Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


10. Really?

          Luke's P.O.V.

          It's been 3 days since I have talked to Lei. Jai has seemed to be hanging out with her a lot too. I don't know what to do anymore, I was slowly losing hope. I look at my phone and then look back. No Luke don't do it. I creep my hand slowly to my phone. Not yet Luke, don't! I quickly grab it and go through my contacts scrolling down until I get to 'L.' I look through the contacts I have under it then click on who I was looking for. I start to type and send a message.

          To: Lauren :P

          Hey, you wanna come over?

          From: Lauren :P

          Hm, okay. I'll be there in 20 ;)

          To: Lauren :P

          Alright, see you then :T

          I sigh and slip my phone into my pocket as I lay back into my bed. I bury my head into my hands. Why Luke, why? I think to myself. I take a deep breath and slip out of my bed downstairs to the kitchen. I look around on my way down to find nobody was home, great. I go and grab a bottle of water and plop onto the couch turning on the television. I go onto twitter and start scrolling down the twitfeed, and open up to write a new tweet.

          @luke_brooks: Damn, don't know why I just did that.

          I close the app and lock my phone. I open it up again after the TV goes onto a commercial break. Fans were going insane, asking questions, swearing, trying to get follows, and offering me a lot of things that little girls shouldn't offer people. It wasn't until a knock on the door that pulled me away from my phone. I open up the door to reveal Lauren, looking unsurprisingly good. I smile and pulled her in for a hug.

          "Hey Luke," She says smiling.

          "Hey Laur," I say, as I let her in.

          I close the door, leading her up the stairs into the room. I shut the bedroom door and sit on the bed while she plops down on the dresser.

          "It's funny you texted, Did you and new girl not work out?" She asks.

          "Well, we're still together I guess. Well, I honestly don't know if we're even together anymore." I sigh.

          "And why is that?" She says, batting her eyelashes.

          "I caught Skip making out with her and I got mad at her for it." I frown.

          She laughs. "Wow! She's ugly, and a cheater too? I knew she wasn't worth it, you guys weren't going to last anyways."

          "Don't call her ugly, there's nothing wrong with her alright. I guess she made a mistake." I said defending her.

          "Luke don't defend her." She says coming and sitting down really close next to me. "You honestly don't love her like you love me right Luke?"

          I look away not wanting to answer the question.

          "What would you say if I did?" I ask.

          "Well, I'd wanna do something to change your mind."  She says smiling at me.

          "Like-" I get cut off when her lips met mines.

          I kissed back a few seconds after, unsure of what I was doing. I just closed my eyes and placed my hands around her, thinking back about when we were together.

          Jai's P.O.V.

          After a while of walking, I finally get back home. I open the door quietly since Luke was asleep when I left. I shut it in silence, and go upstairs. I see that the door to our bedroom is closed so I don't even bother. I hop onto the bed and open up the laptop, just to go on twitter.

          @JaiBrooks1: Twitcam? Follow spree? Why not both.

          I tweet smiling as I prepare for the rush of fans, and get the twitcam ready. It finally loads up and I can see myself and the tweets of the fans on the side.

          "Hey guys, uh it's me Jai. Yeah well I decided to do a twitcam since Luke was asleep, no one is really home and I have nothing to do." I laugh. "How about you guys give me some questions that I can answer?"

          "@iSmangedNay said. What is your favorite song at the moment? Well my favorite song right now has got to be Scream and Shout since every time it comes on Beau starts to dance around and it's way too funny. Oh, and I followed you!" I say.

          I go through a couple of questions until I hear a knock at the door. "Well guys, I have to go. I'm sorry if I didn't get to you or follow you. Thanks for supporting us, you're all great. Bye!" I say shutting off the laptop.

          I go up to the door and open it, I see Lei. I hug her and start to smile.

          "Well you came around quickly." I say winking.

          "Ha, good one." She laughs.

          I bring her in and she looks at me, "I'm here to talk to Luke."

          My eyes widen and I nod. "You sure you're ready?" I ask.

          She nods, "Yes."

          I shrug and lead her up the stairs, we stop in front of the door and I open it. Both of our jaws dropped.

          Lei's P.O.V.

          My eyes start to water as I see Lauren and Luke kissing right in front of me. I try to hold back the tears but they're dripping fast down my cheeks. They both stop to look at us and Luke gets up fast. He walks over to me quickly while Lauren stands up grinning and looking at me. I brush myself past him and slam my hands on Lauren's chest, sending her straight to the floor.

          "YOU JUST NEVER LEARN DO YOU?" I say, crying.

          She gets up and brushes herself off, "You're the one that cheated on Luke. I'm just here to make him feel better sweetheart." She says softly.

          I look back at her, then to Luke.

