Arrested Heart

Ava, a violent young woman with a less than perfect past, finds unsuspecting love with the new cop in town. Thrown into a mess of murders, and false accusations will their love survive?


1. Caught

Isabella looked up at me, her voice wobbled when she spoke like she was holding back tears, “Ava, can we just go back home.” “No, not before I fuck up the guy who did this to you,” I said

“Really Ava, it’s no big deal…,”

“No big deal Izz, that jackass has cheated on you for the last time, If you think I’m gonna sit here and let that fucker get away with that you are sorely mistaken,”

I grabbed Izz’s hand and dragged her towards the club’s door. The Bouncer didn’t even stop me, I’ve been going here since I was 16 I knew him by name now. He was used to dragging me out by my hair, fist sill swinging. “Ava, can you please take the fight outside this time, please,” he asked me. “I laughed and said, cracking my knuckles, “If the guy has the balls to step outside with me,”

 I left Izz with the bouncer and entered Westington’s only club. The smell of sweaty dancing bodies filled the place along with that of cheap liquor and stale beer. The lights were flashing and the DJ was mixing one hell of a beat. I danced my way through the crowd towards the bar gaining allot of male attention along the way. At 5’9” with blue eyes and long Blonde hair I stood out from the rest of the girls at the club. Westington was full of short plump brunettes.

I slammed my palm down on the counter and ordered a beer. As I sipped the frothy brew I scanned the crowd looking for my target. I stopped trusting other people to take care of things after me and Izz were taken from our druggie mother and were deposited with an abusive set of foster parents. When I was 14 and Izz was 12 we hightailed it out of that place. We hitched hiked around the country for two years before ending up in Westington, Nebraska. During those years I learned to hold my own. You meet allot of creeps wandering this country.

 Any way, as I was saying, I was scanning the crowd for my little sister’s shity Husband. I spotted him sticking his tongue down the throat of some big breasted bimbo. I placed my beer on the bar counter and plowed my way through the crowd towards his cheating ass. I rubbed my hands on my worn jeans. The adrenaline was already pumping. The high I got from fighting was almost better than drugs…almost. I tightened my pony tail and adjusted my T-shirt, I was prepared to see this one out.

I grabbed the guy’s shoulder and jerked him so he was facing me. Before he had time to react I smashed him in the gut, when he doubled over I kneed him in the face. Blood poured from his nose. “What the fuck,” he shouted then straightened up to look me in the eyes, “What the hell….. shit, Ava I can explain,”

“You’ve cheated on her for the last time you bastard,” I shouted, by now a crowd was gathering. The bimbo had been smart and made herself scarce. “You have the guts to fight me outside Bill?” I asked.

“Ava, I couldn’t fight a woman,”

“Oh that’s right you just fuck them,”

“Seriously Ava, please just let me and Isabella work this out,”

“Bill, I have stood by the past 5 times it’s happened, this is the last straw”

I lunged at him legs kicking and fists flying. He wasn’t fighting back though, just blocking my blows. “Fight me back you pussy,” I screamed at him. Suddenly someone was pulling my off. I fought to break free, but they were too strong.

“Shit it’s the cops,” yelled a crowd member. The club cleared out in record time.

“let me go,” I cried still trying to wiggle my way out of the mystery cop’s grasp. All the cops I knew in Westinton, trust me I knew all of them, were overweight middle aged guys who lived on a diet of coffee and doughnuts. This guy was defiantly not over weight. I felt a wall of pure muscle pressed against my back. Suddenly the cop cuffed me.

“You let that shit bag get away,” I screamed testing the strength of the cuffs, shit I was caught. The cop said nothing and lead me out his patrol car. I passed Izz on the way. “Ava,” she gasped “what did you do?” “Don’t worry,” I called back, “Just go home, I’ll be their asap, and don’t let Bill in,”

I decided to act more civilized so instead of making the cop drag me all the way to his car, I gave up and stopped fighting him. I just slid in the back, sulking. The cop was silent the whole drive, I was trying to catch his face in the rearview mirror, but I couldn’t. All I could gather was that he was probably about 6’4” and well-muscled. I watched the head lights of passing cars wiz by. When we passed the police station I said “uhh, buddy you missed the stop.”

“I’m off duty,” came the sound of a deep husky voice, one that could give a girl goose bumps.

“Where the hell are you taking me then?” I asked

“My place,”

 Warning bells went off in my head, “why?”

“So you can talk to me about that guy you were beating the shit out off, I’m off duty so I’m not gonna take you into the station, but I want to know why you were trying to kill him. Oh and I already know you aren’t armed,”

“Fine,” still not convinced of my overall safety. I wasn’t afraid of being raped or murdered. No, I was more concerned about controlling myself. If his voice was enough to turn me on, I could only imagine what actually looking at him would be like.

I sat the rest of the short ride out in silence. As we pulled into the drive I fiddled in my seat. The Cop pulled into a garage and hopped out. I caught my first glimpse of him. He was not somebody I had ever seen around before. His pecs and abs were well defined and outlined under t-shirt, His biceps were the perfect size, defined and strong. He was wearing a pair of worn looking jeans that hugged one of the hottest male asses I had ever seen. His face had a 5 o’clock shadow dusting a strong jaw line, his lips were full and perfectly kissable, His eyes were hazel and framed by long lashes, and his hair was a dark brown, cut shorter but was not totally neat, it seemed to have a slight curl to it. Oh how I wanted to run my hands through it.

He was easily the best looking guy I had seen in a while. Down Girl I thought to myself. The last thing I needed was infatuation with a Cop. I wanted to fix my  disheveled hair a bit, but then realized I still had the handcuffs on. It pissed me off, if he wasn’t gonna bring me in why did he cuff me? He opened the door for me and helped me out. I blew the loose stands of hair from my face and looked up at him. “Will you take these damn cuffs off?” I asked.

“Ohh yeah, Sorry I forgot about that. They were just to control you a bit more,” he laughed while removing them, “There”

I rubbed my wrists. “Thanks,” I mumbled.

“Well come on inside,” he said, “We have to talk about that one sided bar fight you got yourself into,”            


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