Hannah Kirshen was an average teen, watched movies, did nails, have sleepovers, and crush over boys. But her days might have been a little TOO average. Every day was just like the other. She would wake up, do her hair in her average ponytail, go to school, hang out with the same friends, talk about the same things, go home, do her homework, then the cycle repeats. Until the day that her mum dies. Her whole life changes, like for instance, she had to move from her hometown in America to where her dad lives. England. But she finds a boy, well 5 boys to be exact. Will her live change for the good? Or bad? And sometimes when you think you have the answer.... you don't.


3. Daddy...?

With Louis driving, Eleanor and I sat in the back and gave him a hard time. We would say stuff like, "Turn up the radio" and when we would turn it up, "Whoa! Turn it down We have a headache!" He would get so mad. Finally, when he had the radio up, the song 'Hey There Delilah' by the Plain White T's came on. 

"Oh! Louis keep it!" Eleanor screamed from the back. 

"OK! OK!" He yelled back shaking his head with a smile. It got to the part,

"Ohhh it's what you do to meeee! Ohhhh its what you do to meee!" And we were all singing our hearts out. But at one part, Eleanor and I stopped just to hear Louis sing.

"Louis. Tomlinson. You. Can. Sing. Like. An. ANGEL!!!" Eleanor yelled.

"Ha! Sure." He replied. When we got to Cheshire, I told them the address and we got there. I wondered if we was just like I remembered him. The dark hair, the big eyes that just make you feel safe inside, the buff shoulders, and the little prickles on his chin. The last time that I saw him we was wearing a soccer shirt that I got him for Christmas. I would visit him during holidays sometimes, but not in 8 years. I was kinda afraid to see him again. What if he didn't like me. What if i'm not like he wanted me to be. What if i'm not good enough. It's not to late to turn back, what if I turn around and get Louis to drive me back home. Maybe I could- 

"Are you OK?" Louis asked me putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Oh.. Yes I am." I said. 

"Then lets go inside." He told me. I nodded and we walked up the steps to his little house. When we rung the door bell, a lady answered. 

"Why.. Hello there pretty!" She said with her smile big and welcoming. 

"Umm.. Hello.." I said hesitantly.

"Soo... This is your dad... Well I guess I can't judge someone.  " Louis whispered. we all three laughed, but I guess the lady heard Louis' comment too.

"Oh-No, No, No! Im not Billy! I'm just his friend, Anne!" She said explaining the situation. We welcomed us in, and you could hear her yell at my dad to come in the living room.

"Billy," She would yell, "Come in here! You have company!.... Billy....BILLY!"

"All wright then, Anne!" He yelled back. As soon as he walked through that door, I stopped. My dad. My dad was almost 2 feet away, and yet I feel 200 feet away. I reminded me of a time when I was 4.

       I went into the corner in my room because they were fighting again. They were always fighting. It was getting pretty bad. My dad would yell at her about her drinking problem, but she would yell at him to stop getting in her business. So he just walked out. Most of the time he left, he would leave for 1 day, 1 month, or maybe just an hour. But this time... he never came back, but when he did, he brought divorce papers with him. But ever since then, my mom has never been the same. She would blame me for little stuff. Then when yelling at me wasn't enough, she started hitting me. Hard and all over the place. I started to visit my dad once every year, but I would always regret coming back home. It was like getting shoved back in a mad grizzly cave. We would go to the arcade, play soccer in his yard in England, and play board games. But that all stopped when I turned 8. He would always not believe me if I told him about mom. But the worst of it all, is that he would always bring me back to "the grizzly". 

 "Ok, so i'm here... what do I do know?" I asked. I didn't care if I was being rude. 

"Well I will show you to your room but before that, why don't you show me your friends here." He said pointing at Louis and Eleanor.

"Oh.. well this is Louis and Eleanor. They brought me here." I said. After that me dad showed me my old room that I would sleep in when I would visit. Seeing it brought tears in my eyes. There was still the pink wallpaper I picked out and the messed up bed. He even had the ponies that I was playing right before I had to leave for the last time. He never moved them. I unpacked slowly until Eleanor came up.

"Hey... Anne told me about you and you dad... I'm so sorry. I bet it's awkward." She said sitting down with me on my bed.

"A little but i'll get used to it." I replied smiling at her.

"You always have me!" She said with her thumbs sicking up and a huge smile on her face.

"Ha yeah... I'll always have you , Eleanor." I told her pulling in a hug

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