Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


4. First Date

          I went to sleep late. but I woke up early at about 11 a.m. I stayed in my bed staring at my ceiling for about an hour. After a while I grab my phone from the side table I have next to my bed and open up the messages me and Luke sent yesterday. I couldn't stop smiling as I kept scrolling. I put the phone down and sighed, I managed to pull myself up. I grabbed my towel and dragged myself to the bathroom. I hung up the towel and proceeded to brush my teeth. After finishing I stripped down my clothes, and I hopped into the shower. I scrub myself and wash my hair then just stand there for like 10 minutes. I get out and wrap my towel around me, I head to my drawer and slip out black underwear with a matching bra. I walk over to my closet while drying my hair with the towel. I pull out a blue flowing half shirt and some bleached shorts, I then throw it onto my bed. I sit down and start putting my lotion on. I throw my towel over my door and I slip my shorts on, buttoning them and throwing my shirt over me. I go to my mirror and put some moisturizer onto my face, I don't even bother putting make up on since I like going natural a lot better. I get my hair mousse and I scrunch up my hair throwing it to my right side. I look in the mirror satisfied and I smile, I throw on some Sperry's and head out my door. I stop in the kitchen and make myself a bowl of cereal and sit down eating it. My mom comes downstairs and looks at me up and down.

          "Well you're looking nice today." She says raising an eyebrow smiling.

          "Yeah, I guess I do." I say taking a huge spoonful in.

          "Is it for that boy next door?" She asks, trying to whisper.

          "No way mom! Not even close." I lie quickly while I put the bowl into the sink.

           I pull up my pants a bit before heading out the door. I close the door quietly behind me and check the mail. I see that there's nothing in there so I shrug and walk off of the porch. I start heading down the street trying to remember where the convenience store I saw around here was. I stood up on my toes to see that it was 2 blocks down. I start making my way down the street. I pass by the boys house to see that they weren't outside so I just quickly sprint along. After I crossed the last street I walked into the store and the bell of the door ringed. I take a deep breath and head down to the coolers. I don't make eye contact with anyone there so I just keep my head low. I open the door to the cooler and pull out a bottle of lemonade, I turn around to go to the snacks and get a brownie. As I head to the cash register I hear someone call my name. I turn around to find Skip. I smile before wrapping my hands around his neck giving him a hug while he places his hands on my waist. We hug for a few seconds before pulling away.

          "What brings you here?" He asks.

          "Nothing, just buying some snacks." I say, smiling.

          "You doing anything right now? I was just about to head to the park to make a video with the boys and I think you should come?" He asks, shrugging.

          "Oh sure I'll come, If the boys don't mind. Let me just pay."

           I head to the register and give the clerk my items, he scans them then he gives me a price. I pull out my money then hand it to him, he gives me my stuff and the change. I smile before saying goodbye. I nod at Skip and then he follows behind me. We get outside and start walking down to the park.

          "So how far is the park from here?" I say to strike conversation.

          "It's about 4 blocks from here, not to far." He replies shortly.

          I look at Skip and smile while splitting my brownie with him, I didn't finish my piece so I give it to him. I take a sip of my lemonade then close the bottle. We finally reached the main road that you crossed to get to the street. I could see Beau and James swinging on the swing set, Jai was sitting down on his phone, and then there was Luke sitting there messing with the Tri-Pod. I turn to Skip and smile he laughs then looks both ways before leading me into the park. I ruffle my hair a bit to make sure it's alright and then I walk in through the entrance. 

          "Hey guys! Look at who I brought!" Skip yelled.

          "Hey Lei!" James said coming over to us.

          "Babe!" Jai smiled.

          "Lei What's up!" Beau smiled and walked over.

          Luke walked over and wrapped his arm around me, "Hey you!" He said.

          "Why hello everyone!" I exclaimed smiling brightly.

         "What brings you here?" James asked.

          "I bumped into Skip at the store, so I decided to tag along." I answered.

          Luke had his arm around me and squeezed my shoulder, I looked at him blushing. The rest of the boys have just started racing each other around the park so I was left with Luke.

          "I can't wait till tonight." He said biting onto his inner lip.

           "Neither can I, hm I wonder where you're taking me." I say giggling.

          He taps my nose, "Hm, that's something you'll find out later!" He teases.

          I pout and he laughs, I wrapped my arms around him and we hug. Jai comes around pulling me away from Luke and carrying my bridal style over near the fountain at the center of the park.

