Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


17. Reunited!

                   I wake up early on Sunday morning and started to get ready. After my shower I threw my hair into a ponytail, put on some sweats, my Uggs, and a sweater on. I grabbed my bag and the keys, and called Luke.
                   He picked up shortly after, "Hello?" 
                   "Babe are you ready?" I ask him.
                   "Yeah, I'm walking down the stairs now. Walk over, I'll start the car." He says.
                   "Alright." I shut the phone off.
                   I looked for my mom to see that she was fast asleep, I smiled and walked down the stairs. I spotted Luke closing the door to his house. I walk over and get into the car, he plops down in the drivers seat.
                  "Hey babe." He says, planting a kiss on my lips.
                  "Hey." I say, fastening my seat belt.
                  He yawned, "Why didn't James come back a little later, that cunt." Luke said, backing the car out of the driveway.
                  "We can sleep when we get back, promise." I said.
                  He nodded and smiled at me, while driving down the road. He swiftly turns onto the barely filled highway.
                  "You look so adorable in your sweats." He said, grabbing my hand.
                  "Luke stop it, you're going to make me blush. Seriously!" I said.
                  "But I love complimenting you!" He said, laughing.
                  I groan as my cheeks turn red, causing me to look towards the window immediately. After a few exits and minutes of silence, we finally arrived to the Melbourne airport. We head right into the exit, looking for the terminal.
                   "Terminal C, ah. There it is." He said, perched over the wheel.
                   He was so concentrated it was actually funny, I ended up sneaking a picture and opening up twitter.
                   "@_Lei: @luke_brooks so concentrated babe :) x pic.twitter.com/shwIYE98"
                   I slip my phone away as we park near the door, we get out and walk right in quickly. We were a bit early but we didn't want to get lost. We searched through the flights to see that the one from Lebanon just landed 10 minutes ago. We sighed in relief and went over to baggage claim looking for James. After we saw a tall figure with that grey sweater we knew it was him. Luke ran over to him and embraced him in a huge hug. I laughed and walked over to them, giving James a big hug.
                   "Welcome back!" I said, "We missed you!"
                   "You cunts need to catch me up! I haven't talked to you in heaps!" He said, while Luke helped him grab his bags.
                   I took his backpack and carried it, "You didn't miss much." I say, exchanging looks with Luke.
                   We walked down and stopped to buy some food, Luke bought me an iced coffee so I just drank that. We walked over to the car, I offered James the front seat but he refused. I shrugged and sat down and started talking to him while Luke found his way out.
                   "How was your trip? Was family okay?" I ask.
                   "Yeah, they were good. I had fun, I've never been so it was great to go." He said.
                   "Was it sad to leave?" 
                   "Yeah, very. I know I'm gonna see them soon though. I'm just bummed school starts in a week." He said.
                    "Oh I forgot!" Luke said.
                    "And so did I." I say.
                    "What do you mean?" James said.
                    "Didn't I tell you guys? My mom enrolled me in the local school. You know that one near our house. I picked up my uniform the other day after work, and did the summer packet." I said.
                   "So you're going to the same school as us too? That's great!" He said.
                   "Ugh yeah but I'm the new kid." I groaned.
                   James laughed, "Don't worry! I'm pretty sure they will know who you are if you have been dating Luke. People around here know lots of things." He says.
                    I sigh, "I need to make friends." I say.
                    "Hey! You have us! Well the boys, since you know." Luke said, winking.
                    I roll my eyes, "Luke, I mean friends that are girls. I haven't been talking to any girls lately, only you boys." I say.
                    "Well Victoria, Katie and Claire do go there. They're going to Year 12 like us too." He says.
                   "Oh, well that's nice. Victoria seemed really nice so I guess I can talk to her if-" I stop talking at the thought of her.
                   James coughed and Luke spoke up, "She's not going to do anything trust me. She is the past Lei." He said.
                    I sigh, changing the subject. "James, did you bring anything back from Lebanon?" I ask.
                    "Yeah I brought you all like shirts and sweaters." He said.
                    I smile and before I knew it, we were at James house. I step outside of the car with the boys and help him bring his stuff inside. His dad opens the door then looks at Luke and I.
                    "Come in come in!" He says.
                    I smile at him and walk in, saying hi to everyone. I bring James things upstairs and sit on his computer chair. Looking at the mirror in his room.
                     "So this is that mirror in your videos." I said, walking up to it.
                     "Perfect picture mirror." Luke says.
                     He pulled out his phone and came up to me, I gave him a hug and smiled as he took a picture of us using the mirror. 
                      "Send that to me Luke! It's cute!" I say.
                      He sent it to me, laughing. I get it and save it onto my phone. I check my twitter to see a lot of mentions for the picture of Luke. Then I get a mention from Luke.
                      "@luke_brooks me and my girl, love you <3 pic.twitter.com/sgrIW9" 
                       I reply, "@_Lei: love you too <3" 
                       I look up at him as he reads my tweet, he pecks me on the lips and I walk over to the chair and sit back down re-folding some of James clothes. I lay them neatly on the bed while he is downstairs. Luke comes up and sits down on the edge of the bed next to me. James walks back up and finishes the packing.

                       "You guys want to go back to my place and hang out with the boys?" Luke asked.
                       "Alright." I said, looking at James.
                       "Yeah, actually you guys go. I'm gonna spend a bit of time with the family then head out over there." He said
                        We nod and walk out, saying our goodbyes to everybody there. We hop into the car and I yawn.
                         "Tired babe?" He asked.
                         "Just a bit," I respond.
                         "You wanna just go to sleep and we can chill with the guys after?" He said.
                         "Yeah sure, we can go to mines." I say.
                         He nodded and we drove in silence, he stopped in his driveway and we walked over to my house. My moms car wasn't in the driveway so I just shrugged and went in. We locked the door and walked upstairs into my room. I kick off my boots and plop onto my bed sighing loudly, wrapping myself in the covers. Luke slips in next to me.
                          "Remember the first time I came into your room?" He said.
                          "Oh yeah! My first day in Melbourne, and you came to ask me to come over." I say, chuckling.
                          "Ah, I remember the first time we saw you. We were filming a video and Skip pointed you out and then we ran to the fence to watch you walk down the street." He said.
                          "Then when I talked to you guys and you started to hit on me," I say.
                           "I didn't know what to say and that was the first thing to come to mind. But hey, look at you now. You're all mine." He said, planting a kiss on my forehead.
                           I laugh, "How is the Janoskians?" I ask.
                           "Oh we're doing good. We're gonna film a video this week and post it. We've been getting really big." He says.
                            I nod, sighing. "Aw my little Luke is gonna be a teen sensation." I say, squishing his cheeks.
                            He laughs, "But yeah. There's something about all of this that I really have to tell you." He said, sighing.
                            I look over at him, "Yeah, tell me." I say.
                            "Well we kind of have to, go on a tour." He said. 
                            My eyes widen and I give him a look, "Luke, what? We just got back together." I say.
                            "Babe it's only going to be 5 weeks. I'll be back before you know it."
                            I sigh, "I-I don't know what to say." I say.
                             He hugged me, "Don't worry about it. I'm not leaving anytime soon. It's going to be planned for the end of the school year. I just wanted to know what you thought of the idea." He says.
                             I nod, "Well, fine. I have you for a whole 10 months before then." I say, planting a kiss on his lips.
                             He laughs and lays back down, bringing me back with him. I snuggle up against him and feel his warm breath on the side of my face.
                             "I love you so damn much." He said.
                             "And so do I babe, I love you too." I say, drifting off to sleep.

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