Hannah Kirshen was an average teen, watched movies, did nails, have sleepovers, and crush over boys. But her days might have been a little TOO average. Every day was just like the other. She would wake up, do her hair in her average ponytail, go to school, hang out with the same friends, talk about the same things, go home, do her homework, then the cycle repeats. Until the day that her mum dies. Her whole life changes, like for instance, she had to move from her hometown in America to where her dad lives. England. But she finds a boy, well 5 boys to be exact. Will her live change for the good? Or bad? And sometimes when you think you have the answer.... you don't.


6. The night

After the movie we went to bed. Gemma and I weren't tired so we stayed up talking.

"So... Do you like my brother? Honestly?" Gemma asked while painting my nails a baby pink.

"Well... Yes," I confessed. 

"Can I tell you something tho?" Gemma asked.

"Yeah," I replied.

"He's in a relationship..." She said with a sad face.

"I know," I said sad too. Just then Harry walked in. 

"Hey ladies," He said laughing. 

"Hey lady," I said sticking my tongue out.

"Hey, hey, hey! Don't hate!" He said acting cool by popping his collar. We all laughed. He sat down on the bed beside me and watched. 

"Well as fun as this is," he said sarcastically, "I'm going to call up a friend,"

"Ok, be our guest," Gemma said chuckling. Harry grabbed his phone and called his friend. About twenty minutes went be of us talking, when Harry's friend came up. He had straight, brown hair. It was long too. He had brown eyes and he was pretty good looking if I do say so myself. 

"Hey guys," Harry's friend said. His hands were in his pockets and he looked nervous. 

"Hey, Liam, This is Hannah Kirshen." Harry said pointing to me. 

"Well hello there Hannah," Liam said calming down. 

"Hi Liam," I said smiling. 

"HEY LIAM!!!" Gemma screamed (Quietly) and ran over to him. 

"HI GEMMA!!!" He screamed right back. They hugged and talked when Harry went over to me.

"Tomorrow I have work, so I won't be here until 3:00 P.M." Harry said.

"Where do you work?" I curiously asked.

"The bakery downtown, and guess what?" Harry said.

"What?" I asked.

"It's help wanted!" He said excitedly.

"OK? and..." I said.

"And- You are going to join!" Harry ranted

"Ok, i'll try." I said smiling and blushing. 

"Ok good," He replied. 

"Who is your girlfriend?" I asked seriously.

"You," Harry whispered. I just looked at him deadly.

"Ok, Ok, Her name is Chloe Carrdely, and she goes to our school." Harry said looking down at the ground. I got off the bed, and went over to Gemma angrily. 

"Are you going to be in our school?" I asked her. 

"Yeah! I'm so exited! But it's my last year," She said. We jumped up and down and hugged while laughing. I could see Harry in the corner of my eye, but Liam went over to him to ask what was wrong. When Gemma and I let go, we fell to the floor still laughing. When we got back up it was time to go to bed. Harry and Liam went to the room across and 'went to sleep' But really they were watching a movie. Gemma and I talked about how we would have the best time being roommates. Then next thing I knew, we were both sleeping.

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