to trace the lines of muscle leaving chils down my body, she gets to the end of my v-line, pretty close to my dick and stops. "wow" she says looking into my eyes "your really buff" she smiles and looks towards the ground. "dont look down let me see your gorgeous face" she glances up, her cheeks still red. we look at each other for a few seconds then she starts to lean in, she gets closer and closer then..."hey guys dinners..." we look up and Harry is standing right there, "oh sorry, but Mr.M and Mrs.S dinner is ready" he says and we walk down.

Pilar's POV

i almost kissed him, me and Zayn wow. i cant believe this, im so happy !

~skip dinner~

Katie and i and the boys are watchign Bridesmaids when Harry talks, "Liam Niall Zayn can we tal in private please?" they all nod and walk into the hall. "so are we gonna listen or what?" Louis says, we walk to the door and listen. We notice Niall's voice first "well i mean idk what to say Zayn, you and Pilar have a big connection, but i really like her too, i always have" i go frozen and so do Katie and Louis, "hey guys we get it, Zayn and Niall love Pilar and Liam and I love Katie" Harry says. "well Zayn and I get to room with them so good luck boys" Liam says "i bet we could get them" Nialls says, "i bet not" Zayn says, "fine your on!" Harry states. It then goes quiet and the door opens, "wtf? where you guys listening?" Liam says, "nope not at all" Louis says and goes to sit with us. Katie and i keep quiet for the rest of the night then, "PIlar can we talk?" Katie asks i nob and we walk out.

"what is it T?"

"well i mean i really like Liam and Harry and i know you like Niall and Zayn, but what are we gonna do?"

"well i mean Niall and Harry are related to us so why not tease all the boys a little?"

"yes we shale" we both laugh and go back to the room. "TIME FOR BED" louis yells and we go of to bed.


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