Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


13. Happy Birthday to me!

               It's been 2 weeks since me and Craig have been dating and we actually have been getting along really well. Did I tell you that today is my birthday too? I'm finally 18! For once, I actually feel older. Jai told me he would be taking me out somewhere today, I'm nervous to see what he comes up with since he's completely insane. Something else I wonder is if Luke is going to say happy birthday to me. The last time I actually talked to him about my birthday was when we were together, and he was telling me about how he would get me the perfect present. I smiled at the thought but kept on brushing my hair. Jai would be over in 10 minutes and I was just about ready. I went downstairs and pulled a granola bar from the kitchen and unlocked the front door. I plopped on the couch in the living room and turned the TV on. My eyes widened when I saw the words "The Janoskians: MTV Sessions" appear on my screen. No way. I sat at the edge of my seat as I watched the boys do their thing. I had to admit, this was totally hilarious, but I never knew they we're on TV? I sighed and there was a knock on the door.

               "IT'S OPEN!" I yelled, with a mouth full of granola.

               Jai came in and shut the door quickly, he ran up to me and jumped onto the couch. He gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!" He yelled.

               I smiled and gave him a huge hug, "Aw, thanks Jai!"

               He nodded and pulled out a box, I looked at him. "No, no you didn't. My god Jai, I told you not to get me anything!" I said pushing the box back to him.

               He laughed, "Yeah and you also told me not to plan any parties, but you act like I'm gonna keep that promise." He winked.

                I gave him a glare and he stared back at me, edging the box into my hands. After a long time, I gave in.

               "Fine fine fine fine!" I yelled.

               He smiled and handed it to me, I took it and opened it up. It was an orange and green charm bracelet. I looked up at him and smiled.

               "Oh my god I love it! How did you know my favorite colors?" I said as I put the bracelet on my wrist.

               He shrugged, "Just a lucky guess."

               "Jai thanks, it means a lot." I say giving him a hug.

               He put his arms around me and we just stayed there, in our arms for a while. When we finally let go, we looked right into each others eyes. He smiled as we both leaned in, slowly. When our lips were about to meet, yet again one of us pulls away. It wasn't me this time though, it's Jai.

               "Uh, yeah. I think we should head out. If we wanna get here early." He says as he stands up.

                I get up and brush myself off, I grab my phone and shut the TV off. We walk outside and Jai trails along by my side.

                "Well I was thinking we could go out with Beau to go Go-Karting."

                My eyes widen, "Go-Karting? YES!"

                 "Then lets go and get Beau, he must be upstairs in his room." He says as he opens the door.

                Wow, I haven't talked to Beau in the longest. I guess today we could finally talk again. I walked into Jai's house and saw Luke sitting on the couch. I go over and sit at the far end of the couch, Jai looks at us then raises an eyebrow. I nod and he walks off to his room to get Beau ready.

                "Uh, hey Luke." I say awkwardly, forcing a smile.

                He shoots up from his phone looking at me, "Oh hey, happy birthday." He says quietly.

                I half smile, "Thanks."

               We didn't talk after that. I stood up and ran upstairs to see Jai and Beau in the bedroom.

                "Well well well, if it isn't the birthday girl." Beau said winking.

                I smile as Jai goes by me and walks downstairs to the living room to go see Luke. "I'll be right back," He says, shutting the door.

                I smile and sit on the bed, watching Beau do his hair.

                "I haven't talked to you in a while." He says, as he sits down next to me.

                "Yeah, I know. We can catch up today." I say smiling.

                "Yep, we can." He says, snaking a hand around my waist.

                He kisses me on the cheek and hands me a necklace. "Happy birthday babe." He winks.

                "Thanks Beau! It's so cute, could you put it on for me?" I say, as I turn around and lift my hair out of the way.

                He puts the necklace around me and ties it around my neck. I can feel him breathing steadily on the back of my neck, a smile grew onto my lips. He finished and set the necklace down then put his hands on my shoulders. I stayed facing away from him, curious to see what he would do. Beau stays there, just holding onto me. I laugh and he jumps a bit, taking his hands off.

                "I-I'm sorry. I j-just." He starts.

                I stand up quickly and give him a look, "I still do have feelings for you ya' know." He says.

                I look at him confused. "And you waited till now to tell me?" I said.

                "Well, you aren't dating Luke anymore, and I was going to wait till you were single." He says smiling.

                I laugh awkwardly, "Right. But the thing is, I'm not single." I inch away from him.

                He creases his eyebrows, "Wait, don't tell me you go out with Jai now! I told that cunt to back off!" He says.

                I give him a look, "No, no. I don't go out with Jai." I say laughing. "I go out with Craig."

               His eyes widen and he stands up, "What?" Was the only thing that came out of his mouth.

                "Yeah. I thought you guys knew?" I asked.

                "Lei," He put his hand on my arm. "I don't want you getting hurt, he's not safe." He said.

                I looked at him confused, "Beau, he hasn't shown me that side of him yet and I want to keep it that way."

