Project Party

Imagine having a Party while your parents are out of town and it gets a little out of control / Striping / Drinking / Smoking / Celebrities / Fights & MORE !!!

My First Story So Sorry If it's not good :/

Features : Zayn Malik , Harry Styles , Niall Horan , Justin Bieber

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4. Will he do it?



Abby's POV

"Hmmmm what should I make you do?" I said . "I don't know.... He said "I GOT IT!" I said with a huge smile on my face. "Oh no what are u thinking ?" He said "oh just follow me !!" I grabbed his hand and walked him threw the crowed of people . I walked him to Isa's laundry room.

Pushed him in and closed the door I sat on the washer and just looked at him. "Ok so what do you want me to do?"." Hmm strip" I said. "What seriously ?" "Yeah you lost I won go ahead." I could keep from smiling as he took his shirt off to reveal his sexy abs and he had a V line I was just about to faint when It got all the more interesting. He started to unzip his pants I didn't want to look to into it so I just giggled and covered my face making sure to look occasionally. Once his pants were off I noticed that the feeling in my ass was not wrong he surely did have a very nice sized package. He moved his hands to the elastic on his boxers. "Ok that's enough I said thinking I couldn't Handel what was coming up next. I threw his clothes at him and he put them on. I reached for the door Handel when he grabbed me by my arm. Not so fast he said pulling me tight with his hands around my waists looking into my eyes. He leaned in and kissed me I felt as if it was magical! After a couple minutes of that his hands moved down onto my ass and he kissed me passionately.About a half hour later we stopped and he asked for my number. I put it into his phone and we went outside the people around looked at us funny. It seemed like they knew how long we were in there and thought something else had gone down. Niall didn't seem to really care he just walked me to the dance floor were as we dance I noticed just how many people were in Isa's back yard, the fence had broken on one side from people pushing on it and I knew Isa was probably already freaking out.  


Nashalie's POV

I'm not sure how it happened but some how Zayn took that goody two shoe shy girl out of me. He took me to dance with him we were humping and grinding the usual when a slow song came on and he just leaned in and i knew exactly what was coming so i did also his hands had been all over me during it. his hands started off on my face when they slowly slipped down my sides onto my hips and even below that. We had been making out for a while now and I didn't even feel like I was doing anything wrong. It just felt natural as if we been dating for months or even years I thought he might just be my sole mate. But I didn't want to get my hopes up because my heart had been broken too many times. Always boys would date me because I had a nice body they'd ask for what they wanted and when I said no the usually break up came. We finally stopped kissing Zayn looked into my eyes and smiled. "That was the most amazing kiss". I felt my cheeks blush and get hot "thanks same here I said holding my head down". Zayn lifted my chin "never keep your head down, your beautiful

"let's go for a drink " he said holding my hand couple style. As we walked I thought about what he had said to me, many boys have called me beautiful in the past but none sounded so truthful like Zayn did. We sat down and he asked me for my phone. I quickly unlocked it and passed it to him his phone rang there now I can text you all night. I smiled at him thinking that my previous thoughts that I would only see him for tonight then he would disappear and leave me thinking of him slowly started to diminish. "Wanna dance ?" He asked. "Sure" I answered and we got on the floor. As we dance I was smiling think that this might not be just a one night thing after all.


Authors Notes

Aye, hope you guys enjoyed this chapter make sure to vote/comment/share we would really appreciate it thanks  


Peace,love,infinity - Nashalie

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