Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


9. Now I know.

          Luke's P.O.V.

          "Get off of her!" I yelled as Skip quickly backed off.

          I look to her as she's wiping herself off. I then glance at Skip in disgust, anger is rushing through me reaching my fists as I clench them.

          "Skip what the hell is wrong with you bro?! I saw you from the door!" I shouted.

          I look over to Lei, "And you. You just stayed there and didn't even pull away."

          She comes up to me giving me a dirty look. "Yeah and I can't believe you didn't trust me enough so you followed me. I bet you didn't even see how I was stepping on his foot trying to make him get out of my grip right? Yeah didn't think so." She turns around and walks out of the market, heading home.

          I rolled my eyes and sighed. I go up to Skip and push him up against the freezers.

          "I thought I told you to back off of my damn girlfriend Skip. I told all of the boys!" I said through my teeth.

          "Who cares now? She already made out with 4 of the boys and now is when you're complaining? Get a grip bro It's over between you guys. She wasn't going to be a keeper anyways." He spat.

          I punched him dead in the face. "Don't you dare talk about her like that. You're just mad you didn't get her first you selfish brat."

          He charged over to me knocking me into the shelf. I held on tight to his shirt and threw him off of on top of me. He fell to the ground while I got onto my knees and punched him even more. He got back onto his feet after a while and kicked me in the gut. I gagged and managed to get myself back up. I looked at Skip walking away and I spat at the direction he was walking in.

          "Get out! Get out all of you now!" The clerk yelled.

         I wiped myself off and went over to the door, throwing it open and making my way to the park. I walk slowly as I put my headphones in my ears. I put on Believe Acoustic since it's what brings me up when I'm down. I locate an empty park bench and I just lay there, staring at the sky and thinking about what just happened.

          Lei's P.O.V.

          I burst into my room and shut the door. I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. I lay emotionless for hours, and hours. After a while I grab my phone and go downstairs to unlock the door. I run back up and look for Jai in my contacts.

          To: Jaaii ;)

          Come over now. The doors unlocked, just come in, lock it, and walk up to my room. I need you now.

          From: Jaaii ;)

          On my way.

         In about 5 minutes I hear someones footsteps come up. I sat up at the edge of my bed and dug my head into my hands. I hear Jai take a deep breath before sitting down, and starts drawing circles with his finger into my back.

         "Lei what's wrong? You were so happy just 15 minutes ago?" He asks.

          "Well, when I went to the market with Skip he tried making out with me. Luke walked in and got pissed. He got mad at Skip for kissing me and got mad at me for not pulling away, when I was trying to make my way out of his grip. He accused me in front of everyone there so I just called him out and left." I explained.

          "Sheesh, I honestly don't know what to say. You two have been going off so well."

          "Yeah, and he just pissed me off. I don't think I should have left like that but he shouldn't have came at me like that either." I sighed.

           "I personally think you should talk it out, Luke's perfect for you and I'm sure he knows he's the luckiest guy in the world if he has you as his girlfriend and he can't lose you. Give him some time he'll be sure to come around I promise." He tries to smile.

          I take a deep breath and get up, Jai following me.

          "I need to go for a walk, come with me. I don't want to get lost." I say smirking.

          "Well then what are you waiting for? Lets go."

          I sigh as we make our way down the stairs. We step out to start walking towards the main roads. A lot of people were staring at Jai and some even stopped to ask for pictures. I stepped out and took pictures for them, I was asked to be in a picture or two.

          "Oh my god Jai, is she your girlfriend" One of them asked while scanning me.

          "Nah, I wish with though." He says winking at me.

          They start to fan girl and I can't help but laugh. We stay there talking to them for a while until we head over to the shopping center. Jai opens the door for me and I walk in. He closes it behind him, following me putting his hands in his pockets.

          "Why thank you." I say.

          "Anytime," He says smirking.

          "So what is there to do in here?" I ask.

          He looks around. "There's stores, food court, arcade, and all that fun stuff."

          My eyes widen, "Arcade? Oh my god where?"

          He starts to laugh then grabs my waist gently guiding me to the escalator. He leans back onto the railing.

          "Ha, you're the first girl I've taken here that didn't want me to take them shopping." He laughs.

          "Why would I wanna go shopping when there's an arcade in the building? They're way funner than going shopping." I say.

          "Lei you're too much to handle." He says smiling.

          I laugh and shrug. I start to think about Luke as we set off on the second escalator. I wonder what he was doing? I just wonder if he was alright. I take a deep breath and follow Jai off of the escalator to the arcade. We walk in and stand at the front desk, the girl winks at Jai while he leans in waiting for her.

          "Hello, welcome to Giddy Arcade. Would you like a 10, 20, or 50 dollar playing card?" She says smiling at him.

          "Give me a 50 please." He says as he puts his hands in his pockets.

          I stop him, "You're not paying for this on your own. Just know I'm paying half."

          He looks at me, "No, it's fine just watch."

          He calls her over and whispers into her ear, she starts to laugh and he pulls away smiling at her. She hands him 2 50 dollar playing cards and he walks off swinging his arm over me.

          "Jai, did you really just seduce her to get the game cards?" I ask laughing.

          "Well when you look like this, I think you'd do the same." He says.

          I shake my head and we look around to see what we should play first.

          "AIR HOCKEY!" We both scream at the same time.

