Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


5. Just Us.

          I woke up smiling, I caught myself thinking about my kiss with Luke. But all of a sudden, thoughts of Jai came into my mind. I don't know why I've been thinking about him so much lately, it's like ever since he's told me about the boys feelings about me I just had them all in my head way too much. I had to come up with a decision sooner or later. Luke seems to have a good chance, but Jai seems to know me a lot more. Beau might just have given up, and Skip hasn't even tried. I shake my head and go into the bathroom. I go through my daily routine and head back to the closet. Today, I pulled on some high waisted khaki pants, a red knit sweater, and my red converse. I sit down at the edge of my bed and straighten my hair. I take about an hour or so until I finish the last strand. I get up and spray my perfume on, I sit back down onto my bed and grab my phone off of the charger. I see that it's 2 p.m. so I text Luke.

          To: Luke ♥

          Hey you ;)

          From: Luke ♥

          Hello ♥

          To: Luke ♥

          You doing anything right now?

          From: Luke ♥

          No, not a thing. You? x

          To: Luke ♥

         Nothing at all. That's why I was wondering if you wanted to come over? :) x

          From: Luke ♥

          I'll be over in 10 ♥

          To: Luke ♥

          Just knock on the door :) x

          I go downstairs and decide to turn on the stove and put some noodles in the pan. I look over to my mom who's grabbing the car keys, and heading out the door to go over to the shopping center. I wave goodbye and she closes the door behind her. I stir the pan and decide to get some chicken going so I can make some Alfredo. I look through the cabinets for the white pasta sauce and set it down. I turn on some movie and head back to the kitchen turning the stoves down when I hear a knock on the door. I go to the door and I open it up, I see Luke smiling behind it. I go and give him a hug and signal him to come in. I sit him down near the kitchen counter and head to finish up the chicken. I place the noodles on 2 plates, then place some chicken on it. I put the pasta sauce all over it and bring it to the table. I set one plate in front of Luke, then another in front of my chair.

          "I knew you were gorgeous but I didn't think you could cook too!" He says.

          "Well I guess I'm just full of surprises." I winked.

          He laughs and looks down, "What do you want to drink?" I asked.

          "A coke," He replies.

          I smile then grab him a coke, I grab myself a bottle of water. I feel Luke's touch on my waist, I turn around to see that he's right behind me. I smile then wrap my arms around him pulling him in for a kiss. I close my eyes and kiss him deeply, he kisses me back in an instant. I managed to make my way on top of the counter, with my legs wrapped around Luke's. I started smiling in between kisses. We stopped at the sound of a cough. I saw my mom standing there, with her hands crossed and her eyebrows raised. Me and Luke separated and he sat down at the table, he waves at my mom awkwardly.

          "Uh, mom this is Luke..Luke this is my mom." I say breaking the silence.

          "Yeah well, um. Nice to meet you Luke. I just stopped by to get my credit card but um I will be around an hour. No funny business please." She warns.

          "Yeah, yeah whatever. Bye mom." I say.

          She shuts the door and I walk over the window to make sure she left and make my way back to Luke. He laughs and takes a sip of his coke. I take a seat next to him and start eating my food.

          "You have a little something on your chin," Luke says.

          "Oh I'll get it" I say, playfully licking the bottom of my lip.

          "Did I get it?" I asked,

          Luke smiled, "Yep, all gone." He winked.

          We stayed eating playfully, and laughing. Just talking about random stuff and people. When we finally finished our food we washed the dishes while listening to music. We had a water fight then dried ourselves off. We laid on the couch and started to watch Titanic. Luke started to cry in the middle of the movie which made me laugh. I leaned over and wiped his tears, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and laid his head on my lap.

          "So what are you doing later?" He asked.

          "Nothing, spending the night at home." I replied, shrugging.

          "Well not anymore, cause you're gonna be my date to Victoria's party" He smiled

          "Well then how about after this movie you come help me pick out something to wear if you'd like?" I ask, smiling.

