why me ?

Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


16. Decisions

Pilar's POV Well I have been thinking a load lately, so has Katie. We thought about the people that makes us feel loved. It's hard when all of them are close with us. I think I know who I want to be with, Niall. He is the one who most connects with me. Our personalities just click together. But the even harder part is that Louis and I do too. My list is Niall and Louis. This is super hard. Katie's POV I've been thinking lately I really want to be with Harry or Louis. I just I mean they are different but the same at the same time. I don't know what to do, I think I should talk with Pilar. "Pilar?" I ask as I walk in her room, "Katie?" she smiles and hugs me, "we need to talk about the boys" I say, today the boys are all playing their Xbox games downstairs. We are having a free day. "ok what about them?" she looks at me as we sit on the bed., "well I mean I really really wanna be with Harry but I also like Louis" I smirk, "omg I feel like that but with Niall and Louis" we both plom back on the bed and stare at the walls. "well I think I should go Harry and you go Niall and Louis can be our best friends" I suggest, "agreed , but we need to talk to them" she says, "yeah let's go" Pilar's PoV We walk downstairs and plop on the couch next to the boys, "Harry and Niall we need to talk" Katie and I say. They get up smile to the other boys and walk with us to the kitchen. "what's up babes?" Hardy smiles, "well we have been thinking and well we have chosen you boys, we really really like you guys and we feel happiest with you guys" the smile and hug us, "I love you" I whisper into Nialls ear "I love you too" he smiles and kisses my cheek, the same was going on for T and Haz. "damnnn" I heard come from the kitchen door, we walked over and Liam and Zayn and Louis were all sad, "I'm sorry boys, but I would love to be best friends with you guys" Katie and I say, "it's ok we still love you always will" they say and smile and congratulate us. Niall's POV IM SO FKN HAPPY :) I feel like the world. I love this girl so much ! Harry's POV IM MASSIVLY EXCITTED :) ahhh! I love her !
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