Project Party

Imagine having a Party while your parents are out of town and it gets a little out of control / Striping / Drinking / Smoking / Celebrities / Fights & MORE !!!

My First Story So Sorry If it's not good :/

Features : Zayn Malik , Harry Styles , Niall Horan , Justin Bieber

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5. The Meeting


Chapter 5

Isa's POV

I was sitting down my couch looking at everybody having a good time. I saw Nash with Zayn then I looked over at the backyard and I saw Abbi and some boy with blonde hair and then I saw "My FENCE" it was broken !! I got up and ran to it "HOW THE HELL I'M I SUPPOSE TO EXPLAIN TO MY PARENTS"!!! I Screamed and everybody looked at me with scared face "ABBI" I guess she heard how mad I was because she got there in 2 seconds tops.

Look at my FENCE Abbi how am I suppose to explain that !? I said . I'll help you fix it before your parents get home Abbi said It's alright my brother has some tools I can come tomorrow and fix it for you Niall said with a sweet voice. Fine but if it's still fucked up by the time my parents come home imma kill you Abigail ! Alright now can I go back to dancing Abbi said before walking away with Niall. I went back to the couch to chill sense I had nothing else but before I got the couch I went to get a drink I grabbed some "Coke a Cola" I really didn't like drinking so I just got soda. I sat back on the couch and looking at Instagram on my iPhone and taking sips of my coke but when I looked up I saw a strange , mysterious , cute boy looking directly at me heat rushed to my cheeks I looked back down at my phone for about 5 more minutes and when I looked back he was still staring at me with a small grin. I was kinda freaked out but I finally got the courage and said

"What are you looking at " !? He said smiled and replied "Nothing just admiring your beautiful face" Sure whatever the only time I see someone looking at me like that is when their drunk and wanting to get some! I said back at him . He still didn't give up on me even when he noticed I wasn't interested I kinda was but I didn't want it to be noticeable. He had gorgeous greenish-blueish eye but they were mostly green the were beautiful I could stare at the for hours he also had really muscular arm . Which were really attractive and he had brown curls I was in love. He sat down next to me and asked what I was doing.

I-Im just on Instagram looking through pictures I replied stuttering great now he might think I stutter! He grabbed my phone and started typing something in the search box. "Hey !" I said He gave it back to me I noticed he searched himself up and made me followed him! You could have just asked me or could have told me to look you up you know! You didn't have to snatch !? I said I didn't want to take the chance of you saying no He smiled. Now I know his name is Harry because it said it on his profile. So Harry how did you find out about this party? I asked He said I saw it on Twitter and I decided to check it out. What's your name sense you know mine He asked. 


Its Isabella but you can call me Isa. I like it an is this your house he replied Thanks and yeah how you know I said. I saw you screaming at my boy Niall and some girl he was with He said . Ooh he is your friend ? That girl he was with is my best friend Abbi I said. And my boy Zayn got into a fight with some other boy and I don't know were he went I saw you and some other girl drag him away though. So I've been just standing there waiting for them but they seems like they have be having fun with your friends He said with a small giggle. Want to go look for them I asked ? Sure he replied and we got up started to look for them................... We found Abbi ,Niall , Zayn and Nashalie about 10 minutes later Hey how about we play a game Zayn Suggested? Alright we all said simultaneously. It's too loud and crowed down here let's go to my room I said and we all headed up stairs.


Authors Notes

Thanks we are really grateful that you guys have been reading Please Vote/Comment/and tell people about it ;* Sorry this chapter is all bout Isa it's just she has been the least one I've wrote about so wanted to write about her . :) Keep reading g lovelys ;) -Isabella (Isa)

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