Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


18. The First Day.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I let my hair flow down past my shoulders. I smooth down my uniform with my hands and turn around, looking at how it fit me. This skirt was a lot shorter than I expected it to be, but I slipped on some pantyhose under it. I grabbed my Sperry's and put them on, tying the laces tight. I grab my backpack and swing it over my shoulders. Grabbing my phone on the way out the door and saying goodbye to my mom. I walk outside and down the street, slipping my headphones into my ears. Since school was right around the corner I decided to walk myself and meet the guys there. I continue on the sidewalk, seeing all of these people that looked my age walking as well. I looked away quick when I saw that they were about to look at me and kept walking straight ahead.
"Hey! Aren't you Luke's girl?" One of them said.
I didn't turn around to look or anything, I just kept on moving. I didn't know kids were so rude around here. They ended up crossing the street and walking near me. I took my headphones out and put them away I looked back then turned around. They caught up with me, it was actually a group of 3 girls. I sighed and rolled my eyes.
"I asked you a question new girl. Aren't you the one that goes out with Luke?" One of them asks.
I nod, "Yes, yes I am. Have a problem?" I say.
"No, just wanted to know who was the desperate little slut that took Lauren's leftovers." She said.
I stopped and gave her the nastiest look. "Listen, I'm not here to pick a fight. So how about you shut your mouth and at least try to have a tiny bit of self respect, because that's obviously something you don't have. Now button up that shirt and leave me the hell alone." I say, turning around on my feet and leaving them there, walking off.
I didn't even want any problems my first day, but people just tempt me so much. I sigh as I see the school. It's bigger than I remembered it to me, but I just shrugged and walked in. I headed straight to the front desk to check in.
"Hi, um I'm new here." I say.
"Ah yes," The secretary says, fiddling with her glasses. "Lei Mendez right?" 
I nod and smile, she hands me a schedule. "Alright Lei, here's your schedule. You came here on good time so just go upstairs to the cafeteria for breakfast. If you have any trouble finding your way around ask anybody, we're here to help." She said.
"Thanks so much." I say, smiling.
I turn around and walk down the halls, and up the stairs. Everyone just brushed passed me, they weren't really welcoming. I just walked into the cafeteria and looked around to see if I can find the boys, or anyone I knew. After a while I just ended up sitting down in the corner at an empty table. I pulled out my phone and rang Luke.
"Hello?" He said.
"Babe hey, where are you?" I ask.
"I'm walking up the stairs, into the school. Where are you?" He asks.
"In this cafeteria, sitting like a loner." I laughed.
I could hear him chuckle, "Don't worry, I'm already here. I'll talk to you soon." He says.
"Kay, see you." I say, then hang up.
I see him walk in with Skip, Jai, and James. I smile as Luke sits next to me and gives me a hug, I greet the rest of the crew and take out my phone, checking the time.
"So Lei, you ready for the first day of school in Melbourne?" Jai asks.
I roll my eyes and pout, "No, not at all."
They all laugh and we start to talk.
"I honestly can't wait till this year ends! Our tour is after graduation!" James says.
I half-smiled and started to talk.
"I'm going to be in Uni while you're all travelling the world!" I say, chuckling.
"Where you planning on going though?" Jai asks.
"UCLA." I say, shrugging.
They all turn around and give me looks, I laugh nervously and fiddle with my fingers.
"But Lei, that's so far away. We're gonna be out for a month but you're gonna be out for 4 years." Luke said, frowning.
"It's okay! Cause you'll all be busy with the Janoskians. Besides you're always gonna be in town for business and stuff." I say.
"That would be really great for you Lei, go for it!" Skip says.
"Thanks, I think it's gonna be good for all of us to get into our new lives after high school." 
They all nod and I sigh, looking at everyone that passes by. A lot of people came up to the boys and started talking to them.
"Hey! Guys what's up, how you all been?" This random guy says, and to be honest he was really cute.
"Yo Brody!" James said, as the guy sat down.
"How was your summer in UK?" Jai asked.
"Really good, but could you guys please introduce me to this lovely girl right here?" He asked, looking at me.
"I'm Lei, nice to meet you." I say.
"Brody, nice to meet you too beautiful." He says, making me blush.
I smile, "Yeah don't get too nice here please." Luke says.
"And why not? I'm only trying to be nice to a new student here." He says, as I try holding back my laughter.
"I think my girlfriend has enough guy friends for now, thanks though." Luke says, putting emphasis on the word 'girlfriend'.
The guys all laughed and Brody got up, "Well Brooks, looks like you've got yourself a keeper."
He walked off, but we just stayed there talking. When the bell rings, Luke brought me to my locker and helped me with my things. He grabs my hand and walks me down to math.
"Even though none of us are in this class you'll have fun, I promise." He says.
I nod and give him a  hug at the door, "See you in bio next period."
He smiles and turns around walking to his next class. I walk into the room and grab a seat in the middle of the class. I don't make any eye contact with anyone though.
"Good morning class, you all may know me since I had you last year, but for our new student my name is Ms. Crenshaw." 
I smile and nod, the whole class turns to look at me. To my surprise, the slut that bothered me this morning on my way to school was in this class.
"Now, how about you tell the whole class your name?" Ms. Crenshaw says.
"I'm Lei." I say, quickly.
Some random kid I don't even know just went up and said, "What's your last name? Brooks?" He asks, causing the whole class to break into laughter.
I roll my eyes and open up my notebook, starting to doodle on the top of the page. I do that while Ms. Crenshaw goes and talks about how we had to get to know each other and stuff. She made us play all of these games and let us sit back and relax. It actually wasn't that bad, but when the bell rung I sprang out of my seat and went through the door. All of the hallways were confusing, I walked around looking like an idiot, until I felt someone behind me. I turn around to see Jai laughing.
"What's so funny Jai?" I ask him.
"You looked so dumb walking around like that, it was hilarious!" He says.
We both laugh and he leads me to my locker.
"Could you help me open my locker?" I ask him.
"Sure, give me the combo loser." He says.
"43, 11, 21." I say, leaning against the wall.
He opens it in a flash and helps me take out my things. 
"Thanks Brooks." I roll my eyes, and laugh.
He nods and walks down the hall with me, "I'm here whenever."
His Social Studies class is right next to my Bio class so we both are heading the same way. When we get there he waves goodbye and walks into his class room. I step in and find a lab table at the back, with Luke's stuff laid on it. I sit in the chair right next to his things and set my stuff down, he walks in and smiles when seeing me.
"You look so cute in your uniform Lei, I swear." He said, sliding into the seat.
"Don't make me blush, I hate it when you do that!" I say.
The same guy that was annoying me last period walked in and sat at the lab table in front of us.
"Well if it isn't Lei Brooks. Not surprising to see you sitting with this one." He scoffs.
I sigh and open up my notebook.
"Seth fuck off! You're so annoying. I better not hear that you're messing with her cause I'll mess you up." Luke said, causing me to laugh.
"Yeah we'll totally see about that." Seth says, turning around.

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