          He nods, and then we continued to watch the movie. The movie ended at about 5, Luke and I we're tight in each others arms. I stood up and he grabbed my hand, we walked up the stairs into my room. He stood behind me with his arms arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder while I was looking for clothes.

          "Babe we should match tonight." he said, I could feel his warm breath on my neck.

          "What did you have in mind?" I asked.

          He stepped away from behind me and started to look through my closet and pulled out my dark jeans, my black Sperry's and a navy blue over sized sweater. He laid them onto my bed and then smiled while putting his hands in his pockets.

          "I think you should curl your hair too, it would look really nice." He said.

          "Hm, alright. I never knew you were a stylist" I say sarcastically and wink at him.

          He shakes his head and grabs my hand, leading me out of the door.

         "Now it's time for you to help me pick out my outfit" He said.

          We walked out the door and crossed the street over to his house, we open the door to see no one in the living room. We walk upstairs to his room to find an outfit for him. I go through his closet and try to find an outfit. I pull out some jeans, his black oxfords and a plaid blue shirt. I throw the outfit on his bed. I look through his hats and get him a blue beanie, I look at the outfit waiting for his feedback.

          "We're gonna look so cute when we pull up to that party together," I say to him.

          He laughs, "No, you're gonna look so cute." He says, kissing my nose.

          "I'm gonna go run to my house and shower, I'll be ready by 6:30." I say.

           He nods and grabs his towel. I walk down the stairs trying to make my way home until I bump into Beau. I look at him and smile.

           "Oh hey Beau!" I say.

          "Lei, what's up?" He asks.

          "Nothing just helping Luke get an outfit for the party, you?"

          "Nothing, about to get dressed."

          I noticed that Beau was just in a towel wrapped around his waist. I didn't want him to catch me staring but it seems like he already has.

          "Like the view?" he said, winking.

          I start to laugh and shake my head, I see Luke swoop by us on his way to the bathroom. I wink at him then he almost bumps into the wall, I blush badly.

          "I have to go, I don't wanna take long getting ready." I say trying to avoid the topic.

          I make my way out of the house and go into mines. I rush inside and go up the stairs quickly. I grab my towel and tie my hair up. I head into the bathroom and take a quick shower. I hop right out and slip my undergarments and my clothes on. I bathe myself in perfume, and heat up the curling iron while I'm tying my Sperry's. I sit down in front of mirror and I curl my hair piece by piece. I check the clock to see that it's 6:15. I curl the last strand of hair and I get up grabbing my purse and keys. I walk right out of the door and right to Luke's front door. I knock slightly. Jai opens it up and his eyes widen when he sees me.

          "You look amazing," He said.

          "So do you," I said smiling and blushing.

           I go in to hug Jai and give him a kiss on the cheek, but he goes in to do the same thing. We accidentally kiss for a while, but then we pull away and start laughing. Luke comes downstairs when he hears us.

          "What's so funny?" He asks.

          "Oh nothing, Jai just got a boner." I said, trying to cover it up.

          Jai winks at me and then brings me in, Luke shakes his head and looks me up and down.

          "You look great." He admits.

          "Aw thanks, so do you Lukey." I say.

          "Thanks babe." He says quietly before kissing me quickly.

          He calls down Beau and tells him it's time to leave. I race Jai to the car to get the front seat. He obviously wins so I just sit in the back, he looks at me quickly before jumping into the backseat with me. I laugh and then Beau and Luke come shortly after sitting in the front, Beau taking the drivers seat. Jai puts his hand on my thigh and I take out my phone. We start taking pictures together and posting them on Instagram. I sneak a shot of Luke and save it onto my phone, I laugh. It takes a while to get to Victoria's house but it was a fun ride so I didn't mind. We pull up to the house, the music was going, the block was full and the atmosphere was great. We got out of the car and I quickly grabbed Luke's hand, we were walking side by side. Beau knocked on the door and waited for a while till it opened up. When the door swung open I didn't expect to see Lauren standing on the other side.

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