          I was kicking and trying to fight myself out of his grip. "NO JAI DON'T PLEASE I'LL DO ANYTHING." I shouted, the water in the fountain was very blurry and disgusting, I gagged.

          "Anything?" He raised an eyebrow.

          "YES ANYTHING." I squeal.

          "Kiss me then." He says confidently.

          My eyes widen and I kick around trying to get out, he teases me by pretending to let me go. I get so mad then I hesitate. I look at him, then back at the water. I grab his face with both of my hands and pull him in for a kiss. I kissed him for about 5 seconds then he let me go. I stared at him and then back at the boys who were looking at us. I slapped Jai and then started laughing. I go up to the boys.

          "Poor little Jai wanted a kiss," I started laughing.

          All of the boys started laughing at Jai and then Luke carried Jai trying to imitate him. Then Jai kissed Luke on the cheek and hopped out of his grip. I sat on the bench and then crossed my legs watching Luke go onto the camera, he pressed record then went with the other boys. they all started to talk.

        "Hi, we're the Janoskians and this is today's Dare Sundays!" They said all together.

         "And today we're going to be doing the Cinnamon challenge!" Beau said.

        They all grabbed a packet of cinnamon and then opened them, they all counted down together and dumped it into their mouths. All of them started gagging and trying to hold it in. Beau cracked first, spitting it out and drinking water. Skip followed, then James, then Jai. That leaving Luke alone, he managed to swallow it all and stick out his tongue in achievement. He drank a bit of water then looked at me and winked, I laugh as he goes back to his place in front of the camera. While Beau is still choking he manages to say "Th-thank you for watching, a-and we're the J-janoskians!" Luke runs and shuts the camera off. I start laughing and I get up helping them all recover. After about an hour we're all sitting down in the playground of the park talking to each other asking random questions. I decide to go first and ask mines.

          "So, what is the Janoskians?" I ask.

          They all look at me until Beau takes a deep breath and starts to explain.

          "The Janoskians is us. We do random YouTube videos that our fans request, we sing too. It's just something that we used to do on our free time but now since we've been getting noticed and a fan base is starting to grow we've decided to keep the fans entertained." He says.

         I nod and we just keep talking about the Janoskians and asking a lot more questions for a while. We played some hide and seek too which I thought was really fun since Jai was the first one out. We stayed out until 5 then we all started to head back. I was walking side by side with Jai. He had his arm over my shoulder and I just held onto the hand he had wrapped around me. We were just walking and talking.

          "So from what Beau tells us you guys can sing?" I ask.

          "Well, I do sing from time to time." Jai says, shrugging.

          We started walking slower, behind everybody. Just us talking, really having fun.

          "How about you sing something to me then?" I insist, smiling.

          He looks at me then to the ground smiling and blushing, I start laughing. He takes a deep breath before he starts to sing. He's singing one of my favorite songs, Die in Your Arms by Justin Bieber.

          Say you love me, as much as I love you, yeah.

          Would you hurt me baby? Could you do this to me yeah.

          Would you lie to me baby? Cause the truth hurts so much more.

          Would you do the things that drive my crazy?

          Leave my heart still at the door, oh.

           I can't help it, I'm just selfish.

          There's no way that I could share you.

         And that would bring my heart to pieces.

          And honestly the truth is, if I could just die in your arms,

          I wouldn't mind.

          Cause every time you touch me I just, die in your arms.

          Oh it feels so right.

          So baby, baby please don't stop, girl.

          I looked at him and then hugged him. His singing was perfect, I was smiling the whole time.

          "That was adorable, I loved it!" I said.

          "Yeah, just like you" He said winking.

          I laughed and then looked over at Luke. He hasn't looked back and I feel kind of bad for hanging out with Jai the whole time. I mean, I was really having fun but I felt really guilty.

          Lukes P.O.V.

          I have been listening to Jai and Lei's conversation and they seemed to be having lots of fun. He had his arm around her which made me pretty nervous, but what could I say I had her to myself the entire night. I looked over to Beau who was continuously staring at Lei and Jai, I don't know why he was looking so jealous for? If she turned him down I think the guy should just move on. I don't want her to be the reason that our brotherly bond breaks up, and I don't think she will be the cause of that either. We're going to be the reason why. I shook these thoughts off and looked over to Skip I punched him in the arm and started to talk to him.

          "So Skip, what do you think about Lei?" I say quietly.

          "Well she's really hot, and she's not that bad of a kisser. I'm surprised I didn't lay one on her when I had her at the store. She seems to be having a thing going on with Jai though from what I see." He replies.

