Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


11. What if?

          I pulled up into the shopping center and got out of the car. I shut the door behind me and looked back.

          "Thanks mom, I'll call you when I'm done." I say, waving.

          "Good luck!' She shouts.

          I nod and walk in. I go straight up into the food court and all the way to the Pizza Hut stand where Jai and I were the other day. I sigh and go up to the cash register. No one was there so I rung the bell. I rung it a few times until someone finally pulled up into the front desk and stood behind the cash register, he fixed his top button of his shirt before speaking.

          "Hey there, what can I get for ya?" He says smiling.

          "Hey I'm here for my interview with Sarah?" I say smiling as well.

          "Oh of course! Right this way." He says opening up the little divider so that I can get in.

          He guides me down a little hallway and we pass a few doors, we reach one and he knocks on it.

          "Thanks," I say putting out my hand. "Lei."

          "My pleasure." He says winking as he shakes it. "Jacob."

          I smile as he walks away and someone says "Come in!" from the other side of he door. I open it open quietly and squeeze my way through. I shut the door behind me and make my way over to her desk.

          "Hello, I'm Lei." I say as I put out my hand.

          "Nice to meet you Lei, I'm Sarah." She says shaking it. "Take a seat, please."

          I sit down and smile, she starts off by breaking the silence.

          "I'm glad you made it, I'm just going to start by asking you a few questions about yourself."

          I nod and force a smile. "Alright."

          "So Lei by looking at your resume I see that you're new to Australia. How old are you again if I may ask?"

          "I'm 17." I pause. "Going on 18 in a few weeks."

          She nods. "Now why are you in search in a job so quick after moving?"

          "Well I thought I would need something to help me keep me busy. I wanted to make a little extra money as well. Nothing too big." I smiled and shrugged.

          "What do you think all employees should act towards their costumers?" She asks looking at me closely.

          "Well I think we should always have a smile on their face and be completely courteous no matter the way your customer is acting. We should have patience as well."

          She smiles while chewing on her pencil, "Excellent"

          About one hour and a million questions later she gave me the job.

          "First day starts tomorrow!" She says eagerly, handing me uniform.

          I smile at her and say good bye. I make my way out of the shopping center to my front, out to main entrance. I ring my mom and tell her to pick me up. I sit down on a bench right in front of the entrance. I stare at my feet with my uniform on my lap, pulling out my phone and looking through my text messages. I look to see Luke's name. I never deleted the conversations, and I didn't delete his number either. I half smile while looking at all of the stuff he would send me. He would always be such a sweetheart.

          "Well look at who it is." I hear someone say.

          I quickly put my phone away and look up, I sigh.

          "What do you want Craig?"  I ask, rolling my eyes.

          "Hey, no need for the attitude!" He says, pointing a finger.

          I smile sarcastically, "Yeah and no need to be a total douche either."

          He sighs sitting next to me, I edge away from him. This making him laugh a bit.

          "Listen, just because I don't get along with the Brooks' it doesn't mean I can't get along with you." He says.

          "I look down and laugh a bit, "Well after that impression you made a few days ago, and the way you hurt Jai I don't think we can get along very well." I say.

          He looks at me and smiles, "Well you do have a point, sort of." He pauses. "But hey, just one date? If you have a good time and wanna do it all over again we can. But if you don't have fun and you never wanna see me again I'll leave you alone. You can't underestimate me forever." He says putting his hands in his pockets.

          I hesitate, then looked at him. It was worth a shot, and if I didn't have fun he would just leave me alone! A few hours couldn't hurt, I guess. "Alright, deal." Is all I manage to say.

          He suddenly smiles bright, he takes out his phone and I give him my number. He gives me his as well.

          "Tonight at 7?" He asks.

          "See ya there." I say as my mom pulls in. My head spins the entire way back to the car.

          "So how did it go?" My mom asks.

          "Uh, it went fine. I got the job" I say, showing her my uniform.

          "Oh that's wonderful! When's your first day?"

          I smile, "Tomorrow."

          She pats me on the shoulder and pulls into the driveway. The first thing I do when I get inside is text Jai.

          Jai's P.O.V.

          My phone vibrates and I pull it out to see that Lei texted me.

          From: Leeeeeii ;)

          Come over, I need to pick out an outfit for this date.

         My jaw dropped. A date? Really. It's only been a week. Luke's only been messing around with Lauren. I sigh and walk over quickly. I stand at her front porch.

         To: Leeeeeeii ;)

         Open your door, :)

         I put my phone in my pocket and I see her open up the door. She gives me a hug and a peck on the lips.

        "I thought we had a deal about that?" I said laughing.

        "You never said we couldn't do anything if Luke and I weren't together." She says winking as she pulls me up to her room. I plop down on her bed while she looks for an outfit in her closet.

          "So who is it that you're going on a date with?" I ask.

          "Promise me you won't get mad?" She says.

          "Why would I get mad?" I look at her. She gives me a look. "Fine, promise."

          "I'm going on a date with Craig." She says nervously.

          I stood up and looked her dead in the eye, enraged. "Craig? Why are you gonna go out with Craig out of all people? Why not me? Why not Skip? WHY CRAIG?" I ask.

          "Jai, it's only a date calm down. He told me that if I didn't have a good time with him then he would leave me alone." She replied quietly.

          "But what if you do have a good time?" I ask, leaning against her wall.

          "Then we'll see what goes on from there. But I'll make sure he doesn't bother me or any of you guys anymore." She said.

          "What if he does something to you Lei? What if you get hurt?" I ask frantically.

          "Stop with the what if's Jai, you know I'll be fine." She crosses her arms.

          I take a breath a walk over to her, I grab her hands and look at her. I smile, "Lei, I just don't want anything happening to you." I lean into her.

          As soon as our lips are about to touch she laughs and pulls away, "Jai I know how much you want to. But I just can't,"

          I look at her confused, "But, at the door you said that we can if you and Luke weren't together?"

          She looks at me and smiles, "Yeah, but I know that if we just kissed right now like this, it would mean a lot more to both of us, and I know that we both don't wanna get attached to each other at a time like this." She says.

          I feel a bit weird inside and smile, "Yeah and I also know that we both wouldn't mind getting attached, because we both obviously know how we feel about each other." I say laughing.

          "Very funny Jai. I know you can wait. But right now I don't think we can be together. Trust me." She says softly.

          I shake my head and look through her closet trying to find something nice for her to wear. I pull out some red toms, some shorts with the American flag on them, and a grey and red 'Young and Reckless' pullover. I hand them to her and she nods, laying them on her bed. I make my way to her bedroom door.

          "Gonna leave so soon?" She asks.

          "Yeah, don't you need to get ready?" I ask.

          "Nah, I have time. Let's go downstairs and watch a movie before I have to get ready." She suggests.

          I sigh and nod. We both head downstairs and I sit on the couch. She grabs some soda for us and lays next to me. She turns on The Campaign. I sit down playing with my necklace she looks at me funny.

          "What are you looking at?" I say confused.

          "Nothing, nothing. I just think you're really cute when you play with your necklace." She says laughing.

          I blush hard and start laughing. I take off my necklace and signal her to come over.

          "Really? You want me to have it?" She asks, smiling.

           "Yeah." I say as I tie it around her neck. "So that it will always remind you of what we have, you know. Since we can't be together, this necklace could mean you have me wherever you go."

           She gives me a hug, "Aw thanks Jai."

           We both lay back as we watch the movie, she grabs my hand. I lay there looking at the screen, dreading the moment I have to let go.

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