Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


2. Moving too Fast.

          I look at Beau in the eyes smile. He looks at me and smirks before looking down at the floor. He sticks his hands in his pockets and sighs before managing to speak.

          "I saw your face when Luke went and kissed Lauren." He mumbled.

          "Yeah, I guess I didn't like it but, what can I say, I just met you guys." I laugh.

          Beau smiles then takes my hand, he leads me out their back door to the backyard. We sit down on a little bench that they have under a tall tree. He sits down fairly close to me and I don't move. I had to admit, it wasn't that bad sitting outside looking at the sunset with him. I cross my legs and he lays his head on my shoulder. I just look at him, since it was kind of awkward. I didn't want to move too fast with any of the boys, or get into anything serious too soon. I brush my hair back and accidentally touch his neck, he laughs a bit before getting up and looking into my eyes. We're face to face and I'm turning redder than ever.

          "What are you looking at?" I say giggling.

          "I just think you're really cute," He says blushing

          "Well I just happen to think you're really cute too," I manage to pull out.

          He lifts his hat a bit and shakes his hair, then places the hat back on, he brushes his bangs to the side before revealing a huge smile. I look away for a bit then look back up, noticing that he hasn't taken his eyes off of me.

          Beau's P.O.V.

          I look at her while she looks away, hoping our eyes will meet again. Luckily, she turns around and looks straight into mines. I know I've just met her but its this feeling that you can't explain. Shes obviously attractive and she doesn't seem to mind anything that we do. Everything she does is perfect. From the way she walks, to the way she talks, how she smiles, the way she brushes her hair back, or even the way she waves when she walks in. When I saw her and Luke holding hands I got really jealous. That's my brother and all but, I wanted her to be mines. But it seems like he's already beaten me to it. Right now is my chance, I need to lure her in. I need to get her hooked, like she's already hooked me onto her.

          "You know, I'm having a great time. Just sitting here, looking at the sunset. Like no worries at all and nothing can ruin this." I say.

          "Yeah, I've never really taken time to look out at the sunset. I've never really noticed how everything blends together and how day can turn into night so beautifully." She giggles.

          I brush some of her hair behind her ear as she curls up at the opposite end of the bench, just looking at the sky with a smile on her face. We sit there, in complete silence for 15 minutes until the sun sets down. I studied her, the way her eyes light up when she smiles. The way the light of the moon compliments her face, and the way the crinkles by her eyes flow perfectly down her temple. She sighs and decides to get up when it gets dark, I quickly do the same. I stop her though and look into her eyes. I take both of her hands, and I lean in. I get ready to feel the pressure of her lips on mines, the sparks of feeling fill my head, the moment I've been waiting for would finally arrive. But it didn't, she stepped back. She stepped out of my grip, and her eyelids drooping down while she holds her hands in front of her. She stands there shaking her head from side to side, then she looks down and smiles. She looks back at me, making me smile as well. She had that kind of effect on me.

          Lei's P.O.V.

           I stare at Beau, I just stare until he finally broke eye contact by looking down at the ground. He was disappointed, and I was the reason why. I touch his arm causing him to look up instantly, then I take a deep breath and start to talk.

          "Beau, I really don't want to get into anything like that now. I mean look at you who wouldn't? But I just think I should give love some time, I don't want to get hooked onto someone like you so soon." I say.

          "I understand, I mean. we've 0nly known each other for about 6 hours. I respect your decision, if you want to wait I'll be here waiting with you, and if you're waiting to be with someone else then, I would be happy for you." Beau said. He had a smile on his face, but his eyes were telling me something else.

          "Friends?" I put out my hand.

          "Friends." He said, shaking my hand.

          Luke's P.O.V.

          They've been out there for an hour. What could they have been doing? Beau knows I want her. I haven't shut up about her since the time our eyes first met. She just left when I kissed Lauren, and Beau went running after her. I should have been the one running after her, I could have been the one that made her feel better. The look on her eyes when my lips touched Lauren's was terrible and I didn't think I could handle kissing her any longer, hence the fact that I pulled away as soon as she looked away and got up. What am I talking about? I've only known this girl for a day. How could she have gotten me hooked so fast? But, it was the way she did her hair, the way her fingers fit in between mine. It was just that tingling feeling that I got when our eyes first met when she was walking down the street. It's just the way that I got hooked onto her so quick, how she carries herself that makes you want to just, just pin her down and kiss her right then and there. It was those butterflies that I got when I knocked on her door, the smile that grew onto my face when she opened up. The same feeling I claimed I had when I dated Lauren. But that was the past, and Lei was going to be my future. I jump at the sound of the back door opening, I've been sitting in the kitchen thinking. I was waiting to see when they would eventually come back. I look behind my shoulder to see Lei. Her hair perfectly placed onto her shoulders and her smile that grew instantly when she saw me was what lightened up my mood. I signaled her to sit down next to me and she came up. She managed to get onto the stool after about 3 attempts, and a whole lot of laughter. I stare into her eyes and bite the inside of my lip. She half smiles and raises her eyebrow. I had to think of what to say fast.

          "Well, Skip seemed to be a happy camper after what happened with you. The kid couldn't stop smiling and bragging about it." I said.

          She laughed and turned red, "Oh my god, really? Skip's hilarious, and a surprisingly good kisser." She says.

          I laugh at the thought of someone saying that about Skip. The way she says things, and uses her hands when she talks fascinates me. It's like I get lost every time I--

          "Luke, hello? You okay there?" she says as she waves her hand around my face.

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