Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


6. Party.

          "Hey guys good to see you!" Lauren says, shooting me a dirty look.

           I return the favor and walk right by her, with Luke's hand in mines. He pulls me through the large crowd. The house was filled with music, drinks, cute boys, and sweat. Luke and I go into the kitchen, sitting on some chairs that they had there. He put his arm around me and grabbed his phone, he started to take pictures of us. I covered my face while he made funny faces, I finally gave in and stuck out my tongue. He took the picture and posted it onto Instagram and Twitter.

           "Text me that picture, I like it" I say.

            He sends me the picture and I put it as his contact picture. I smile when I look at it then I lock my phone. Luke goes and grabs me a drink. He hands it to me and I take a sip out of it, it tastes disgusting. I put it down and give Luke a look. He starts laughing and takes a sip of his.

          "What? It's your first time drinking?" He asks.

          "Yeah, I never really got into this stuff at home, I'll get used to it though" I try to convince him.

          "Don't worry you'll be fine, just relax, drink, and I'll take you out to the dance floor in a few alright?" He says smiling.

          I giggle and take a sip of my drink, Luke and I sit trying different drinks and mixing some together. We're having a great time. I get a little tipsy, but he asks me to go dance and I go with it anyways. He pulls me onto the dance floor with his hands on my waist. We're moving side to side, swaying all over the place. I see everything double and Luke is the only thing saving me from falling to the ground. Our bodies were so close together whenever his heart beat I could feel it on my chest. I laugh loudly as the song comes spinning inside my head commanding my feet to move in ways I never knew I could move before. It was Luke and I against the world, until I saw Lauren brushing up onto Luke, splitting us apart. I clumsily slip back falling to the ground, I look up seeing her in the same position I was just in, grasping onto Luke and whispering something nasty into his ear. I get up and grab her in rage pulling her away. She gasps before grabbing me trying to push me down, I grab her bringing her down with me.

          "CAT FIGHT!" A random voice in the crowd screams, it echoes in my head.

          I push Lauren off of me and put my hand on her face to support myself getting up from the ground, I can feel a kick in the back of my shin so I turn around kicking her sending her back to the floor. I flip my hair back and grab my bag, I walk out of the front door, one second I was walking confidently down the driveway then it all went black.

          Beau's P.O.V.

          I've been waiting all night for her to wake up. She was way too drunk last night and passed out right on her way out of the door. Luke was too drunk to even remember it all and Jai wasn't even there to see it all. I stayed the night since no one else was sober enough to care for her. She kept tossing and turning, and she smelt like bad alcohol. It was about 10 a.m when she finally had the strength to pick her head up and say a couple of words.

          "Ugh, I have the biggest headache." She said, rubbing her head.

           "Do you need anything?" I replied quickly.

           She turned around quickly and looked at me, "Beau? What are you doing up here? Where's Luke? Is he alright?" She asked nervously.

          I took a deep breath, "Yeah Luke is alright, he was drunk last night too. He's just recovering from his hangover."

          "Drunk? I was drunk? Since when do I drink?" She almost shouted.

          "It's alright it was your first time. You went a little crazy though to be honest." I smirked.

           "Wait, did I do anything stupid?"

           "Well if you think mixing way too many drinks, getting into a huge cat fight with Lauren, and passing out in the driveway is stupid. Then yes, you did do something stupid." I said.

          "Oh my god. A cat fight?" She burst out laughing, "I would have never had the nerve to do that if I was sober."

          "I was surprised to see you do that to, everyone crowded around. You were the light of the party!" I tried cheering her up.

          "Ugh, whatever. I'm just gonna go back to sleep. Wake me up if anything." She said as she laid her head down and drifted into sleep.

          I leaned back in my chair and pulled out my phone playing some games on it for about an hour. I checked on her occasionally to see if she was okay. I sat on the tip of her bed and started stroking her forehead. Smiling at the way her face stayed relaxed as she was asleep. I leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose, I backed away and stayed close to her face. Her slow deep breaths brushing against my face.

          Lei's P.O.V.

          I have been awake for the past fifteen minutes or so. Noticing all of the things Beau has been doing to me. His stroke on the forehead left me tingling, his kiss on my nose left me wanting more. I knew it was wrong since Luke and I were practically a couple now but I couldn't help myself. I pretended to stay asleep until I felt the pressure of Beau's lips on mines. His lips moving slowly, as if he was scared. I hesitated before lifting up my arms a bit and wrapping my hands around his neck. He jumped a little but I didn't mind, I kissed him back and I actually liked it. Beau had made his way onto the bed, both of our eyes closed and enjoying this secret sensation. We stayed there for a while not even separating to take breath. It was until I faintly pulled away and caught my breath a while later that stopped the kiss. He lifted himself up to the edge of the bed and sat there staring at me.

          "What just happened?" He asked me.

          "Well, you just kissed your brothers girl." I said.

          "And you just kissed your boyfriend's brother back," He smirked.

          "How come I never took your offer earlier? I mean, I'm so happy with Luke. Way more than happy, but you're different Beau. I like you but not that way. In more like a brotherly best friend let's hang out type of way." I say smiling.

          "Yeah, and I like you too but in a more than friends let's be together kind of way." He frowned.

          "I knew how much you've been waiting for this so I decided to give it to you, so that you know. You could stop waiting." I laughed.

          "Yeah, but you kissed Skip and Jai too." He said awkwardly.

          "Well Skip was with spin the bottle that's a whole different kind of situation, and Jai was because I didn't want to be dumped into a dirty fountain. If you want me to be honest I didn't feel anything with our kiss like I do with Luke. I'm sorry but I can't do this to Luke and neither can you." I got up and went to my closet.

          I grabbed some Adidas trackies and a white huge T shirt. I took some socks and my Nike's and brought them to the bathroom. My head was spinning and it was killing me but I didn't mind it. I went to the bathroom and locked the door. I went through my daily routine and washed my hair. I put my clothes on and decided to let my hair out to air dry. I get out and sit at the edge of my bed looking at Beau.

          "Don't be sad. I just don't think we can work out and I wouldn't want you wasting your time on someone that won't make you happy." I say awkwardly.

          "No, no it's cool. I-I understand, how about we just go to the house and check on the boys. Just forget this ever happened?" He asks.

          "Yeah, I guess we could just do that."

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