why me ?

Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


27. Adding .. More .. Color ? Haha

Zayn POV
Ok so some people don't know this about me but, I'm a professional tattoo artist. That's how the boys and I got out tattoos. Yesterday I was looking at the girls to check but non of the, have any tattoos. I think I need to change that. "Morning Ell bear" I smile as she opens her eyes. "Morning Zayny" she Kisses my cheek. "I was thinking about you and the other girls" I start, she looks curiously at me "you guys need tattoos" I smirk, "ok" she nods "ok go talk with them" I smile. 

Ella POV
I go and talk with the girls. I have Always wanted a tattoo. So have they. Especially Acacia. She is the brave one. "ZAYN" Acacia yells, "COME HERE AND TATTOO ME" we laugh and hear running, "ok" he smiles, "sit" she does, "what chu' want?" He smiles he is so cute. I wish he liked me back. "I want the quote, "if you and dream is you can do it" in and infinity shape on the lower left part of my back. Not big not tiny, just perfect" "we'll sounds easy I'm glad you know what you want, lay down here" I point to the table, she does. "Pull your shorts down and lift up your shirt" I demand "ok" she does and I start. " ready to see it?" I ask, "YES!" She yells, "wow.. Didn't even hurt" she smiles. I put some medical gauze and tape so it doesn't infect. "Thank you" she smiles, "no prob, next?" I go next, "I want freedom & then a dove" I smile "where?" He looks at my body, "my wrist" I smile. He does it and I love it, Athena goes next and gets a tattoo says "bitch try" on her middle finger, such a bad girl haha, and Stella get a heart with an infinity sign in it on her ankle. We all gauze and tape up to protect them. Wow we love them . "Thanks again" we smiles and he nods and cleans up. It funny coz Acacia is all careful bout her back/side, I'm carful about my wrist, Stella bout her ankle and Athena bout her finger. We look silly. When the rest of the boys walk down they see us and furrow their eye brows, "what's going on here?" Harry groans, "TATTOOS" We laugh. "Finally" they say. "Let us see" Louis smiles looking at them, "I love em' " he says "thanks" we laugh, "what's next? Piercings?" Niall laughs but all us girls look at each other and smirk, "please please please Louis baby" Acacia whines, "I say ok for you babe" he smiles, "me too?" Stella whines to Harry, "yes" and Liam says yes to Athena too. 

Athena POV
Here are our piercings, 

Me- double ear & cheek
Stella- nose & ears
Ella- tongue & belly button
Acacia- belly button & back dimple  

We are taking good care of them. Our tattoos are free and healed now. We look hella good.

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