Hannah Kirshen was an average teen, watched movies, did nails, have sleepovers, and crush over boys. But her days might have been a little TOO average. Every day was just like the other. She would wake up, do her hair in her average ponytail, go to school, hang out with the same friends, talk about the same things, go home, do her homework, then the cycle repeats. Until the day that her mum dies. Her whole life changes, like for instance, she had to move from her hometown in America to where her dad lives. England. But she finds a boy, well 5 boys to be exact. Will her live change for the good? Or bad? And sometimes when you think you have the answer.... you don't.


4. Anne

Louis and Eleanor left, but we exchanged numbers. I would be texting Eleanor, when Louis would text me saying, "HEYY GURLLLL!!!!! ;D". But after I got 'most' of my stuff unpacked, I went down stairs. Anne was on the phone.

"... Yes.... Gemma, could you possibly be just a little bit more nice to your brother.... No! DON'T DO THAT!!.... OK, good.......... alright...... Love you...... Bye..." Then she hung up.

"What was that all about?" I asked sitting on the couch with her.

"Oh, haha, I have a daughter named Gemma who is 18 and still lives with her mom and brother, and she is talking about how my son is being bad." she said.

"Who's your son?" I asked her is some curiosity.

"Oh, his name is Harold. But call him Harry," She told me, "you can meet him in a few minutes because Gemma is on her way."

"Oh... ok.." I said.

"And I bet I know what your thinking, 'how old is he'. Well to answer your questions, he is 16." She said smiling. I blushed a little. I didn't even know what he looks like, let alone did I like him. Then we heard a knock on the door.

"Why don't you get it dear?" Anne told me winking. I rolled my eyes with a smile and answered the door.

"Hello... I din't know a girl lived here..." A girl said which I'm guessing was Gemma. She had pretty, straight hair and you could tell that Anne was her mom. But there wasn't any boy with her. 

"Oh, i'm Billy's daughter." I said shaking her open palm.

"Well, i'm Anne's daughter." She said laughing. Anne was now behind me and gesturing to 'come in'.

"Where's Harry?" Anne said.

"In the car still... stupid slow poke." She said rolling her eyes. Then there was a "Hey!?!" coming from behind the open door. When he appeared at the in the hall way, I noticed his true beauty. He has the most beautiful of wavy brown hair, broad shoulders, dimples, the most perfect face, and adorable green eyes that were looking right at me. I guess Anne and Gemma saw it too. 

"Umm-Humm... Harry.... Hello.... earth to Harry.... Oh for Christ sake!" Said Gemma getting up from the couch and going over to Harry. She slapped his cheek... hard I might add.

"Oww, Gemma!" He yelled. They both burst out laughing after then. Even his laugh was adorable. 

"They do this every day." Anne said to me smiling. 

"What.. slap each other?" I asked.

"No, they tease each other. But they really do love each other... don't you two!" She said to them.

"Yes, ma'ma." They both said in unison pinching each other cheeks. 

"So, Harry.... Why don't you introduce yourself to Billy's daughter?" Anne said winking at him. Just then he smiled at me and went over here.

"Hello, love." He said kissing my cheek. I knew I was blushing because Anne have me a gesture to her cheek meaning to 'be careful, i'm blushing'. 

"Hey, Hey, Harry! You are in a relationship! You do not need to be kissing other girls!" Gemma yelled. Just then my heart sunk. Deep, deep in my chest.

"It was just to be nice!" Harry yelled at her. Oh great, so now he was just 'being nice'. He didn't even mean it. What a jerk. A very attractive jerk. 

"Well, as 'fun' as this is... I'm going to check town out." I said sarcastically getting up. Harry then grabbed my hand.

"I'll take you. Since I know my way around and you are new." He said.

"Oh sure," I said walking toward the door with Harry. 

"You two kids be safe... and no kissing!" Anne yelled winking at both of us.

"Oh, don't worry! I'm not a cheater," Harry replied smiling. It was kind of heart wrenching. Just when we were about to leave, my dad walked out. Oh great.

"What do you two think you are doing?" He burst. 

"Oh calm down, Billy," Anne said laughing. 

"My girl isn't going to go anywhere without her daddy." He said laughing. I rolled my eyes to the thought that I was his 'girl' or that he was my 'daddy'. I grabbed Harry's hand and went out of the house. I didn't stay even tho I could see my dad watching me. We sped walked over to Gemma's truck.

"Whoa, slow down!" Harry said chuckling. 

"Oh, im sorry..." I said slowing down. 

"I guess you don't like your dad," Harry said going around and opening up my door for me. What a gentlemen! I slid in, and so did he.

"You can say that," I said.

"Well lets get off the subject. So are you going to Westminster High?"Harry asked.

"Yeah, i'm registering and should be there Monday." I said somewhat sad.

"Well you better enjoy the time of freedom! Lets see..... it's Friday, so we have 2 days," He said smiling. Then he turned up the radio. The song playing was "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder.

"Oh! My favorite!" I yelled turning it up more.  

"Isn't she lovely. Isn't she wonderful. Isn't she precious. Less than one minute old. I never thought, from love we'd be making one as lovely as she. Isn't she lovely, made from love!" We sang. But after the song, Harry turned the radio down.

"So, you have any guys in mind?" Harry asked. Just then I remembered Toby. Oh gosh! i forgot about my own boyfriend!

"I have a boyfriend back home. Well in America." I said. 

"Well that's some long distance there," He said. Was it just me or did he look jealous? 

"Yeah, but we can make it work." I said. Just then we pulled into the local theater.

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