Styles Wasn't My Style

This is the story about an average everyday teenager named, Marie who has lived in London all her life. She isn't into the famous boy band One Direction but seems to take interest in the youngest member Harry Styles. She discovers that he isn't just a snobby celebrity but a kind hearted boy-until he becomes sneaky and Marie gets worried
What will happen?
Read to find out!


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Marie's POV

"Marie! Come here!" Cried my best friend Kelly

"What is it!" I hollered back in annoyance. It was only 6:00am and it wasn't even a school day. Slowly and barely moving I dragged myself out of my nice comfortable bed and headed down the hall to find Kelly's room. Her door was decorated with posters of One Direction. I personally couldn't care less about them. I saw them as being a normal group of guys who got lucky. They weren't that special. I entered her messy but decorated room. She was laying on the floor while looking at a poster that was laying beside her.

"He fell! He fell! Help me call an ambulance!" She cried

"You've got to be kidding me! You woke me up for this?! Shut up. Pick your poster off the ground and go back to sleep. Do you not know what time it is?!" I screamed in her face. She looked at me and I felt sorry. I guess I shouldn't have blown upon her face like that. I was stressed out after having to close up Panara, my job. It was a large cafe that served pretty good comfort food. I was always left to clean it up by myself. I got annoyed every time but didnt complain because I needed a job. I walked up to the small condo I shared with Kelly and put my key in the door. I turned it slowly and quietly trying not to wake her. I tiptoed to my room stopping at the shower first. I threw my clothes in a pile and hopped in the nice warm shower. I got out and put my hair in a towel and brushed my teeth. I then dried my hair and got into my pajamas. I walked quietly to my room and plopped down on the bed. I got out my phone and saw it was late so I went to bed. Well now that that night was out of my mind I got back to reality. I helped Kelly put her poster back up and headed back to bed. I slept for a few more hours. When I decided to get up it was freezing so I put on a sweatshirt. I went downstairs to find Kelly watching a One Direction interview. I rolled my eyes and walked straight past not paying a bit of attention to her screaming and sudden gasps when they said something unexpected. I headed back up to my room knowing she wouldn't let me turn the channel downstairs. I sat quietly and watched Pretty Little Winners. I loved that show but Kelly thought it was stupid. When the interview was over Kelly came up and told me she had to go to work. She worked at NANDOS. She said that she just needed a job but she had always talked about how that was Niall's favorite restaurant.

When she left I was left alone in the apartment so I got a shower. When I came out my phone was buzzing. I went over and checked it. It was my Kelly she said she was bored. I ignored it and went and got ready for my job. I put my hair in a ponytail till I was done getting dressed. I put on a a purple sweater that had the word "believe" on it and a pair of dark skinny jeans. I added my favorite pair of TOMS to my outfit and started on my hair. I decided to just let it down and go with my natural blonde curls. I headed downstairs and grabbed my jacket and got into my car. The car ride there consisted of me changing the radio station every minute. It was all one direction and I couldn't figure out why. As I arrived at Panara I noticed how crowded it was. Slowly, I walked up to the door and saw cameras flashing and people screaming. Next thing I knew I my phone started to ringing. It was Kelly again.

"Hello?" I said into my phone

"Marie?! Are you at work yet?!" Kelly screamed breaking my eardrum. "Yes why?" "ONE DIRECTION IS THERE!" "Great" I said under my breath. She heard me. "Great? Just great? That is amazing you have got to come in!" "I have to its my job!" "Well then see ya in a few." I hung up and made my way to the corner where I put my apron on. As I walked up to my register, a curly haired boy waked up. "May I take your ord-" I suddenly stopped once I saw who it was. I wasn't impressed. I was annoyed that I had to wait on him. "May I take your order?" I asked. "Erm…are you a fan?" He asked smirking "Me? A fan? Please I just think you are a couple of guys who got lucky!" Kelly is gonna kill me if she finds out what I just said. "Oh…I will take a cappuccino and your number!" What did he just say?

Harry's POV

"Oh…I will take a cappuccino and your number!" I said to the pretty lady behind the cash register. Oh jeez what was I thinking. "What?!" She said in annoyance. "A cappuccino!" I responded trying to cover up my flaw. "No after that?" "Oh…um can I have your number" I mumbled. "I don't like you! You can get any girl in the world and you pick me? I will probably be the only woman in the world who would turn you down!" "A challenge I see?" She rolled her eyes and put my order in. I stared at her luscious curly blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders. I wanted her to smile but I knew that wouldn't be possible. "Uh…hello?!" She said angrily. I was daydreaming I guess. I suddenly snapped back to reality. "Oh erm thank you. Goodbye" I walked away with my cappuccino. Every now and then I would turn around and see her happily greeting the other customers. Why couldn't I get that response? I am the Harry Styles. She was different but in a good way. Sort of. She was mysterious. How come she didn't like me? As I exited the building Paul came from behind the corner and escorted me to the car. I couldn't get that girl out of my mind. I didn't even get her name. Just then I realize zed the receipt. They always have their names on them. I looked through my wallet and found it. Right there in bolder ink was the name "Marie Smith" what a beautiful name I thought to myself.

Marie's POV

"And your change is $1.53 sir. Have a nice day!" I happily handed the elderly man who ordered. He gave me a polite smile before heading tot the exit. The line became shorter and shorter till only three people were left. My shift needed in 2 minutes. Thank god. I need to get anew job. When I waited on the last customer and gave her her coffee I took my apron of and walked to the lockers. "Marie?" My boss's voice called from the far need of the cafe. "Yes?" I answered. "Would you mind cleaning up?" What? Again! I thought to myself. I did t want to say it aloud be aside I needed a job. I was there till 9:00pm sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing before finally heading out.
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