Hannah Kirshen was an average teen, watched movies, did nails, have sleepovers, and crush over boys. But her days might have been a little TOO average. Every day was just like the other. She would wake up, do her hair in her average ponytail, go to school, hang out with the same friends, talk about the same things, go home, do her homework, then the cycle repeats. Until the day that her mum dies. Her whole life changes, like for instance, she had to move from her hometown in America to where her dad lives. England. But she finds a boy, well 5 boys to be exact. Will her live change for the good? Or bad? And sometimes when you think you have the answer.... you don't.


8. Did I Get It?

I went home that day to find Gemma making out with Liam on the couch.

"Whoa!" I yelled covering my eyes.

"I THOUGHT YOU WERE WITH HARRY!" She screamed jumping up.

"I better get going!" Liam yelled fast walking outside.

"Wait!" Gemma screamed running past me and going outside. But it was no use, he was gone.

"AGH WHAT THE HELL! DON'T YOU EVER KNOCK! YOU- YOU- YOU BIT- AHHHHH! She screamed running in my room.

"Gemma, I'm sorry... But it is my house..." I said outside my door. She slowly opened the door, and let me in.

"No, i'm sorry... It's just Harry won't let me date ANY of his friends! And I really like Liam. And he is over protective even tho i'm the older sibling." She said sitting on the bed. She looked up and she was crying, "I'm so sorry Hannah!" She was sobbing now.

"Hello? Any one home? Liam?" Harry yelled from down stairs.

"We're up here!" I yelled down the stairs. Gemma was giving me the motions to stop, and 'No'. Harry walked up there to us.

"There you guys are!" Harry smiled. As cute as he was I was still mad at him. I mean the least he could have done was act like we were at least friends! 

"AHH I HATE YOU HARRY FRIGGING STYLES!" I screamed. Oh- no! I meant to say that in my head! oops.

"Why Hannah?" Harry asked dumbfounded.

"... well... Gemma can explain it to you.." I stumbled. I went to the corner of the bed and sat down. Gemma told him the story, but not the part where I found Gemma and Liam making out. I was so tired that I didn't even hear the end of the story because I fell asleep. I woke up to my phone ringing. I slowly got up and grabbed my phone.

"Hello..." I said. I was sure that I sounded like a zombie.

"Hannah Kirshen?" It was Manager Sam.

"Oh, yes! Hello!" I said.

"I have took you into consideration .... And I have my answer... " He said slowly.

"Yes, sir? I asked.

"The other girl has got the spot that you wanted, but there IS another spot that I can fill with you." He said and I was sure he was smiling.

"Oh yah, and might I ask who the girl is?" I asked.

"Chloe Carrdely. Harry had suggested her over you." He replied. I froze. That was Harry's girlfriend, and he had wanted her more than me.

"Well... Ok..." I drifted.

"Oh don't get sad! He said that you deserve a better spot. So you are the girl that cleans up the sheets that the desserts go on." He said happily. 

"Well that's better than nothing." I said.

"That's the spirit! See ya today!" He replied.

"See ya." I hung up. I looked at the time and it was 6:15, so I texted Louis.

'I didn't get the spot that I wanted, but I got bus-girl. :(' -Me

' You want me to knock some sense into them?!?!?! Putting my best friend to wash dishes! Shame on them! >:(' -Louis

'Goodness Louis! It's Ok! Do you want to see me work today?' -Me

'It's a date love ;)' -Louis

Did he mean that? Or was it just a joke? I practically jumped out of my skin when Harry went up behind me and scared me.

"Harold!" I yelled.

"Oh using full names!" He said leaning in to kiss me. His eyes. His lips. His face. His everything. I couldn't help it, and I let him kiss me. After we let go, he left to make breakfast. I was letting this boy control me and my emotions.

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