is it love

When Ashley goes on vacation to Britain with her best friend Allie and run into their favorite band one direction, will it be a dream come true, or will she learn.just how bad they really are?


2. rocking the city

We grabbed our bags and began walking when we where sudenly engulfed by a crowd of screaming girls. "um wow ok, i wonder what their after," i said, wondering aloud. " i don't know, they all seemed to be wearing one direction shirts," she said, looking at me sideways. "wouldn't that be amazing?" I said sarcastically, dreaming of if it really happened, when all of a sudden i bumped into someone. "oh sorry," i heard a sweet British voice say. No way, i thought looking up at Allie. She was staring at me with her eyes wide open. "Ashley, look up!" She whisper screamed. I looked up and sure enough it was Liam Payne. O.m.g! I couldn't believe it, he looked at me and i quickly looked at the ground, mumbling as i grabbed my bag. "yeah, uh sorry, i wasn't paying attention," i said looking back up at him. "it was my fault..." He cut off, waiting for my name. "oh um I'm Ashley and this is my best friend Allie,"
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