Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


16. Typical Day at Work.

                  I sigh and walk through the mall and find my station. I open the gate and walk into the back of the Pizza Hut stand.
              "Hey Jacob," I say as I swipe in and put my take my phone out.
              "Hey Lei," He said, giving me a warm smile.
                It's about 11:00 and it's almost time for lunch hour. We're sitting at the front waiting for people to start coming up. After about 30 minutes we start swarming with costumers. Both of our registers are occupied and people were filing in quick. We managed to get through it like always and went for our break.
                "Let's go to subway." He said, "I'll pay."
                "Nah it's cool, I'll pay for myself. Thanks though." I say as I walk up to the desk.
                 I order a foot long BLT while he orders his meatball marinara. I get loads and loads of cookies and a lemonade and we sit down to eat.
                "These cookies are the best." I say, as I take a bite out of one.
                 He shakes his head, "You sure do love them." He chuckled.
                 I roll my eyes and continue to eat, "So hey. Um I saw you over the weekend." He said.
                 I looked up at him, "Oh really? Where?"
                 "At the market with some guy." He said, half smiling.
                 "Why didn't you come up and say hi?" I asked him.
                 He shrugs, "Nah, I didn't want to interrupt, you guys looked busy." 
                 "No it would have been fine I mean I don't really talk to anyone other than him and his brothers and friends." I said.
                 He nodded, "So like who is he? Your friend?" He asks.
                 "Luke's my boyfriend." I said smiling.
                 "Oh alright." He said, "How long have you guys been together?"
                 "We were together for four and a half months, we broke up for a few weeks, and we just recently got back together." I said, the images of Lauren coming into my mind.
                  "That's nice to hear. I've seen him around school a couple of times. I mean you are going to school after this summer right?" He asked.
                  "Yeah I'm going to 12th, or year 12 like they say it here." I say.
                  "Cool, you'll be in the same class as Luke, Jai and I." He said smiling.
                   I nodded, "Yeah. We only have a month of summer left. My mom finished enrolling me a week ago, so yeah I don't know anyone here though. I know Victoria a tiny bit, and I've met Lauren. But other than that I only talked to Luke, Jai, James, Skip, and Beau." I explained.

                   He raised an eyebrow, "When is James coming back from his vacation?" He asked.
                   I looked back at my phone to my calendar, "He is coming back in 3 days actually. I'm going with Luke to get him from the airport." I said.
                   He checks his watch and looks at me, "We have to get back. Our shifts end soon." He said.
                   I followed him out and threw out my trash. We grabbed our positions behind the counter and continued serving people. Our shift went by quick since we just talked the whole time. When it was time for us to go, Jacob took me home. We got into his car and he dropped me off at my house.
                   "Thanks Jacob." I said, smiling as I got out of the car.
                   "Anytime." He responded. 
                   I waved and he drove off. I crossed the street over to Luke's and I knocked on the door. I waited a while, scrolling down my twitter feed and decided to make a new tweet.
                   "@Lei_: @BrooksBeau @JaiBrooks1 @luke_brooks One of you come open the damn door! I'm getting bored out here waiting!" 
                  After a while I decide to knock again. Beau finally came to the rescue and looked at me up and down.
                 "Why look at you! In your little uniform." He said winking.
                 I laughed, "Beau it's getting cold." I said, crossing my arms.
                 He led me in and up to his room. "Sit down, Luke and Jai aren't home yet. They went out shopping with mum."
                 I looked at him, "That gives me enough time to get changed. Wait here? I'm gonna shower quick and change into something, better." I said as I handed him my phone.
                 "Sure," He said.
                 "Hold onto my stuff, I'll be right back." I said as I walked down the stairs.
                 I went home quick and went right up to my room. I took off my uniform and folded it neatly then hopped into the shower. I washed my hair and then got out after a while. I started to dry it with the towel while I looked for something to wear. I spotted a plain loose t shirt, and some jean shorts. I slipped them on and put some flip flops on. I threw my towel on the rack and put some perfume on, I put some lotion on then headed out the door. I walked into the Brooks home since Beau left the door open and went up to his room. I saw him on the bed, laying looking through my phone. I went up to him and sat down next to him.
                 "Having fun there bro?" I asked.
                 He nodded, "Hell yeah, you have tons of funny stuff on here." He said, looking through my pictures.
                 "Oh my god you saw all of my selfies!" I said, taking the phone from him.
                 He laughed and nodded, I felt my face turn a crimson red. 
                 I stood up and walked over to his door, "Hey! What are you doing in shorts like those!" He shouted.
                I rolled my eyes, "Shut up Brooks, you know you like the view." I say as he got up and I walked down the stairs.
                We went downstairs and I went right into the kitchen with him. We made some sandwiches and went to the couch and ate them.
                 "I'm so bored. You don't even know how bored I am." I tell him, as I finish my sandwich.
                 "Yeah, so am I." He said pulling out his phone. "Let's make a keek to Luke and Jai."
                 He turned on the record button and we both looked into the camera.
                 "LUKE, JAI, WE MISS YOUUUUUUUU." Beau screams, I start laughing.
                 "Luke, Jai, come baccccccck. We need yoooooou!" I say, pouting.
                 We start yelling and screaming and then our times run out. Beau's face is red, which makes me laugh. We post the video.
                  "@Jai_Brooks @lukebrooks ! We miss you :("
                  I pull out my phone and send a text to Luke.
                  To: Luke 

