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Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


2. First day !

Pilar's POV
I wake up and relize that is already 8:15 ! wow i slept a lot, i quickly put my cloths on and run to Harry's room. "wake up curly top" i yell and open the covers, "mhhhehh" is all he says, "lets go" i say and run to the bathroom. i start to put on my makeup, and i brush my teeth and hair. "ready!" i yell and run downstairs. Haryy is already eating and everything, "ready for the first day of your second year?" he asks smirking, "ready as ill ever be" i smile back and grab an apple. i look at the clock, it reads 8:20, "damn i need to pick up Katie" i say. "cya at school" Harry yells as i run and grab keys for my moped.

~skip ride to school~

"Will all the new student please come to the office for your schedules" the announcer says over the speaker. Katie and I walk to the office. When we get there the very sweet lady hands us our charts, and books. Loads of books ! "so what are your classes?" Katie asks, "umm.. 1. Math 2. Biology 3. Writing 4. Music 5. Sports 6. Free period" i say, "omg i have Biology, Music, and sports with you" she announces. "awesome, whos in your classes?" i question. "well i have Harry, Lucy, Matty, Gabi, Lorra..more people...and some guy named Liam" she smiles, "cool i have Niall, Lizzie, Danielle, Natalie, Gorge, Miles, Tom, Biancca, and some boys names, Zayn and Louis." i nod my head as the bell rings, "well cya in biology P" Katie says and runs off. "cool bye" i reply and try to find Math. "need some help?" a husky hot voice says from behind me. i turn around and see a lovly tall boy with black hair and hazel eyes. "umm yea i need to go to Math" i say shyly, "well i am too, hi my name is Zayn" he smiles and sticks his hand out, i grab it, "hi my names Pilar" and we walk off to our class,.

"im going with this is your first day here?" i smile a little smile, "yea im guessing this isnt your first day?" he laughs. "what?" i look up at him, "your funny and cute" he smiles and looks at me, i blush, "thanks" i blush harder and look towards the ground, "dont look down, and your even cuter when you blush" he says. we walk into our class and take our seats. A lot of people look at me and then get back to work. "OH you must be Pilar Styles" the teacher says, "Im ms. Millbrook" she says, "nice to meet you Ms.Millbrook" i smile and get to work. 

~skip to lunch time~

"so how was 1,2,3 period?" i ask Katie as we walk to the canteen. "it was amazing ! that boy Liam is amazingly hot and nice and smart and we are good friends" she said smiling. "well thats good, my classes for great too, this boy Zayn is my good friend, he is hot and nice and smart and sweet, and this kid Louis he is the class clown he is soo nice and funny he is friends with Zayn and Niall and Harry and Liam" i smile. "cool im hungry" we walk in line to grab our foo. We look around to find a place to sit but there is nowhere. "hey Pilar over here" i turn and see Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and im gussing the other boy is LIam. I smile as we walk over, they are sitting in a little circle on the grass, "hi Pilar, hi Katie" Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis say together. "hi" we say and sit down. I sit in the middle of Zayn and Harry, and Katie sits in between Niall and Liam. we Spend the rest of lunch and day getting to know each other.

~end of day~

we all know each other very well now, i mean very well, Liam is like me best friend, all of them are but Liam is a brother to me, other than Harry, Katie got really good brother/sister like with Zayn. we were all talking when Liams phone rang 'ring ring' "hello?" he talks, "yea, ok mom yea ill ask them.." "wait but mom we have two girls" "cool yea Niall and Harry's sisters" "okay ill ask, love you too mom, have fun bye" he puts the phone backin his pocket, "what was that?" Niall asks, "well my mom and dad are leaving on a trip for about well through the year, they need to visit and help my family, and they said all you guys could live with me through the year if thats okay?" i was happy and i could tell Katie was too. "yes for us" Niall,Katie, Louis, and Zayn said. "yes for us too" Harry and i say. "cool, go home and pack stuff, come over at 7:30 tonight, Harry you know where to go, its around the block, haha" "cool cant wait" we all say !! and leave to go home.







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