Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


21. Home Sweet Home.

I walked to my locker, smiling as I slip the lock off since Jai was kind enough to put the combination into it again so I would just have to open it. I swing the door open and put all of my books away and take out my notebooks so I can do my writing assignment for English. 
"Hey loser!" Jai says, leaning on the locker next to mine.
"Watch your mouth, little boy." I shut my locker, and begin walking.
"Well then, how was your first day?"
"It was cool, different, but cool." I reply, laughing at the thought of Luke and Seth.
He rolls his eyes, "You're always laughing at something, always making me feel like I did something wrong." 
I scold him and keep walking, "You're always over exaggerating Jai, you have the mind of an 11 year old."
"There is nothing wrong with being a little immature." He says, holding the door for me.
As we walk outside I see everyone gathered in front of the school gathered around the tree.
"What are they looking at?" I ask.
"Oh, it just happens every year. They pick one of the first years to hang on the tree and take pictures of it and stuff. It's kinda funny but I never stick around." I smirk, and make my way through the crowd down to the sidewalk.
"Where's Luke?" He asks.
"He has to stay back with some teacher, him and Seth were about to like fight or something."
Jai laughs, "Seth has been on Luke's back for years! Now that he has a girlfriend he will want to mess with him even more."
I shake my head and cross the street, the school is so close to our houses.
"Want to come over? I'll make food and you can help me on this English assignment." I ask.
"Sure, I can totally go for one of your bacon wraps right now." Jai says, licking his lips.
I laugh, "Alright fine, bacon wraps it is."
I cut through my yard and we enter through the back door. We lay our stuff on the kitchen floor and I wash my hands. I pull out the bacon and lay it out so it can thaw. I place the tortillas on the plates and put some lettuce and tomato on them.
"The only reason why we're friend is because of your cooking I hope you know that." Jai says.
I turn around and throw a tomato slice at him, "You suck."
He eats it and comes and takes the bacon out of the package and fries it.
"Yeah, at least you're helping for once!" I say, sitting down and taking out my homework.
"Shut up before I throw everything out the window." Jai says, gesturing to the window right in front of the sink.
I roll my eyes and write my name at the top of the paper. I have to write 1 paragraph describing the type of person I am, and 1 paragraph describing who I want to be at the end of this year.
"I fucking hate these types of assignments," I say in frustration, "Jai give me like 2 sentences describing the type of person that I am."
He hands me a plate with 2 wraps and sits down, "Hmmmm, how about 'I am very outgoing and love to meet new people' and 'I love travelling and exploring new places.' Bullshit the whole thing." He says.
I write that down and then add more stuff that I don't even mean. Jai's phone rings and he picks it up and puts it on speaker.
"Hello?" He says, mouth full of food.
"Jai, where are you?" The person asks, I can suddenly tell that it's Luke.
"I'm at Lei's house, eating her food." He said, causing me to roll my eyes and continue with my work.
"Tell Lei that I said hey" He said.
"Hi Luke!" I say, while finishing the last sentence on this paper and putting my stuff away.
"I'm on my way now." He says.
"No one likes you Luke, go to your own house!" Jai says.
I kick him in the leg, "The back door is open." I say.
"Alright, bye Lei love you. Fuck you Jai." He says, hanging the phone up.
"No need to be such an asshole Jai." I say, laughing.
I take another bite out my wrap and check my phone, "Your fans are insane, my mentions are always full." 
"Now you know the feel, sometimes it's fun to just look at what they say, or follow them out of nowhere and watch them freak out." He says, taking my phone from me.
I get up and put my plate in the sink, staring at him while he attempts to take selfies on my phone.
"You're such a little kid, wow."
"No, no! Just watch. I post a picture on your account and tweet something like 'Jai was here', then BOOM they all go wild and start retweeting it and saving it and making these edits. It's like you're a supermodel!" He exclaims.
"You wish you were a supermodel, now finish your food so I can wash the dishes." 
He gives me his plate and continues looking through my phone while I clean everything up.
"You seriously don't delete your messages?" He says, causing me to look at what he's reading.
"Nah, I have nothing to hide." I shrug.
"Wait wait, Craig still texts you, even after you broke up with him?" Jai asks.
"Yeah, just some crazy shit though."
"It's not crazy, it's fucking insane. Why is he talking to you like that? He's not supposed to tell you he's gonna kill you or that you're a slut! That's bullshit! How come you haven't told us any of this!" Jai exclaims.
"Told you any of what?" Luke says, dropping his bag on the floor and taking a bite out of my wrap.
"Craig is fucking with Lei, he's being a dick!" Jai says.
Luke's eyes widen, "What? Give me the phone."
"Guys it's nothing serious, he's just mad that I don't date him anymore. Don't make such a big deal out of it." I say, trying to calm them down.
"Of course it's serious, he's threatening my fucking girlfriend! We need to find this guy now, this shit ends today!" Luke says.
"I'll go start the car," Jai says, taking his things and walking out.
"Luke, you don't have to do this. He's just being the dumbass he usually is." I plead.
"I do have to do this, you're mine and he doesn't mess with what's mine, you know that!" He says.
I roll my eyes and lean against the counter, "You drive me insane, you know that?"
He smirks and gives me a quick kiss, "I try my best, babe. I'll call you in a bit alright. Don't worry about me."
I nod and give him a hug, "Don't do anything stupid."
"Lei, he's gonna get his ass beat." And with that, he was out of the door.

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