Isn't She Lovely

Olivia and Bella thought it was just gonna be another day at the mall, but what happens when One Direction offer them a ride home? Will they accept? Will they meet again? Most importantly, will love spark?


1. Prologue

             Hi, my name is Olivia Turner. I am 15 and live in Greenville, South Carolina. I have straight blonde hair and green eyes. I am 5'8". I'm not super thin, but I'm not fat either. I may seem quiet and shy at first, but once you get to know me I can get pretty crazy and weird. My best friends name is Bella Roberts but I call her Belle. She is also 15. She is shorter than me standing at about 5'4". She also has blonde hair. She has blue eyes though. She is very thin. She is way more outgoing when you first meet her than I am. She only gets weirder the longer you've known her. Her parents were murdered by her uncle John. Obviously, he went to prison, but that was the only family she had left.  The social services wanted to put her in foster care, but my family fought for her so she lives with us now.

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