                       Babe check your keek :)
                 From: Luke
                 Alright, see you in 10 x
                I smile and lock my phone, telling Beau that Luke is watching the keek. We soon get a keekback from Luke. It was of him in the car with Jai.
                "Babeeeee! Don't worry we're coming now. I LOVE YOUU!" He said blowing a kiss into the camera.
                "BEAU WHEN I SEE YOU I'M GOING TO TACKLE YOU AND GIVE YOU A BIG BRO HUG." Jai yelled into the camera.
                You could hear Gina laughing in the background. I went onto twitter and saw all of the replies from the fans that the keek got.
                - My god both of the Brooks brothers are taken. Guys, help me.
                - Aw their relationship is so cute. I DEMAND A KEEK TOGETHER.
                - Yuck yuck yuck yuck. 
                I laugh as I exited the app. Beau and I waited on the couch for Luke and Jai. When the door finally I opened, Luke came over to me and gave me a huge kiss.
                "Baby I missed you." He said, hugging me.
                "Aww, you're so cute." I said, pecking him on the cheek.
                He laughed, as I slipped out of his grip.
                 "Let me go help your mom put the groceries away." I say.
                I walk into the kitchen where all the bags were and started to help Gina put them into their place.
                "Why thank you, you're so nice." She said.
                "Anytime, you work too hard dealing with them." I said with a laugh.
                "Yeah, but Luke's really happy with you." She said.
                "Yes, I'm really happy with him too." I say smiling.
                "I just wanted to let you know that I am glad that he chose you over the other girl. You seem to make him happier." She said with a warm smile.
                 I felt myself turn red, "I do my best." I say.
                 She laughed and went out to her room. I walked upstairs into Luke's and jumped onto his bed. I cupped his face in my hands and gave him a huge kiss.
                 "I love you Luke." I said.
                  He smiled and hugged me. "I love you too Lei." He said.
                 He pulled out his phone as we laid and went onto keek. He pressed record and aimed the camera at us.
                  "Hey guys." He said. "I'm just here chilling with my beautiful girlfriend Lei." 
                  "Hello again keek." I say with a smile.
                  He turned to me and gave me a kiss then looked at the camera, "Guys, just know that I love this girl." He says as the time runs out.
                   My face turns red as I start to laugh, he turned to me and laughed too.
                   "@lukebrooks: me and my boo :)" 
                   I sighed and laid back in his bed. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close to his chest. As always, I felt the slow beat of his heart pounding in my ears.
                   "I love the fact that I can always calm you down." I say to him.
                   "Just like I love the way I skip the beat in your heart." He said.
                   I laugh, "You're the only one." I say.
                   We lay there, in silence for a while. The only thing we could hear were the faint voices coming from outside. There was something, that made us jump. The shout of an angry man, coming from down the stairs. Luke and I edge out of bed and slowly make our way to the staircase. 

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