The wallflower. That's all I am. I shouldn't even think about trying to get him. The captain of all the sports teams, senior class president, smartest boy in the class, completely out of your league. He doesn't go for wallflowers, he goes for the cheerleaders, the one's with long hair, toned bodies, and sparkling eyes.

So why did he look at me like that?


1. 'Freshie'

"Andrea. For the last time. The teenage mutant ninja turtles are not real!"

"How do you know, Lauren? Huh? They could be and we would never know!"

I roll my eyes at my best friend and open my locker.

"What class do I have next?" I ask aloud, hoping Andy will tell me before I have to think about it to much. 

"How can you not remember? You've got it with you know who!"

My face turns pink at the thought of him and I hiss at Andy to shut-up. There's no reason to tell the whole entire hallway about my ridiculous crush. 

"I've got Spanish, thanks for reminding me" I groan. 

Andy leans up against the locker next to mine and stares as Zayn Malik walks by us. I can practically see her falling in love with him already. Gag me.

"Hey! Wipe the drool off your chin, Andy."

She snaps out of fantasy land and roughly wipes her sleeve against her chin. She sighs and slams her back on the lockers, waiting for me to ask her whats wrong, even though we both know I know. I won't give in this time, nope. I don't want to hear about how her and Zayn are going to fall in love after they run into each other in the hallway and grow up and get married and have three kids. I've heard the story twice this week alone.

She slams her back against the locker harder and sighs again. I raise an eye brow to her and close my locker, heading off to Spanish.

"Lauren! You can't walk away from me like that!"

"I just did! I'll talk to you at lunch, Andy! Go tell your story to Hannah!" I yell over my shoulder, hearing the bell ring. Oh, great, I'm late. Now everyone is going to be staring when I walk in.

I pry open my Spanish folder, making sure my homework from yesterday is inside and get annoyed when I see it's not.

"Damn it, Andrea."

She's the only one who takes my homework with out asking. Or returning. I sigh heavily and go to turn around, but stumble on my shoe lace. I manage to catch my self with my hands, so my face is saved, but my papers are scattered every where.

Awesome. Not even third period, and I've been late to Spanish and tripped over nothing. This is going to be a great day. At least no one saw m-

I stop mid thought and see a tall figure rushing toward me. No, please don't be him. Oh my God. Anybody but him!

"Hey! I seen you fall! Are you alright?"

It is him. No no no, this can't be happening. I stare at him like a deer in headlights for a good few seconds before I force myself to speak.

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine" I mumble.

I crawl over to the mess of papers all over the floor and start to pick them up. White converse come into my vision as the deep voice returns.

"Here, let me help."

My stomach flips, hearing him talking to me! I've been dreaming of this since school started! Liam Payne is here talking to me! Oh my God. Get yourself together Lauren. Talk. Laugh. Something!

"Uhm, thanks."

I keep my eyes glued to floor and collect the papers, heart beating louder than it ever has. He must be able to hear it.

When I don't see anymore papers on the floor, I grab my book and roll back onto my feet. A hand appears in front of me and my eyes travel up the arm and to the beautiful sculpted face of Liam Payne. His beautiful brown eyes shine, sandy brown hair in a sexy mess on top of his head, million dollar smile plastered on his god-like face.

I must of stared a little to long. He asks, "What are you looking at? You sure your okay?"

I feel my face turn pink and drop my gaze, heaving myself up with out his help. This is your shot Lauren! Oh my God, wait till I tell Andy and Hannah about this! They're going to freak!

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks though. F-for helping me with my papers and stuff"I stutter.

He gives me a warm smile and my stomach flip-flops again. My heat beat picks up if that's even possible as I grab the papers from his hand. 

We stand awkwardly for a few seconds as I debate what to do, if anything, in my head. This is it, Lauren. Introduce yourself, or ask him his name even though you know it. Don't just stand there like an idiot!

I take in a breath and go to say something when a high, squeaky voice replaces mine. 

"Liam! What are you doing, babe?"

A beautiful blonde girl bounces over to us and places her hand on Liam's toned shoulder. Who's this? A cheerleader obviously. The flaunt around all year in their skimpy cheer uniforms, showing off their flat stomachs.

"Hey, Kelly! What's up, babe?"

Babe? Are they dating? He leans in and kisses her on her perfectly colored, pink cheek answering my question. Of course their together. She's the cheerleader every guy wants and he's the football player every girl wants. My heart drops in my chest seeing how stunning Kelly is. Even if Liam was single, he wouldn't go for someone like me.

She ignores his question completely and stares me down.

"Who's this?"

A cute, quizzed expression comes over his face. His brows come together and the tip of his tongue peeks out at the corner of his plump, pink lips. Oh how I want know what this lips feel like on mine.

"I don't know, I never got her name."

"Well. It doesn't matter. Were late to class, lets go."

My heart further sinks in my chest as Kelly wraps her arm around his waist, pulling him off down the hall. He turns toward me before they get to far and flashes me a smile.

"See ya around, freshie!"

How'd he know I was a freshman? I forget the thought and relish in the fact that he called me freshie! He has a nick name for me! Ah!

I spend the next two hours smiling at myself like an idiot, replaying Liam's last words in my head. "See ya around, freshie!" Does that mean he plans to see me and say hi? Or maybe just smile at me in the hall? Oh my God, what if he wants to get to know me? 

I spend geometry playing out our life together in my head and am startled when the bell rings for lunch. I can't wait to tell Hannah and Andy about this!


*Authors Note: Hey guys! Im sorry if the formatting is all screwed up toward the bottom! I wrote most of this on my desktop, but had to switch to my phone. It doesn't quite type write on here. Anyway, I'll try and fix it as soon as I can. Please tell me what you think so far in the comments!(:*

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