          "Lei, I can explain." He says.

          "Explain what Luke? The fact that you went 3 days without making out with a girl so you got desperate and went back to your ex? What is there to explain?" I shout.

          He stays there, stunned. I push past him and run down the stairs, out the door. I run and run until I reach the park. Not even looking back, I run until I reach the fountain. I sit right in front of it, my head dug into my hands, sobbing. I looked up when I felt a hand touch my back. I slowly turn my head to see Skip, smiling down at me.

          He sits down next to me, "What's wrong Lei?"

          I talk in between tears, "L-luke and Lauren, t-they were making out a-and," I sigh.

         Skip helps me up and looks at me, "How about you come over. We can talk about it and I could order food if you want?"

         I look at Skip and nod. I follow him out and we don't speak on our way to his house. He opens up the door, and lets me in. He guides me upstairs into his room.

         "Sit wherever. I don't mind." He says as he takes a seat on the edge of his bed.

         I sit down on the opposite side as him and fake a smile.

         "So tell me, what happened?" He asks.

         I take a deep breath , "Well it has been like 3 days since I've spoken to Luke. I went over to his house so we could talk it out. Jai let me in and we talked for a while, we both went upstairs and I caught him kissing Lauren."

        "What? How could he?" Skip asks.

        I look at him and raise my eyebrows, confused, not wanting to speak. "Well, I guess he still has feelings for her."

        "No no, he doesn't, trust me. He likes you so much, I don't know why he's acting like this to be honest." He says.

        "I might just break up with him you know, since that seems like what he wants. He hasn't made an effort to talk to me, and when I made an effort it didn't work." I look down.

        Skip puts his arm on my leg, and takes a deep breath. "I honestly think you should do what you think is best, Luke is stupid for doing that to you. Anyone would kill to have a girlfriend like you." He laughs. "I know I would."

       I look up at him and smile, our eyes meet and a smile grows onto Skip's lips.

       "Thanks," I mumbled.

      "For what?" He says confused.

       "For caring, for everything. It helps a lot." I say half smiling.

      I look back to Skip and lean into him, this time it felt right. I closed my eyes when my lips touched his and wrapped my hands around him. It didn't take him long to kiss back, he smiled every once in a while too. We separated when the doorbell rang, he jumped up and walked downstairs. I slowly followed behind him.

     "What are you doing here Brooks?" He said scanning Luke.

     I smile at Jai who's behind him, they both come inside while Skip closes the door.

     "I'm here to get my girl back." He says looking at me.

      Jai comes and stands next to me, wrapping his arm around me and squeezing my shoulder. I look at him and smile nervously.

      "What do you mean get your girl back, didn't you run back to Lauren just cause you haven't made out with a chick in 3 days?" Skip spat.

      Luke walked up to him, angrily, so that they were face to face.

      "You shut up Skip, it's none of your concern why I did that. Everyone knew Lei is mines, you were the one who didn't back off and went to make out with her thinking I wouldn't find out. This is all your fault anyways." He says.

      Skip pushes him back up against the wall.

      "Listen here Brooks. You never stood a chance with a girl. You and Lauren broke up cause you couldn't handle her, and every girl you've had has run away to be with another guy or one of us. You're even lucky Lei stayed with you since you're the worst boyfriend I've probably ever seen" He says louder than I think he should have.

      Before I knew it, Luke jabbed Skip right in the jaw. Causing them both to stagger back a little. Skip ran right into Luke bringing him to the ground, he started to punch him continuously. Luke rolled him over and threw him back against the wall. Luke jumped up and kicked Skip in the stomach more times than I could count. Jai and I ran over to them and broke them up.

      "STOP!" I yelled.

      They both looked at me and stepped further apart from each other.

      "Luke could you come over here," I say as I walk down the hall to Skip's doorway where we can be alone.

      I sigh and Luke look's at me.

      "I'm so sorry Lei, please forgive me. I messed up, I know. But I also know that we can make us work." He said quickly.

     I grab his hands and sigh. "Luke, listen. I think what we have is amazing, and I really do like you a lot but. After all of this, I'm just not thinking we can work out anymore you know? I think we should take a break, and see other people. So that we can have time to cool down." I say looking at him.

      "You're breaking up with me?" He says, his eyes getting red.

      "Well, uh. Yes, I am." I say.

      He drops my hand and shakes his head, he storms out. "Come on Jai, let's go. Now."

      I sigh and walk back to the living room, Jai looks at me and put's his hand near his ear and mouths "Call me". I nod and go to Skip's room to grab my things.

      "Lei, I'm sorry. I really am." Skip says following me out the door.

      "It's fine, I guess." I say as I walk out and make my way out in the dark to my home.

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