Project Party

Imagine having a Party while your parents are out of town and it gets a little out of control / Striping / Drinking / Smoking / Celebrities / Fights & MORE !!!

My First Story So Sorry If it's not good :/

Features : Zayn Malik , Harry Styles , Niall Horan , Justin Bieber

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6. the game


(the game pic on the side) 

Abbi's POV

we were following isa up to her room to play some game. "Ok sit guys in a circle!" Isa said We sat in a circle all the "couples" together. I don't why I called them couples because from what I knew no one was official. But isa got a bottle. "Ok so we're gonna play truth or dare, rules are as follows if the cap lands on you your going to be performing the dare and if the bottom of the bottle lands on you , you assign the dare but if the person does not complete the dare then one item of clothes must come off" isa said.

We all agreed as is spins the bottle first it the cap landed on Niall and Nashalie was to give him the dare. "Ok I dare you to kiss Abbi's butt." My eyes got wide Niall seemed to be a little wasted so he agreed to do it. So I awkwardly turned around. He grabbed me by my waist and literally kissed my ass. He sat back down everyone was laughing. "Ok so Niall you spin the bottle now" isa said . The cap landed on Nashalie . And the dare assigner was Harry. I wondered what he would dare Nash to do because he really didn't know her. "Hmmm so my mans Zayn seems to like u alot." He said I could see Nashalie blush so why don't You go in that closet over there and give him A little 7 minutes in heaven."

"This shit is easy." Nashalie said as she grabbed Zayn's hand and walked him to the closet. Me and isa gave each other surprised look knowing that Nashalie had blossomed into a wild girl like us.

Nashalie's POV

We closed the closet doors be hide us and Zayn gave me a creeped smile and pulled me close and against a wall. He then kissed me passionately feeling on my body with such desire. I thought this boy must really like me. That's when he started kissing my neck and I had this done to me once before and I loved it , it always gave me goosebumps. Then I felt warmth going up my stomach and notice it was his hand his finger tips when under my bra and lucky I didn't go with the stuffing I saw in a tv show that would've been embarrassing ! So I decided to start touching on him too I went straight to his bulge. After a minute or so abbi came knocking on the door 7 minutes are up. I looked at Zayn and he gave me one more peck then we walked out. Everyone was cracking up? I was confused until I looked down at Zayn's pants and he had a stiffy ! I was so embarrassed I could only imagine him. He looked down and covered himself ran to Isa's bathroom. I couldn't help but giggle when in got a text from isa "Nena what did u do to him ?" I looked at her then texted back "tell u later". When everyone stopped laughing I sat back down and we heard the shower come on. "Nice job" Harry said. "Shut up" I said throwing my empty soda cup at him.

Zayn's POV

I was so embarrassed I didn't even asked just hopped in the shower and toke a cold bath this girl made me go crazy I need her to be mine. After my buddy went back to sleep. I put my clothes back on and I swear who ever said something smart to me was getting punched.

I walked back to the room everyone had stopped playing and started watching a movie my boys were all hugging up on the girls they had told me they liked. I saw nash all alone so I went and sat next to her with my arm around her the movie was a quite scary so I hugged her tight.



Hey guys so the story git a little freaky like? Or dislike? Make sure to vote and comment and of u like tell ur friends all about it !!!


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