          We go to the air hockey table and swipe our cards in. Jai looked pretty good at it but I was gonna get revenge for the beating I got in Call of Duty. Jai won the first game, and the second. But I came back in the third, and fourth. We kept playing and playing until we had 15 dollars left in each of our cards. Jai swoops around the other end of the table so that he's standing right next to me.

          "Anything else you wanna play? Cause I'm getting kind of hungry." He says.

          "No it's cool. We can go eat." I say smiling.

          He half smiles then leads me out of the door. We go up an escalator and into the food court. Which was a packed with a bunch of people. I looked around the place then to Jai.

          "So what do you want?" He asks.

          "I don't know about you, but I'm kind of a pizza person." I say.

          "Then pizza it is!" He says as he leads me towards the pizza place.

          We get in line, and prepare for a long wait. I take Jai's hands and start looking at them.

          "You should really let me do your nails Jai." I suggest.

           "What? No! You're crazy!" He exclaims.

           "No not even. C'mon if you let me paint your nails pink I'll do something for you." I say, regretting that it slipped out of my mouth.

          "Well then. I'll keep them on for a week if you go talk to Luke as soon as you go home."

          "I don't know Jai. I wanna give him some space before I try talking to him. Give me a few days?" I say frowning.

          "Fine. But hey." He puts his hand on my chin bringing my head up. "Turn that frown upside down beautiful." He says.

          "Aw thanks Jai." I say looking down so that he won't notice me blushing.

          "Next in line!" The clerk says.

         "Hey, um can I have 2 slices of Pepperoni, and a sprite." He says looking at me.

         "Yeah, and can I have 2 slices of Bacon and some fruit punch." I say smiling.

          "Sure that will be 8.47," She says faking a smile.

          Jai pulls money out of his wallet and pays up. I look at him, "I was going to pay too you know."

          He laughs. "Yeah right, I wouldn't let you pay."

          She hands us our food and we find a table on the side of the food court. We sit down and we dig straight into our pizza. Jai looks up at some loud group of kids and sighs.

          "Really? Why now." He says.

          "What happened? Who are they?" I say curiously.

          "The local douche bags. No one likes them and they're all completely stupid." He says rolling his eyes.

          "I'm guessing you don't like them?" I say laughing.

          "Yeah, you could say that," He says smiling.

          "Hey! Is that Jai over there? With a girl?" One of them says.

          The kid comes up to us and pulls up a chair. I look at him in disgust.

           "Um, do you mind?" I say motioning him to leave.

          "Um, could you shut up? Thanks." He says.

          I look at him with the dirtiest expression then look back at Jai.

          "What do you want now Craig?" He asks.

          "That girls number." He said, winking at me.

          "Nah I'm good. Nice try though." I said smiling.

           I put my food in the take out bin and grab my drink. I get up.

           "Come on Jai let's go." I say.

            Jai gets up with his things and looks at Craig.

          "Still running away Jai? Can't run away from your problems forever." He says.

          "Get out of my way Craig." Jai says, trying to push past him.

          "How about no." He says blocking his path laughing.

          "Craig. Move, now." Jai says, obviously getting angry.

          Craig crosses his arms and stands there. Laughing at Jai.

          Jai throws down his stuff and gets up into his face, clenching onto his shirt. He turns him around slamming Craig into the wall.

           "You ignorant cunt. I told you to back off of me and the boys. I don't want you trying to mess around with Lei either." He says.

          "Wow little boy has me pinned down I'm so scared." He says waving his arms sarcastically.

          Jai clenches his fist so hard I start to wince a little. Before I knew it he already swung at Craig. He had his hand on his cheek while he walked up to Jai and punched him right at the tip of the jaw. Jai ran towards him grabbing his shirt and punching him full force. They found their way to the ground. Everyone was crouched around watching. It was until security came and had to break them up. I stood there speechless. When Jai got up I ran up toward him looking at his cuts and bruises. I grab his hand and start to walk.

          "Jai let's go we need to put something on those things." I say quickly.

          "On those what? Did he get my face?" He asks with a faint voice.

          "Of course he did. Your lip is swollen and your left eye is all sore. You have a bruise on your right cheek too." I say scanning his face.

           He shrugs, "Oh well then."

           We quickly walk home, I lead Jai up my porch. I open the door and bring him into my room. I sit him down and go grab the antibiotics from the bathroom cabinet. I try looking for alcohol and cotton balls too. When I come back I see Jai holding a frame.

           "You were a cute kid you know." He says smiling at the picture.

           "Yeah, if only I could stay like that." I say laughing.

          He sits down and I sit in front of him rubbing the alcohol over the cuts carefully.

          "AHHHH! It stings!" He yells.

          I laugh and shake my head. "Be a man Jai."

          He makes an ugly face while I keep rubbing the alcohol in. I laugh then throw the cotton ball away. I rub antibiotics onto the bruises and everything making sure I get it all. I place the cap back onto the tub and smile.

          "All done!" I say laughing.

          He sighs and gets up, I get right up as well.

          "Thanks Lei. But I really gotta get going. I had fun today." He says.

          "Yeah so did I, thanks. I needed that." I say hugging him.

           We're really close and he looks at me face to face. He's smiling while he starts leaning into me. I lean in as well, but then I stop myself when our lips are about to touch. I stand back and smile.

          "So yeah. See you around?" I say awkwardly.

          He slips his hands into his pockets. "Yeah, see you around."

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