                 He let go of me, looking disgusted. I sigh and look at him, "I don't want this to ruin our day, we got a fun time ahead of us. Let's go."

                 He half smiled, "You're right, but go I'll meet you downstairs."

                 I shrugged and walked downstairs into the kitchen, to see Luke and Jai sitting there talking.

                 "Hey, Lei. Where's Beau?" Jai asked.

                 I looked upstairs, "He said he'd meet me down here."

                 He nods and I sit down with him and Luke. We have a conversation about what we've done in the past week but it was awkward. I was looking at Luke the whole time, just wondering what was going on through his head.

                  Luke's P.O.V

                  "I'm gonna go uh, check up on Beau." I said.

                  They nodded and kept on talking as I walked out. I walked up the stairs and went to Beau's room. Noticing that he was on the phone, I crept the door open. I listened to him as he angrily spoke.

                  "Listen Craig, I wanna know why you're dating Lei." Beau said.

                  "Well. If I have her, you can't right?" He says, chuckling.

                  "You asshole. You better not break her heart Craig, you don't deserve someone like her." Beau practically yells.

                  "Ha, just watch me Brooks." Craig spat.

                  "You better not show up at the party tonight." Beau warned.

                  Craig laughed loudly, "How do you think Lei is going to feel when her boyfriend isn't able to go to her birthday party because her 'friends' don't accept their relationship?"

                  He had a point, Beau sighed. "Fine, just don't pull anything stupid."

                  "Watch me." Craig said, then hung up.

                  I walked into Beau's room quickly and put my hands in my pockets, "Eh, Lei and Jai are waiting for you. You've been a while." I said.

                  "Alright," Beau said, as he brushed past me and headed downstairs.

                  I lead him out and downstairs. Lei and Jai saw him then got up and immediately went to the door to head out. As they left Lei looked at me.

                  "You're not coming?" Her eyes pierced me, making me weak in the knees.

                  "N-no. I have to do something." I say, as I scratch my head.

                  She sighed and walked out quickly, Jai gave me a look and Beau went outside. I closed the door behind them and turned around. I walked into the kitchen and punched the counter hard. I put my hands on my face and took deep breaths. Craig? Why would she date Craig? Why would she move on so soon? I'm still looped around her finger and she went out and has a new guy? I sighed and grabbed the plastic bags that were set on the table. I had to set up at her house for the surprise party we had going on later.

                   Lei's P.O.V.

                   I'm having the best time ever! I've already beaten Beau and Jai twice and only gotten beaten once. We finished Go-Karting and went out to eat. Beau and I got the burgers and Jai got some chicken tenders, our food arrives shortly after so we just have conversation.

                   "What time is it Beau?" Jai asks.

                   "About 7," Beau replies.

                   I raise an eyebrow and they both laugh, "Why do you all of a sudden care about time Jai?" I ask.

                   "Because it starts to get dark early around Melbourne and I don't trust any one around here." He says quickly.

                   I nod and keep on eating my food. We're quiet for a while until I start to talk while we're walking out the door.

                   "What are you guys doing tonight?" I ask.

                   "Well, we're going to this little party tonight. I mean if you wanna go you can." Beau said.

                   I smirked and nodded. We got into the car and started to some music. It was really dark and quiet out so we didn't turn anything up too loud. I brushed my hair back out of my face and sighed once we were out of the car. Jai looked at me, smiling.

                   "What?" I asked.

                   "Nothing, I just love it when you do that with your hair." He says.

                   I start to blush and I smile at him, looking down at my oxfords. I was getting kind of cold in these tights so I nudge Jai to walk faster.

                   "Lei, I left my keys at your house. Can I go get them?" Jai asks, batting his eyelashes.

                   "Yeah come on." I say as I walk out of his driveway.

                   He speeds up behind me and grabs my hand. I smile but slip out of his grip. He laughs and keeps on walking. We get to my my front door and I open it up to see all of the lights shut off. I sigh and turn on the living room lights to reveal a bunch of people spread through out the place.

                    "SURPRISE!" They all yelled in unison.

                      I stumbled back into Jai's grip. He wrapped his arms around me and turned me around. He smiled and looked at me.

                      "I knew you'd break the promise." I say, laughing.

                      Jai nodded, "I warned you!'

                      I hugged him and Victoria stood up and smiled. "GET THE MUSIC STARTED!" She yelled.

                      Music starts going up and everyone gets up to start dancing. People I didn't even know came up to me and said happy birthday. It was weird but I didn't mind though. I sighed and stood up, putting my soda down. I head over to the dance floor and start dancing around. I turn around when I feel someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turn to see Craig smiling at me.

                       "Happy birthday love," He says into my ear.

                       "Thanks Craig," I say as he pecks my lips.

                        After a while out on the dance floor with everyone, I decide to go upstairs to my room. To get away for a while. When I get upstairs I drag myself to my room. I open the door and look to see someone standing there, leaning on the wall and looking out my window. Luke, looking so depressed, so alone.

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