Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


1. Meeting the Neighbors.

          I set the last box in my room and head down to the living room where my mother was hanging up all of our family pictures. She kept on messing up on putting one of them up because of all the noise coming from outside. She looks at me then rolls her eyes and turns her head towards the window. I decide to go outside and see whats up. I open my front door and shut it behind me, making my way towards the edge of the porch and leaning there trying to figure out whats going on. My head is looking in all directions, until I lay my eyes on these boys. They were fooling around with a video camera in their front yard. I stared right at them, retaking scenes, jumping on one another, looking like they were having a good time. I couldn't help but start laughing myself at all of this madness. I looked behind me, then to both of my sides. I walked off of the porch and started walking down the street, just to get to know the place. I walked by 3 houses and finally was walking by where all of the guys were. I look down at my grey toms, then rub both of my hands on my jeans as I try to quickly walk by them. I can feel some stares in my direction then kind of slow down a bit, I look up and brushed by very dark brown straightened hair to the side. I smile at them then kept walking off.

          I could hear someone screaming "She was so hot though!" as I reached the corner. A smile grew onto my lips, followed by my cheeks getting red. I stand there for a few minutes looking around trying to get familiar to the place and then swiftly turn around on my feet. I slowly make my way edging closer and closer to their front yard. When I finally got there they were all leaning on the fence.

         "Hey!" One of them said. I looked over and practically melted as my eyes met his. They were so green, so perfect.

          "Oh, hello." I manage to pull out.

          "I'm Beau, and these are my two brothers Luke and Jai, that's Skip and here is James." He says while pointing to everyone. I laugh a bit and wave to all of them.

          "Oh well my names Lei, I'm new in town." I say as I run my hand through my long hair, bringing it back out of my face.

          "Well, welcome to Melbourne. A city full of complete assholes and beautiful girls now that you've arrived." Luke says as he walks over to the part of the fence in front of me.

          I bit my lip, and looked at him. His eyes were a chocolate brown that complemented his skin. His hair was placed perfectly in a flip that fit under his blue beanie. I laughed a bit when our eyes met then put my focus on the other boys. I looked back at my house and then at them I forgot I had to go help my mom.

          "Well I really have to go unpack so if you need me I live right across the street, 3 houses down." I smile.

          They all waved goodbye and I cross back to my side of the street, I caught a glimpse of Luke while I was walking back. He was already looking at me so he laughed when our eyes met for a split second. I blush badly, and quickly get into my house. I open the door and close it quietly. My mom is sitting there finally done with the pictures and setting up the kitchen now. She looks at me and then smiles as I head up to my room and start unpacking my clothes. I hang up all of my shirts and tuck all my pants away in a closet in about half an hour. I grab all of my pictures, books, CD's, and put them onto a purple shelf that I have. I take all of my posters and carefully hang them up across my room. I run out to the hall and get my leopard print bedspread with pink pillows and struggle to get it on the bed. After a very long while, I finally finished the room, I looked around in accomplishment and checked the clock. 7 O'clock. I head downstairs and grab something to drink, I open the fridge, grab a bottle of water and twist open the cap. I chug half of the water down then set it down trying to catch my breath. When I was heading back up there was a knock on the door.

          "I'LL GET IT!" I yelled to my mom.

          I unlock the door and open it to reveal Luke. He was standing there with his hands in his pockets looking down until I finally spoke.

          "Hey Luke!"

           "Hey Lei what's up, I was just here to ask you if you wanted to hang out?" He mumbled nervously.

          A smile lit up my face, "Of course, where to?" I ask,

          "My place?"

          "Well come in and check out my room while I get ready?" I say looking at him.

           I grab his hand and bring him inside, I shut the house door and lock it. I signal for my mom to stay low and she nods while raising an eyebrow. I bring Luke up the stairs and into my bedroom. He looks at it in surprise.

           "Well that was quick, but it actually is pretty nice you know. Uh, for a girls room" He says quietly.

           "Gee thanks, why don't you sit down I won't take long." I point to my bed.

           I go to my closet and look for a sweater to go with my shoes, I end up going with my crew neck, pullover, Hollister sweater. I look for a brush and I start brushing my hair to the side, I grab two pieces of hair from the sides of my head and bring them back, tying them together.  I run my hand through my bangs and throw on a little bit of chapstick. I look over at Luke and giggle a bit.

          "What?" He says confused.

