Project Party

Imagine having a Party while your parents are out of town and it gets a little out of control / Striping / Drinking / Smoking / Celebrities / Fights & MORE !!!

My First Story So Sorry If it's not good :/

Features : Zayn Malik , Harry Styles , Niall Horan , Justin Bieber

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Chapter 3

Abbi's POV

Niall and I walked over to the dance floor and started dancing. I thought it would be awkward but it surprisingly wasn't because we were in the middle of huge circle of people dancing he turned me around and locked his hips on mine. We were grinding I could feel his tall frame overpowering my smaller body I felt so small compared to him but that was good I felt safe with him.

"Wanna get a drink" He asked me I said "Yeah Sure" in my head I was thinking about who brought beer but then a thought popped in my head that some college kid that probably heard about the party brought it. While we were walking over to the bar which was in the kitchen I looked around and on one side of the house people were dancing like how I previously was and on the other side of the house people were making-out!Among those people who were making out I saw a girl and a boy that looked familiar it was NASHALIE ! Her and the boy looks like the boy Bernard knocked out earlier tonight! She was the last person I would imagine making out with someone at a party but she looked like she was having a good time. I looked over at the dinning room and I saw some people I recognized from school they were playing beer pong. When me and Niall got to the counter I grabbed some absolute vodka and grabbed two shot cups and started to pour it. Niall placed himself behind me with his "exrection" on my ass and he fit his head in the crook of my neck. His hot breath sent tingling down my neck I turned around so fast to face him I almost dropped the shots! I handed him his and had mine in my hand.

"Let's make this more Interesting" He said . I Nodded signing that I agreed Whoever can drink all 30 shots in less than 5minutes can tell the one who couldn't drink all 30 shots in less than 5 minutes has to do ANYTHING the winner says! YOUR ON ! I Said . Ok ONE TWO THREE !!!!!

~~~~~5 Minutes later ~~~~~~

*Shot cup hits the counter* DONE ! I said *sigh* Fine you won Niall said . I think he let me win I thought to myself but it didn't matter! I got on to the counter and yelled out I AM THE SHOTS QUEEN !!!!!!! Everyone "Woohed" back I went to get back down and I slipped on some spilled alcohol and fell bridal-style sigh into Niall's strong muscular arms I looked right into his sparkling blue eyes and said thanks. He put me down making sure I didn't lose balance. That probably wasn't stuck a good Idea Niall said Yeah it wasn't sense I have a dress heels an I'm kinda drunk I agreed! He smirked and said alright now what are you going to make me do? C'mon this will be fun :) I said with a grin on my face . He laughed and started following me .

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