Hannah Kirshen was an average teen, watched movies, did nails, have sleepovers, and crush over boys. But her days might have been a little TOO average. Every day was just like the other. She would wake up, do her hair in her average ponytail, go to school, hang out with the same friends, talk about the same things, go home, do her homework, then the cycle repeats. Until the day that her mum dies. Her whole life changes, like for instance, she had to move from her hometown in America to where her dad lives. England. But she finds a boy, well 5 boys to be exact. Will her live change for the good? Or bad? And sometimes when you think you have the answer.... you don't.


7. Work

I woke up in the middle of the night  to Harry's beautiful face above me.

"Come with me..." He whispered with his hoarse, morning voice in my ear. He did it so romantically that it gave me goosebumps. He grabbed my hand.

"Where?" I asked getting up with him guiding me.

"You'll see," He replied winking at me. I looked at the time, 2:56 A.M. We went in to a room and he shut the door behind him. It was completely dark in the room, until Harry turned a light on. It was a coat closet. 

"Why are we in a closet?" I asked.

"Because you're getting your coat, and i'm taking you somewhere." Harry said smiling, grabbing his coat. 

"Ok," I said. I don't know how to quite respond to surprises, so I just went along with it. We went down to the truck and left. 

"Close your eyes love," Harry said.

"Uh.. Ok..," I said with a confused face. I took my hands and put them over my eyes. What felt like an hour passed, and finally we stopped. 

"Ok, open your eyes," Harry's voice rose as he spoke. When I opened them I saw a bakery in front of me. 

"What's this?" I asked.

"It's the bakery that I work at. I wanted to show you, your new job," Harry said.

"Harry, I may not even get it," I said getting closer to him. 

"You will. Trust me," Harry said winking. He pulled me close and kissed me passionately. When we pulled away, I looked at the time. 3:28 A.M. 

"We have to open at 5." Harry informed me.

"OK, But why didn't you have to work Yesterday?" I asked.

"Because I only work on Saturday's," Harry answered,"I'm getting all the stuff ready... do you want to help?"

"Sure, what do we have to do?" I answered.

"We have to get all the pastries on the shelves, and on display." Harry said.

"Oh, Ok," I replied. When we did that it was almost opening time. Harry went over to the door and unlocked it for the costumers. 

"There. We're ready," Harry said excitedly.  Just then the manger pulled up in  his car. 

"Harry, I see you are doing good.... And who is this?" Manager Sam said. I could tell by his name tag. 

"Oh, this is my... friend," Harry said looking over at me.

"Hello, my name is Hannah, nice to meet you," I said to Sam.

"Well hello to you too! Nice to meet you," He said smiling.

"I was here to see that job opening," I told him.

"Ahh, yess, well you see there is someone already coming for that opening today, but if they don't make the cut then I will call you tomorrow in a heartbeat." He said smiling like a idiot. 

"Oh... well do you need my number?" I asked.

"Yes, your home number would be fine." He said.

"I don't know my home.... But my cell phone number is 931-632-5786." I said a little embarrassed by my lack of knowing my own home phone number. 

"Well I better get going.... Bye, Harry," I said leaving. I called a taxi to come pick me up. When It got there I saw someone already in the taxi. It was Louis! 

"LOUIS!!!!!!" I screamed. I looked back to make sure no one had heard me. I saw Harry looking at me really weird but I just smiled at him.

"HANNAH!!!" Louis yelled. I got in the taxi and hugged him.

"I was just coming to see you and to check  how things were!" Louis said. 

"I'm so happy I get to see you again! Lets do something! We can go got the park, or go to the theater!" I said excitedly. 

"OK. Change of plans, driver, take us to the.... um..... " He drifted.

"To the old museum." I said finishing Louis' sentence for him. 

"But that museum is no longer in business miss,' The taxi driver told me.

"I know," I lied. I didn't know. Once When I was 6, me and my dad went to the museum. I loved it there. I didn't know it went out of business. 

"Well OK, if you say so." The driver said unsure. When we got there, Louis and I went around to the back.

"So how are you and Eleanor?" I asked.

"Not so good. She said that she only wanted to be friends. Because I told her that I liked her and that I wanted to be more than friends and she said that she didn't... so... yeah..." Louis said sadly.

"Oh, Louis i'm so sorry!" I said pulling him in a hug. During our hug I vibrated. We jumped and I grabbed my phone. 1 New Message. 

'Hey love ;) Well I was just wondering how you were doing, because I kinda saw you go in a taxi with a guy haha so i'm seeing if your still alive. :) I love you <3 xxx' -Harry

'Oh haha He's my best friend :) and yes, Harry I'm dead lol i'm just kidding babe, I love you too <3 xoxoxoxo' Me.

"Oh, and who is this?" Louis said with a sassy tone.

"My boyfriend," I said smiling. 

"Hubba-Hubba! Someones got a boyfriend!" Louis teased.

"Shut up Louis!" I said slapping him playfully. 

"Just kidding..." he a little sad.

"Whats wrong?" I asked him.

"I'm thinking of going on the X-factor. What do you think?" Louis questioned.

"You should! Don't they have auditions next week?" I wondered.

"Yeah...I'll do it!  What should I sing?" Louis asked excitedly. 

"Sing.... um.... Oh! Sing Hey There Delilah! You should!" I said jumping up and down. 

"OK. I will!" He said hugging me. When we let go I kissed him on the cheek and we started walking. 

"I Love you, Louis. As a brother by the way." I said laughing.

"I love you too. As a sister." Louis said. After we got done with the old museum, we went to get ice cream, then to the park, then for pizza, and lastly we decided to stop at the bakery. When we got there, I saw Harry. Aww he was so cute. he was stacking cookie cakes in a line for display. I went over to the window and waved from the outside. He waved back, but not as happy. I was just going to ignore it. He would tell me tonight. Louis and I went in, and got cupcakes for both of us. I would say 'Hi' to Harry but he wouldn't answer. We would act as if we didn't even know each other, almost as if he was ashamed. Louis noticed it too. We left but Louis had to leave, so we said goodbye to each other. 

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