5 best friend get dared to enter the team fashion show this year the judges are the one and only one direction. Zoey Lola Harret lulu and kim are a band what happens when they get to go on tour with one direction ...FIND OUT ON GIRLS vs BOYS


2. How it all started

Zoey"s P.O.V


my name is zoey i have red long hair i have four other best friends Kim, lola harret and lulu we are all in a band together. we are popular but not as popular as brook she is the head cheerleader she has long purple hair and all the boys drool over her. one day me and the girls we hanging out and brook walked over to us.


brooks P.O.V


there is this fashion show at school for the end of the year and i wanted to make 5 losers make a fool of them selves so i walked up to them and asked them to hang out and they accepted (DUH I am so pretty who wouldn't hang out with me) we hung out for 5 hours at the park than besided to play truth of dare "lola truth or dare" i asked her "dare " she said

"i dare you to enter the fashion show with the rest of your group" "NO i hate fashion shows they are so boring" "well a dare is a dare"


kim P.O.V


brook made us sign up for the fashion show i hate her i have stage fright and we don't have any talent to do and worst of all well we are in a band but it wont work "what are we going to do" i asked "i don't know did you hear who is judging"asked lola "ya one direction " said harret "girls are you ok " asked a deep voice all the girls turned to see IT

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