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Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


20. falling

Acacia POV

Athena and I decided today id the day to sit everyone down and tell them and show them the real us, but first we need to take contacts out and our hair die. i should probably call Marcus. Marcus is our gay hairdresser, we love him so much, he is a good good friends an really good at hair. -RING-

Marcus- Hay girl what can i do for ya?

Me- Hey Markky, Athena and I want our hair dye out and out contacts out today, going to show people the real us!!

Marcus- OOO girlfriend i have been waiting for this call forever, you know you gorgeous right?

Me- thanks so much, how about 9:45?

Marcus- perfect, see you then, love ya :)

Me- love ya too bye

i hung up the phone and checked the time, the guys are in the studio today they left at about 8, so its like 9 now? "Athean?" "Yeah?" "we are going to show everyone the real us today we have an appt soon with Marcus" "ok im ready leggo" we get into the car and drive off so excited.

~skip everything~

Athena POV

when we got home we look at our selves, we looked really good with our normal blue eyes and light brown or blonde ish hair. "A? im kinda nervous" Acacia bit her lip, "me too lets play video games" i suggested, "ok but i am going to call Stella real quick" she said and ran off.

Acacia POV

S- Hey Cacia

A- hey Stel

S- what up love?

A- Not much just wanted to say tht Athena and i came out normal today :)

S- yay! finally i gtg to modeling love you bye

A- Bye bye love ya x

i hung up the phone looked in the mirror and went to play video games. Stella has been our friend since well forever. we love her but she live hella far away :( she lives in like Australia. Too far i think she will be visiting us on my bday its soon. Its in September, but thats a month away.

Harry POV

we finished recording. It was amazing we sounded really good. "LETS GO HOME I MISS MY CUDDLE MUFFIN" Niall yelled, "ok fine" i said, i could see the othr boys getting a bit jealous, "sorry" Niall sorta whispered spoke. it took us about an hour to get back with all those stupid people driving so fkn slow.

when we got home we could hear people shouting and videos games, we knew it had to be the girls. "hello everybo.." there were two blondeish light borwn haired girls in the house on the couch, as soon as Niall and the rest walked in Niall and I smiled, we knew our sisters had come back to their normal selves we were super happy, but on the other hand the guys were all confused and shocked. when they turnned around the boys mouths dropped, "Hey we are Athena and acacia" the gilrs said, "Katie?Pilar?" they said, "no guys our real names and looks are right here, our real names are Athena and Acacia" Acacia said, "Nick names, Cacia and Nena" Athena said. "wow" They stuttered, "wow you guys are even hotter.." Louis started, but then got a flustered, "what?" The girls mouths dropped, Acacia started to blush, thats my sister, "sorry" he sttudered. "ummm wanna chill with us?" Cacia said "sure"


Louis POV

Its even harder now i see them. even hotter ! :(

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