Isn't She Lovely

Olivia and Bella thought it was just gonna be another day at the mall, but what happens when One Direction offer them a ride home? Will they accept? Will they meet again? Most importantly, will love spark?


2. Trip to the mall

Olivia's POV:          Bella and I were walking to the bus stop because we're going to the mall and we can't drive ,obviously, and my parents are at work so they can't drive us. I am wearing dark wash skinny jeans, a white frilly tank top and black sparkly flats. I'm wearing my usual makeup. Foundation, powder, blush and mascara. Bella is wearing purple ripped skinny jeans, her black One Direction hoodie, and black hightop converse. She is wearing a thick layer of eyeliner and mascara. "Belle! Why are you wearing that hideous hoodie?" I complained. "Because I want to and they're gorgeous!" Bella retorted. "First of all they are NOT gorgeous and second it's like ninety degrees out here!" I argued. "You just keep thinking that Liv!!" Bella sung. "Man!! You're a sassy one aren't you!" I shouted. "Sass master from Doncaster!" She started laughing uncontrollably and I have no clue why. "Just kidding and yes I am!" Bella said. "What the heck is that even suppose to mean?" I asked. Man, she is so weird sometimes. "It's a directioner inside joke. You wouldn't get it since you're so dead set on hating them when you haven't even given them a chance." Bella stated.            Did I forget to mention Bella is obsessed, excuse me, "dedicated" as she calls herself, with the band One Direction. Sometimes I worry about her. Like literally, she gets so emotional over them sometimes I worry that she might hurt herself because she might never get to meet them. "I hate One Direction!!!" I stated. "Excuse me!?!?! Did you just say you hated One Direction?!?!" She shouted. "Yes!!! Whatcha gonna do about it!?!?" I retorted. Just then she shoved me into a bush. She burst out laughing and she was literally rolling on the sidewalk. I got up out of the bush and started dusting myself off and getting leaves out if my hair. She was calming down a bit so I took the opportunity to start a race.         "The last one to the bus stop has to buy lunch!" I giggled and before she could react I started to run towards the bus stop. I reached the bus stop, looking over my shoulder I saw Bella in the midst of her hysterical laughter. Clearly she hadn't heard me. She looked up and her face went from a smile to a confused look.  "Looks like you're buying lunch!" I called to her. Realization hit her, and she got up and started running like a mad man.  "No fair!" She whined, dragging out the 'fair', approaching me. "You got me at a vulnerable moment. " Just as we sat on the sun-heated metal bench, the bus slowly pulled up, screeching to a halt.       "Money?" The driver said in a clearly bored voice. I pulled my wallet out of my Chanel bag, slapping the money for the both of us in his outstretched hand.  We made our way to the back of the dirty bus, sitting in the old, worn out seats covered in writing and nasty chewed up gum. Bella sat down on the end and I scootched in beside her. Before I could put my headphones in, Belle had hers in and playing on full blast. I rolled my eyes as I heard One Direction's One Way or Another cover come on. She started singing along without a care in the world, as if we were the only people on the bus.
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