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Katie Lorea Horan and Pilar Marie Styles have been best friends since they were babys. Their moms met when their older brothers went to daycare together, and they got even closer when Niall and Harry became a 'big thing'. After Middle school in bradford they move up to high school with the boys, only being one grade behind. what will happen when the girls meet the boys ?


6. A day with Niall

Pilar's POV

I know i have feelings for Zayn but once i really got to now Niall i am starting to get feelings for him too. They are both extremely sweet, and hot and everything its just so hard. 

Today i agreed to spend the day alone with Niall, you know to see how it is to be with him, plus the boys have this weird thing they are doing where we spend a day with them each alone. today Katie is with Harry i wonder what they are doing. I cant decided what to wear but i think i have an idea,"Niall what should i wear?" i yell, "anything comfortable, but also something that you wouldnt just sleep in, u know what i mean?" he yells back, "yea i got it" i start to look through my leggings, i find my thick grey legging and my dark brown big sweater. i must say i looked nice, haha. i searched through my shoes, only to fine my perfect black short uggs with the bows on the back, i quickly through my light brown curly hair into a messy bun and mixed a little makeup. i looked in the mirror a couple times then skipped on down the hall to Niall's room. *knock knock* "come in" he says and i push through the door only to walk in on a shirtless Niall. "oh um sorry Niall" i blush and look away, "no its ok" he says and lifts my chin up giving me a kiss on the nose. Oh he was soo sweet, i really like this boy. he throws on his white polo. He was wearing a white polo, red cardigan, white shoes, and grey skinny jeans. He looked so amazingly cute. "you look good" i said blushing, "as do you beautiful" he smirks, making me blush even harder. "ready?" he asks, "yupp" i say popping the 'p'

-after breakfast-

Niall's POV

i am so happy to have her all to me for the day, i really like her i know im going to get her and not zayn, i mean i have to. She is like my dream girl, i dont mind if i have known her forever, i have liked her forever. "so what are we going to do?" he asks so sweetly, "well i was thinking we could go see a movie then lunch and then a walk in the park" i reply, "sounds fun" she smiles and takes my hand as  i drive off to the cinema. "two tickets or Identity Theft please" i ask the lady, as i pay her Pilar speaks, "Niall i could have paid for my own ticket" she says, "non sense ive got it babe" i shake my head, "are u sure" she smiles, "positive" i nod and we walk into the theater. during the movie we laughed so hard, her laugh is so small and cute it contagious.

-skip movie-

"that was a really funny movie" she smiles looking at me, "i know and your laugh made it even better" i smiled back, "oh gosh im sorry my laugh is horrible" she frowns and blushes looking down, "no i think its adorable i love it" i say lifting up her chin, "thanks Nialler" she says. we walk hand in hand to the car and drive to nando's.

-skip lunch-

she eats a lot ! she is just like me ! "wow you eat a lot" i say, "oh sorry i love food" she says, "dont worry as do i" i say and we walk out.

as soon as we get to the park we walk down the path, nobody is out and its getting chilly, all i have is a cardigan but she can fit into it. she starts to shake, "you cold babe?" i ask, "no im im fine" she quivers, i can tell she is freezing, "here" i hand her my sweater, she gladly takes it. "Niall can we sit here?" she says pointing to a patch of fresh grass, "sure want to look at the stars?" i ask, "i would love to" she smiles and w lay down on our backs looking up. "make a wish" she says and we both make one, "whats yours?" i ask, "i cant tell you or it wont come true" she giggles, so cute. "fine" i give her a pouty face "i wont tell you mine" we both start to laugh and roll around till we are chest to chest just staring into each others eyes. she was looking back a forth from my eyes to my lips, i took that as a sign and leaned in, she wrapped her hard around the back of my neck and pulled me closer i put my hands on her hips and we slowly kissed. our kiss was like fireworks, it only lasted about 10 secs but that was perfect. "did your wish come true?" i asked, "it sure did" she muttered, "so did mine" i smiled and we started back home.

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