The wallflower. That's all I am. I shouldn't even think about trying to get him. The captain of all the sports teams, senior class president, smartest boy in the class, completely out of your league. He doesn't go for wallflowers, he goes for the cheerleaders, the one's with long hair, toned bodies, and sparkling eyes.

So why did he look at me like that?


2. Lunch

"Ugh. I can't believe how disgusting that food is. How can you even eat it?"

Hannah rolls her eyes and shovels a bite of spaghetti into her mouth, making sure Andy sees her. I look suggestively at my own tray of pasta that can barley qualify as human food. I wonder how the school gets away with serving us this. It's not healthy like most schools and hasn't Michelle Obama convinced her husband to have schools serve healthier foods? If not, she needs to get on that. I wouldn't mind a nice chicken salad for lunch. 

"Get over yourself, Andy. We all don't have moms that'll buy us subway everyday for lunch."

She ignores Hannah's comment and digs into her 6-inch sub: pepperoni, salami, lettuce, tomatoes, yellow peppers, and Italian dressing. With as many times as we've gone to subway, I know her order by heart. 

"You're just jealous, Han."

"Jealous? What could I possibly be jealous of."

"My delicious sub, obviously. And my amazingly good looks."

The two bicker like they normally do. I swear they're like an old married couple. Wonder if they'll stop anytime soon. I still have to tell them about-

"Hey, freshie!"

Liam! Oh my God! He's here. At my lunch table. Talking to me again. I have to be dreaming. There's no way Liam freaking Payne will talk to me twice in one day. No way. 

"Oh, hi."

That was good. Play it cool. Glance up now! Just glance! Oh, he's so beautiful. I could just melt in his eyes. The deep chocolate brown and the way they sparkle when he talks. Or light up when he smiles, they have to be the prettiest eyes I've ever seen.

"...for Spanish?"


"Huh? What?"

Andy calls my name, snapping me out of my haze. I drop my gaze from Liam, not realizing how long I'd been staring. How long was he talking? What did he even say? Something about Spanish, I think.

"I said, you left some papers behind in the hallway. They looked like some of the assignments we had for Spanish. I though you'd want them back?"

Butterflies erupt in my stomach as he smirks at me, handing over a few papers. He took time out of his lunch to give me back my papers! I can't believe it! 

I smile dumbly at him and grab the papers out of his hand. I try to get my hand to brush up with his, but it's to far out of reach. I'd look like such an idiot if I tried to touch his hand right now. He'd probably get freaked out and run away. What if he's getting freaked out now because I haven't said anything? Say something Lauren! Don't just stare!

"Thanks, my mom would've killed me."

My mom? MY MOM? Out of everything I could've of said, I chose to bring up my MOM?! He scrunches his brows a little bit, bringing back the cute little wrinkles in his fore head and cocks his head to the right, confused. 

"Your mom would've killed you?"

"Yeah! I mean, cause I would've had missing assignments because, you know, you would have them and then my grade would drop and my mom would see on my report card and yell me at like, 'You're already letting your grades Lauren! You're only a freshman!' Then I'd have to explain  the whole thing with me tripping and you helping me and taking my papers.. and yeah.."

I mentally slap my self as hard as I can for just saying all that. Why couldn't I shut-up?! The heat creeps into my face as I desperately glance toward Andrea to save me. I'm making such a fool out of myself I can't even believe it.

She nods her head, understanding my embarrassment and want to bury myself in a hole an never come out. 

"What she's trying to say is her mom is pretty strict and thank you for returning the papers, right Lauren?"

She nods her head hardly at me and I nod and smile at Liam, not trusting myself to talk after what just happened. He nods he head and 'mhms', turning back toward me. Oop, there are the butterflies again!

"Well, there are, uh, your papers. I'll see you around, Lauren."

The smile he gives me melts me on the spot, I'm nothing. With an awkward wave he walks off, leaving me in a dreamy state to look after him. Damn he's fit. I mean, look at the butt. Mmm.. I bet it's firm. Oh yeah, nice and firm. The stuff I could do with that firm b-

"Earth to Lauren!"

For the second time today I'm snapped out of a trance, not happily either. I could dream about Liam all day. Actually  that's exactly what I do all day. Maybe that's why I'm so confused in chemistry.

"Lauren! What the hell was that?! Why was Liam Payne, .A.K.A, one of the hottest boys in our school, talking to you?!"

Hannah and Andy both stare at me with a huge cheesy grin plastered on their face. I can't help but smile shyly and steal a glance of him sitting at his table in his white and purple, quarter sleeve shirt. Purple really is his color. I turn back to them and spill everything that happened between us! 

"Oh my God Lauren! You guys are going to fall in love and have babies and get married! Aw, you and Liam and Zayn and I can have double wedding!"

"Hey! What about me and Louis?"

"Calm down, Banana. You and Louis can come to the wedding to."

"Guys, there's not going to be a wedding. Did you all miss me making a complete and total idiot out of myself in front of him?" I groan, burying my face in my hands. 

I could've talked to Liam about anything; Spanish, sports, other kids on our school, his friends, but no. I brought up my mom. My freaking mom. Who does that?! Who tells their crush about their mom yelling at them for bad grades?! 

"He probably thinks I'm such a freak. Ugh, kill me now please!"

"Aw, Lauren. It wasn't that bad! I mean, he didn't look too weirded out by you."

"And by the looks he's giving you right now, he wasn't werided out at all.."

What? Looks?! He's looking at me?! I snap my head up and find his table and sure enough, there he is, being cute and smiling at me! There are more than butterflies in my stomach right now! It's more like mini gymnasts doing back flips at this point! Don't even get me started on my heart! If it beats any faster it might explode, not even joking. 

"It looks like he likes you, Lauren. You should talk to him more in Spanish and stuff."

Talking to him? Maybe I could do that, just say hi and smile or wave or something. Maybe if I did that he would talk to me more and then we'd start to talk a lot and then he'd ask me out after weeks of talking and we'd date and get married and live happily ever after. I feel my cheeks go pink at the amazing thought. 

"Maybe I wi-"

*Bring* * Bring*

"Damn bell. I don't know, Hannah. Maybe he was just being nice. I'll think about it and text you after school, okay? You to, Andy."

"Oh, yeah. We'll definitely be having a talk after school Miss Let Me Fall In Love And Wait Till Lunch To Tell My Best Friends."

With a huff, she gets up and storms out. I swear to God that girl and her dramatics will be the death of Hannah and I both. At least Hannah is sane, I don't know what I'd do if they were both so dramatic.

"We better get going too. Mrs. Wilcox will have a cow if I'm late again."

I agree and we leave the cafeteria together, gossiping about what we heard that morning, our usual lunch conversation. Liam kind of replaced that today, but that's perfectly fine. I would rather talk about Liam than another one of Jennie Walker's hook-ups anyway. Who wouldn't? 



*Authors Note: I'm so glad you guys are liking the story so far! I love reading your comments and all the positive feedback! I think, so far, this has been the best reaction I've gotten to a story I've written on here! If you guys ever want me to read any of your stories, just ask me in the comments. I'm always looking for new Fanfics to read(:*

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