           "Well, you actually do look pretty cute while you're waiting there." I say.

            He turns red and gets up. He puts his arm on mines and leads me out. We go downstairs and I wave goodbye to my mom. When we get outside I lock the door and place my keys in my pocket. We go down my steps and step onto the hot pavement, I follow him and stop when we're about to cross the street. I grab his hand and he hesitates before wrapping his fingers between mines. I give him a little squeeze and I look up at him, he looks at me then down at our hands.

          "Your hands are huge Luke!" I practically squeal.

          He starts laughing then looks at me "It isn't my fault yours are too small!" He says, as he nudges me a bit. We get to his gate and he unlocks it, not letting go of my hand. We reach the door to his house and he opens it up. I walk in to see all of the boys lounging on the living room couch. Luke shuts the door, and they all spot our hands. A big smile grows on their faces, all of them except for Beau's. I smile at Beau and then look up at Luke, who was on his phone ordering pizza.

          "Lei! Babe, whats going on?" Jai says as I let go of Luke's hand and sit down right next to him.

          "Nothing, just getting used to this new house thing. I'm glad I finally made some new friends though." I laugh a bit.

          "Friends? Yeah right! Not for long." He winks at me, and I punch him playfully on the arm. He rubs the spot where I punched him and starts laughing.

          Skip turns on the TV and puts on some MTV. Jersey Shore was on so we decided to deal with it until the pizza had arrived. This is always the same stuff. Snookie gets hurt, Jenni gets mad, and Ron fights with Sammi, nothing new. After what seems like forever the doorbell rings and Luke opens the door to reveal 4 girls. I look at them and smile, while Jai manages to swoop his arm around me. I look up at the girls and smile saying hi to all of them. One of them with a messy braid, a black tank top, a cargo jacket, skinny jeans and combat boots looked at me. Her face was perfectly defined, her eyes emerald green, and her lips painted a glossy pink.

          "Hey, I'm Claire nice to meet you." She smiles.

          Her other friend with beach blonde hair let out in waves, a Jack Wills hoodie, skinnies, and some uggboots. She had crystal blue eyes and high cheekbones. Her smile was to die for, she looked at me and said "Hello, I'm Katie." She puts out her hand and I shake it. The other girl by her side had medium length dip dyed black hair. She had on a pink blazer with a beautiful lace undershirt, some leggings, and knee high leather boots. She has dark brown eyes, and a very huge smile, "I'm Victoria, Tori for short! Hows it going?" I giggle and wave at her.  The last girl looked very intimidating, she had brown hair set into a high bun with a bow in it. She was wearing a black Dope sweater with dark skinnies and black vans. "I'm Lauren." she said. I lightly smiled then looked away. They sat down and started watching TV with us, we all laughed and enjoyed ourselves. The pizza had just arrived. All of the boys went crashing into the table taking slice after slice. Luke came over to me with a slice of pizza and handed it to me, I smiled, "Why thank you." I say quietly. He winks and goes over to his seat smiling slightly. The boys took a while to recover from their pizza crash, but this party wasn't over. Beau grabbed a bottle and stood up.

          "WHO WANTS TO PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE?" He yells.

          Everyone volunteers and we sit down, in a circle. Beau throws Jai the bottle and he takes the first spin. Around and around it goes until it finally lands on Victoria. She leans into him and gives him a slow passionate kiss. They back up after about 5 seconds, and he raises his eyebrows. She goes back smiling and Jai hands me the bottle. I take it and I spin it, waiting for it to determine my fate. The bottle finally stops, on someone I didn't expect it to stop on. It was Skip, and he was sitting there laughing. We both go up to each other and he presses his lips onto mines. We practically start making out and pull away in like 5 seconds. I laugh and then sit back down. I look over at Luke and wink. He smiles, turns red, and I hand him the bottle. He carelessly spins it around and it takes a while for it to stop. When it finally does I traced to see who it had stopped on, Lauren. She looks at me, then smirks and heads up to Luke. She puts her hand on his face and starts kissing him, passionately, slowly, and I just can't bear but look away. When she backed up she fought to catch her breath, I looked to her, then to Luke. I stand up and say I have to go to the bathroom. I walk down into the kitchen then stand in the dark hallway leading to the bathroom. I feel someone tap my shoulder and I gasp. I turn around slowly to see who was standing behind me. To my surprise, It was Beau.

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