My Angel


3. A New Beginning?

Ivory's POV:

I let out a groan as I pushed open my eyelids. The last thing I remembered... Oh god. The accident. I glanced down at my body, expecting to be totally banged up and horrible. But I was shocked. This had to be a dream. My skin was flawless, every mark on it gone, and it shone golden, nothing like before, my arms covered with random doodles and scratches. I touched my white-blonde hair, which was silky and flowing loose down my shoulder, and shook my head in disbelief. Everything was sharp and in focus, but there was nothing, no breeze or anything. Then I heard a voice, and turned to see a woman standing behind me. She looked vaguely familiar...

"Ivory," she said in a soft, musical voice. In one paralysing, horrible moment, I knew what was going on.

"I'm dead, aren't I?" I choked out.

"Oh, Ivory," The woman said, sitting down beside me and putting an arm around me. Tears began spilling from my eyes.

"Harry," I sobbed "Harry," The lady didn't seem surprised.

"Love, this is your chance to start over." she began "You will be assigned a job, and..." She trailed off, seeing the heartbroken look that must have appeared on my face.

"Harry," I murmured over and over.  A look of reluctance crossed the woman's face.

"There's another option..." she began softly.

"What?" I asked eagerly. If it could bring me back to my Harry...

"You could stay here," she motioned to the area around me. "And every night, until Harry dies, you can visit him in his sleep. We don't give this option very often," she cautioned "It can often end up... badly. But I see how much you love this boy...". I nodded, my face breaking into a grin. I could see my Harry again! My heart soared. The woman smiled.

"Is there anything I have to do? LIke a, 'How to Be Dead 101' course, or something?" I asked jokingly.

"All you need to know is how to 'manifest'. THe only thing to do is imagine yourself wearing something, anything at all, and you'll be wearing it,"

"Can I try it now?"

"Of course," she said with a nod. I pictured my favourite outfit, leopard Converse, coloured skinny jeans, and a tank top reading "I love you to the moon and back" in typewriter font. Immediately, I was wearing it.

"COOOL!" I shouted childishly. The lady disappeared, and I was alone again.

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