Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


22. Insane.

OH MY GOD, thank you guys for 1000 reads! This is actually so cool since I didn't think a thousand people would actually take the time to read my Fanfic. Love yoooouuu guuuyyyyssss!
Luke's P.O.V.

I hop into the passengers seat as quickly as I can as Jai backs out of the driveway.
"Since it's a Monday, Craig is probably at the First Year's tree. So how about we check there first?" He suggests.
I nod and look out the window in rage, how fucking stupid could he be? First Seth and now him. How many people could possibly want to bother Lei about our relationship? Everyone around here is so fucking obnoxious and I just want to grab each one of them by the throats and stick a-
"That's him! Right there sitting on the bench!" Jai says, interrupting my thoughts.
"Stop the car then, stop the fucking car!" I say, a little too loudly.
The car comes to a halt and I charge at Craig, clenching the neck of his shirt in my fists.
"You asshole, what's your deal?" I ask.
"What the hell are you talking about Brooks?" He snaps.
"I read the damn text messages you keep sending my girl! Telling her you're gonna kill her and insulting her! Why the hell would you even say that you dipshit!?" I scream.
"Listen, what I say to her is none of your damn business. Weren't you the one that yelled at her because one of your shit friends tried making out with her?" He scoffs.
"I didn't threaten her, or put her down like you do on a daily basis though! So why are you even trying to use that against me?" I question.
"Listen here punk, everyone in the damn school knows shes hooking up with your entire circle of friends," He laughs "She's probably loose as hell!" 
I shove him, "Don't say that about her! That's not even true!"
"Oh no! Don't tell me you haven't done her yet. Aw, little Lukeykins hasn't fucked his wittle whore yet!" He teases.
I stand there, staring at him. My fists are clenched and my blood is rushing. 
Click. The sound of Craig's lower and upper teeth coming in contact with each other sickened him, causing him to grimace and immediately pat his jaw.
"You.....little...." He staggers over to me, but I stand my ground and stay in place, unflinching. "Shit." He says, swinging his arm back and jabbing me right in the nose.
He swung again, but luckily I ducked. Without any thought I charged into him, feeling him crash into the bench he was once sitting in.
I stabilize myself on top of him and start swinging everywhere. My fists coming in contact with every inch of his head and upper body.
"Don't....fuck......with......my.....girl....Craig." I say in between each punch.
"LUKE! LUKE YOU'RE GONNA KILL HIM!" I hear as someone pulls me off of him.
I turn around to find Jai, "Dude what the fuck he deserves it!"
"Luke, look at him! He's out cold. A few more punches and he's out for good." He yells.
"GOOD! That's what I fucking wanted. No one messes with Lei, I love her too much Jai. I love her too fucking much to let that happen." I cried, embracing him in a hug.
"I know bro, I know you love her." He conceded.
"I just don't know what I'd do without her. I know I just met her and I know It's only been five months but, she loves me like Lauren, or anyone ever has. Jai I've fallen completely for this girl, she drives me crazy. Crazy enough to kill someone who even tries putting her down." I bellowed.
"Calm down, let me take you to her house so you can see her, alright?"
"Please...okay.." I say.
The car ride is quiet, but comforting. Jai has always been there for me and I'm glad he just let me deal with this on my own because it was more my battle than his. He should have let me kill him, he should have let me finish him off. Craig has done nothing good for us and having him gone would be the best thing so for everybody in Melbourne.
"Luke, we're here." Jai sighs, shutting the car off.
"Thanks bro, you're the best." I half smile.
I get out of the car and walk around Lei's house to the backdoor I came out of. Lei is still in the kitchen, sitting down and staring at her phone.
"Waiting for a call?" I ask.
Her head shoots up, "Yeah, from you! What happened?"
"Long story short, found him, almost killed him, came here." I explained.
"Almost killed him? Luke are you out of your mind?!" She says a little too loudly.
"Lei, calm down it's okay. I just knocked him out, a few more punches and he would have been out for good." I shrug.
I walk up to hug her but she flinches, and backs away.
"Luke, I don't think I can be near you right now, I told you not to do anything stupid and you almost murdered him! If you want me to be honest, I'm actually scared of you at this point." She croaked.
"No Lei, you know I'm not going to hurt you. I'd never do that to you or let anyone do that to you and you know that! I was just trying to protect you. Just don't be afraid of me please." I beg.
She sighs and runs her hand through her hair, "I need some time to think this over, I can't even look at you straight. Let me be for a while because I don't know if I can be near you right now." 
"Alright fine," I snap and walk right out the door.

Lei's P.O.V.
I shouldn't have done that, he was only trying to protect me. I was just in shock, terrified. Now he's pissed and I can't even do anything about it because I'm probably the last person he'd want to speak to at the moment. What if he goes out and does something stupid? What if he hurts himself? Questions like these run through my mind as I walk upstairs to my room.
I plop onto my bed and open my laptop, bringing Skype up immediately. I click on Jai's user and video call him.
"Answer," I mumble to myself.
When I'm about to cancel calling his face pops up on my screen.
"Jai Brooks at your service," He jokes.
"Shut up I wanna talk about something serious! Is it true that Luke almost killed Craig?" I ask.
"Well yeah, I was in the car letting him deal with it on his own. He was taking a while so I went out to check and yeah. Luke was on top of him throwing punches to his head while he was out cold so I pulled him off and we left." He explains.
I put my head in my hands and sigh, "What the hell!" I scream. "Is he out of his fucking mind?!"
His eyes widen, "Lei calm down, I thought you would be happy that he'd do that for you." 
"Happy? I liked Craig, he was a good boyfriend to me. It's just he shouldn't be killed with Luke's fists just because of him saying stupid shit that I never paid attention to!" I say, louder than I should have. "Fuck, I don't even know how I should feel about this entire situation!"
"Do you want to talk to Luke about it? Cause it seems like hes the one you should be saying all of this to." Jai suggests.
"I don't know if I wanna talk to him though, like if you want me to be honest I'm a bit afraid." I practically whisper.
"Afraid of Luke? Hurting you? You have got to be kidding me! He'd never do that and we both know it." He insisted.
I nod, "I'm in shock, this is fucking insane! I don't know what to feel, what to say, or what to do."
I continue to talk to Jai for an hour then see that It's 8, "I'm about to order a pizza wanna come over?" I ask.
"Yeah sure, I'll be there in 5." He says.
I nod and end the call, walking downstairs. I call for a large pepperoni pizza and unlock the front door, because I know Jai's going to be too scared to go around back. I stand on the porch watching him cross and come up my steps.
"What's up loser?" He says, as he pushes me aside.
I roll my eyes, "Shut up."
He jumps onto the couch and changes the TV, he's always been comfortable in my house, it's hilarious. 
I plop next to him, "Don't put on anything stupid."
"Yeah yeah, that's like asking you not to take forever in the bathroom like you always do." He complains.
"Fuck you." I laugh.
Nights with Jai are always the best, we laugh at the same things, joke around, and have a great time. I just couldn't seem to get that situation with Craig out of my mind though, and I'm gonna go check up on him no matter what, if the boys like it or not.

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