The wallflower. That's all I am. I shouldn't even think about trying to get him. The captain of all the sports teams, senior class president, smartest boy in the class, completely out of your league. He doesn't go for wallflowers, he goes for the cheerleaders, the one's with long hair, toned bodies, and sparkling eyes.

So why did he look at me like that?


4. Selfie's

"There, you feel a little better?"

I nod my head, screwing the cap back onto the water bottle. Harry stands in front of me while I sit on the ground next to my locker. The scenes of what happened with George replays over and over in my head. I don't even want to think about what could have happened if Harry hadn't showed up. 

I glance up and he's whipping his head around side to side, looking for someone. Maybe he's just making sure George won't come back. He said he would stay with me until my mom got here. She called a few minuets ago and said she wouldn't be here till almost 4:30.

"Who are you looking for?"

"Huh? Oh, Niall. He said he was going to get a soda a while ago and I haven't seen him since. He was supposed to proof read my essay for English."

Niall Horan? I didn't think Harry would be friends with him. Does that mean Liam is friends with him too? That would be weird, considering Niall isn't exactly popular boy material. He never wears name brand clothes or shoes and his hair is always in a mess. 

"Niall Horan? The blonde guy in eleventh grade?"

Harry looks down at me and cocks an eye brow curiously. 

"Yeah, Niall. Why?" He asks. 

My eyes go wide and I shake my head, telling him no reason. He cracks a smile, showing a cute little dimple, and chuckles. Huh, this Harry kid isn't so bad looking. Definitely no Liam, but cute nonetheless. Oh! Him and Hannah would look so cute together! She likes Louis, but we all know Louis has been going steady with Ellie for almost two years now, there's no way that's going to happen.

Footsteps start to echo against the walls, causing us both to turn our heads to the left to see who it is. Recognizable blonde hair bobs toward us. So Niall found us, finally. This should make things a little less awkward between Harry and I. I mean, we just met and don't really know what to talk about, so we haven't really talked about anything. 


"Niall! There you are! I've been looking for you, where you been?"

His sneakers come to s screeching halt a foot away from Harry's and a wrapper falls out of his full hands. What does he have in there? Candies? 

"Where the hell did you get all the candies, Niall?"

Harry takes the words right out of my mouth as I snatch the wrapper out of the air. Peppermints? Does our school even sell peppermints? I though they were banned because of too much sugar or something. I don't really know to be honest, but if out school sells mints I definitely need to get on that after lunch. Especially if I'm going to talk to Liam more. 

"The school store was having a sale, mate. They're getting rid of all of 'em cause they're getting banned."

Damn it. So much for that.

"Oh, well okay then."

Niall pops another candy into his mouth and tosses one to Harry, not even looking at me. Oh, thanks for the offer Niall. I didn't want one anyway. No, really. It's okay. I roll my eyes and huff, pulling out my phone. 4:00. I've still got another half hour with these idiots. Awesome. 

"Oh! Hey, who's that?"

Niall throws his hand toward me, candies falling out and landing all over me. About time I get one of these! I take the one closest to my chest and pop it into my mouth, tossing the wrapper anywhere.

"That's Lauren."

"Hi" I mumble, waiting for twitter to load on my phone. I can't believe how slow the 3G is in this school sometimes. 

"What are you doing with her?"

"Oh, hi Niall! Nice to meet you too!" 

He shakes off my sarcasm rather quickly and comes back with a quip of his own. 

"Oh, love. I don't think I introduced myself, but your sarcasm is appreciated! Now what are you and Harry doing?"

Ouch, good one. He's quick with his words. I'm not used to people having answers for my sarcastic replies. Normally people just get a little red, fake laugh it off, and walk away. 

"Oh nothing. He's just waiting with me till my mom gets here."

"Yeah, George Millano was all up on her so I helped her out. I don't want him to come back, he'll be pissed."

"God, he's such a creep. I can't believe he'd get up on a freshman, being a super senior and all. Pervert."

Harry and I mumble our agreements, the awkward silence creeping back. It is really odd that George, the 19 year old, or super senior, would try to get with a freshman. I'm 15, old for my grade but still a freshman. He needs to one, get out of high school, and two, get a girlfriend his own age. I'd like that a lot better than him creeping on younger girls. 

"Well, this is a friggin' craic. You two are bunches of fun, aren't ya?"

Niall's Irish accent sneaks it's way out a little more as he relaxes around me. He moved here a few years ago from Ireland and still has a pretty thick accent. Maybe that's why Harry's friends with him, because he foreign. When the exchange students come every year, they always have like a hundred friends because who doesn't want to be friends with a foreigner? 

"Sorry we're not the life of the party. We don't exactly know each other" Harry snaps back. 

Niall snorts and snatches my phone out of my hand.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?"

He holds up his finger and smiles, phone in front of his face. Is he taking selfies on my phone? Oh, hell no! I hardly know this kid! If Andy see's a bunch of Niall selfies on my phone she's going to jump to some ridiculous conclusion like we're secretly dating or something. That would be a fun mess to sort out with her.

"Harry, smile."

He drops his bag and puts his hands up under his chin and pops the cheesiest, girliest, most adorable gri I've ever seen. I can't help but smile seeing his face. He looks like a ball of sunshine and rainbows frolicking through a field of flavored flowers with sprinkles. 

"Cupcake face. Nice" Niall mutters, typing away on my phone. 

Cupcake face? That describe's Harry's face perfectly! That's a lot easier to say then what I was thinking too. My phone lands in my lap and I look up to see Niall popping another peppermint in his mouth. 

"There. Now we can get 'ta know ya."

What is he talking about? I slide open my phone and enter the pass code; 4592. Contacts, straight to 'H' and what do you know. Cupcake faced Harry, the first 'H' contact I have. I scroll down to see Niall's selfie with his number attached to it. 

Oh my God. Andy and Hannah are literally pee their pants when they find out I somehow managed to get two decent looking juniors numbers the same day I talked to Liam. Obviously, today was my day. I don't think this could have gone any better. 

*Beep* *Beep*

From: Mommaaa - hey hun im here in the front

"Oh, hey guys. That's my mom. Thanks for waiting with me. I appreciate it."

Harry extends a hand to help me up and I gratefully take it, heaving my self off the ground. Niall grabs my bag and starts to walk toward the door, like it's nothing.

"Hey, Horan! What are you doing with my bag?"

"Walking you out. Duh. Now come on."



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