Isn't She Lovely

Olivia and Bella thought it was just gonna be another day at the mall, but what happens when One Direction offer them a ride home? Will they accept? Will they meet again? Most importantly, will love spark?


3. The mall (part 1)

Olivia's POV: After about 10 minutes we arrived at the Haywood mall. We got off the bus and headed towards the entrance. We walked through the doors and headed towards the food court because it's already 12:00 pm and we're starving.  "I'm getting Chick-fil-a." I walked over and stood in the line. I laughed at my best friend, who looked like a lost puppy, trying to pick which restaurant to order from.  I heard a faint "Oh my Perry the platypus!" and looked over, seeing Bella running over to the samples for Chinese food. I was watching in pure amusement as she harassed the poor guy handing them out. Someone cleared their throat and I swiftly turned around. The line had moved up and I was next. Oops. Behind the counter was a young boy, 16 maybe. He had messy brown hair that flopped across his forehead, accompanied by the most beautiful hazel eyes I had ever seen.  "What can I get for you?" Chris, as I read on his name tag, asked.  "Erm... Can I have a number 1 with an ice cream sundae, extra fudge?"  "Coming right up." He punched in my order. A few minutes later he came back with my food. "That'll be $7.35."  I gave him a ten and he handed me the change and winked. I let out a subtle laugh, grabbing my food and heading to find a table for me and Belle to share. As I settled in a booth, I looked at the receipt. There was a note on it  'Call me sometime, pretty thang. ;)', which was followed by his number. I laughed at how cheesy he was. I doubt I was gonna call him anyways.  Bella soon joined me, setting her bag on the table. She had ordered from the Chinese place she got samples from earlier.  "I got the cashiers number." I tried to strike up a conversation.  "Really? He's cute! You gonna call him?" "Probably not." "If you don't, I will." She laughed. I knew she was kidding because she was a terrible liar. When she lied, she raised her eyebrows and laughed right after she spoke.  "Go ahead." I winked and handed her the receipt with Chris' number on it.  She laughed and grabbed the paper from my hand.  "Thanks babe. I'll be calling him later."  "Any time. So, what store do you wanna hit up first?" I asked, crumbling up the wrapper from my chicken sandwich that I had just devoured, and taking my ice cream out.  "I dunno. You pick."  "We can pick when we finish, now lets just finish our food." "Already ahead of ya." She replied as she put her empty bag in a nearby trash can.  She sat down, staring intently at me.  "What are you doing." I asked in an amused tone. "I'm hoping that if I stare at you, you'll finish faster." I scoffed, "Not everyone can eat as fast as you, honey." She playfully slapped my arm, mocking hurt.  I picked up my spoon, scooping up some of the vanilla ice cream, covered in fudge. I almost got the delicious, creamy substance in my mouth, but the spoon was knocked out of my hand by a certain blonde haired, blue eyed girl that goes by the name Bella.  "What was that for?" I cried as I looked at my ice cream on the ground with a spoon overtop.  "Liam would be very disappointed in you!" She scolded. Once again I was totally lost. This girl made absolutely no sense sometimes. "What are you talking about?" "Another directioner inside joke. But you wouldn't know, miss directionator." "Whatever." I stated "How about let's go to Claire's first" "Sure. That's fine with me." Bella answered.    Harry Styles POV:  We are currently at the Haywood mall in Greenville, South Carolina. We were walking to the food court because we're starving. As we arrived I saw a girl telling her friend about how she got the cashiers number or something. She told her friend that she wasn't going to call him though. We got our food and started eating. The whole time I kept zoning out because I was to busy staring at that girl. She was absolutely stunning. She had blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin.  "Harry" Zayn shouted snapping me out of my daydream. "Yeah" I mumbled clearly still thinking about her.  I glanced back over at her and as soon as I did her friend slapped her spoon full of ice cream out of her hand knocking it on the ground.  "Liam would be very disappointed in you!" She scolded her. The girl just looked at her like she was psychotic. They soon got up and started to leave. I don't know why but I suddenly had the urge to get up and follow them, so I told the boys I was gonna go look for a new beanie and left.     Olivia's POV: We got up and started heading to Claire's. On the way there we passed a Build-A-Bear and I just had to go in. We walked in and I ran to the stuffed animals to choose grime with Bella right behind me. I chose a grey cat with a pink nose and named her Silver Belle. I picked out a cute little pink outfit to go with her cute pink nose. Bella chose a tan and brown dog and named him Scruffy because he had scruffy hair. She picked out a cute little track suit for him. We payed for our new little buddies and headed towards Claire's.
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