Project Party

Imagine having a Party while your parents are out of town and it gets a little out of control / Striping / Drinking / Smoking / Celebrities / Fights & MORE !!!

My First Story So Sorry If it's not good :/

Features : Zayn Malik , Harry Styles , Niall Horan , Justin Bieber

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2. The FIGHT !




After People Started to arrive I was anxious to see my instagram and Twitter when I logged in I noticed that my post as well as Abbi's and Nashalies had been reposted 50 other times it was even on Cragslist which was weird! But I didn't mind because that means we will have twice as many people here! But I knew Nashalie wouldn't like that. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!! I heard coming from the backyard and all I see is this boy I recognized from school I think his name was Bernard. Him and some other boy I didn't know probably saw the repost and came. They were both on the floor hitting each other. It looked like Bernard was wining from where I was standing but I wasn't sure.

Abbi's POV

All you heard coming from the backyard was FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!! So when I ran out to see what was happening I see my friend Bernard beating somebody to a pulp! Bernard took boxing classes so he would know where and how to hit his opponent. After 5 minutes of watching I decided the Fight was getting serious with every punch the next one came harder & Harder & HARDER!!! Blood was on the grass and the boy was finally knocked unconscious! I grabbed Bernard and Isa & Nash grabbed the other boy which we still had no idea who he was! When I was having trouble getting Bernard under control another boy came to help me he had a Tall figure with dirty blonde hair with brown roots and Blue eyes he kinda looked like a Justin Bieber look-a-like just with blue eyes! He told Bernard to calm down and breath surprisingly Bernard listen to him! After we got Bernard to his normal self mi started to talk he asked me my name I said A-Abigail ! I said almost stuttering He was gorgeous his blue eyes took my breath away! He said nice name my is Niall.


Nashalies POV


Isa and I were dragging the unconscious boy into the living room. Isa ran into the kitchen to get an Ice pack but she ending up coming back with a frozen bag of Green Peas! When I saw her coming towards us with that I let out a small giggle. When she finally got to us she put the frozen peas on his face and we saw him jerk a little when he did that we both jumped in our seats thinking we hurt him. Considering the bruises on his face and on his whole body I doubt he could hurt anymore than he already is! He started to wake up after 20 minutes of trying to get him too. he was actually pretty cute despite the bruises he open his eyes and his beautiful brown eyes sparkled as he search around to see where he was. He searched with his eyes for a few seconds until his eyes set on me than Isa. He snarled and said did I really get knocked the hell of out in front of you beauties! We both giggled then looked at each other and than back at him and before Isa had the chance to reply I said yes! He smirked than asked me my name I said Nashalie how about yours. He had beautiful brown eyes and Black hair in a quiff with a blonde streak. When Isa finally figured out what was going on she got up and walked away not saying a word. He replied to my question saying Zayn after about 5 minutes after I asked the question. I smiled and said ooh cool I sounded like a dumb shy girl who had nothing to say when I was dying to ask him so many questions. But I didn't want to sound pushy so after 2 minutes of awkward silence he asked so how you know about this party. I was practically the one who made it up I lied knowing that Abbi was the one who came up with the idea in the first place. He smirked got up and said "Well Ms Nashalie would you like to dance". I looked right into his beautiful brown eyes and replied Sure.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Authors Notes

I hope you guys like it so far :) Please comment/Vote/Become a fan/ And Tell people about it :) ! Imma try and Update everyday :) This are all my ideas so please don't steal thanks;) -Isa

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