          "Hm, something with Jai?" I question him then I look behind me.

          I look to see Jai with his arm around her and they were laughing and singing and looking like they were enjoying themselves. I look back at Skip and he shrugs and we keep walking. We finally arrive to the house, it's about 5:30. All of the boys are coming into the house, except for Jai. Him and Lei are both continuing to walk to her house. I shake my head and keep my mind set on tonight and how perfect it's gonna be.

          Jai's P.O.V.

          We walked into her house to find that no one was here. Her mom was somewhere in the city with my mom. We both plopped on the livingroom couch and started watching some TV. She turned it on to find that Teen Mom was on. She didn't pay much attention to it since we just started talking.

          "So I have this date with Luke tonight." She said, smiling.

          "Oh really? Well, Lukeykins sure has beaten everyone to it." I say.

          "What do you mean?" She asks confused.

          "Well everyone in the group has been wanting to ask you out you know, except for James since he has his girlfriend." I admit.

           "Oh god, I didn't know. But I think it's cute though," She smiles.

           "Well yeah, ever since you made out with Skip he's been wanting you for his own. Luke hasn't shut up about you since yesterday. Beau is so head over heels for you that it's crazy, and I..well I just really like you." I laughed.

          "Well Jai I'm afraid our love can't be right now since, I'm obviously a thing with Luke." She says.

           We stay there, in silence just watching TV. When it hits 6 she goes upstairs to get ready.

          Lei's P.O.V.

          I walk upstairs and get my towel. I take off my clothes and I shower really quickly. I get out going to my closet. I took out a white tank top, then a lace beige flowy overshirt, I took out some jeans and some cream colored shoes to go with the shirt. I slipped it all on and went to the mirror. My hair was air dried so I did 2 twisties, one on each side of my head then brought them back and tied them together. I left my bangs out and straightened them. I sprayed some perfume on and put some lip gloss on. It was 6:45 when I was done and I grabbed my side bag and put my phone and stuff in it. I went downstairs to see Jai on the couch. I look at him and then smile.

          "You look great" He said, smiling.

          "Why thank you." I smirk.

          "So you ready to go? I'll walk you over to the house." He gets up and brushes himself off.

          I nod and then we both walk out of the door. I lock the house and then walk out with Jai. We cross over and walk past the gate. He gets to the door and opens it, he holds it for me while I walk in and say Hi to everyone there. Skip and James were on one couch, Beau was on the other. Jai closed the door and sat down next to Beau. I go around giving them each a hug and then walk up the stairs to find Luke. He was wearing Khaki's, a dark blue button up, and some black vans. I stood at his door and watched him get ready. He didn't notice me until about 2 minutes. When he saw me he got scared, but then he started to smile. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. His arms were wrapped around my waist, he was leaning his head onto my shoulders. We stood there rocking side to side in eachothers arms. That was until we pulled away and were face to face. I teased him by leaning in for a kiss and then kissing him on the cheek. He laughed and left to spray some cologne on. He grabbed his wallet and tucked it into his pocket. He grabbed my hand and turn the lights off in the room and closed the door. We walked down the stairs and stopped in the living room. We said goodbye to all of the others and made our way out of the door. He unlocked the car and opened the door for me. I sat down and he closed my door. I made myself comfy and put the seatbelt on. He came in and closed his door, he got his seatbelt on and put the keys into the ignition. We pulled out and started to drive. He put his left hand on my thigh.

          "You look stunning babe." He said.

          "Well so do you Lukey." I admit, smiling.

          I put my hand on his and we drove for about 5 minutes until we parked at a little restaurant. It was at the corner of a street. We walked in and we got our table. We got a private booth at the far end of the dark restaurant. We sat down and I intertwined my fingers with his. We ordered our food. I got a Lemonade with a burger and fries, and he got a Grilled chicken sandwich, fries, and a coke. We were just sitting there waiting for our food.

          "I'm really glad you made it out tonight." He said.

          "I couldn't stop thinking about it all day," I laughed.

          "Really? Cause I've been trying to make this perfect"

          "Anything would have been perfect, " I smirked.

          He squeezed my hand and I looked up at him, his eyes sparkled. Our food had arrived and we dug right into it. We were having so much fun, laughing, tweeting, and trying out eachothers food. I had found out that me and Luke actually have a lot in common, and that this could be the start of something good. After an entire night full of laughs, food, and fun, we finally got into the car on our way home.

          "That was the best burger ever, I don't know why you took such a big bite out of it anyways." I pouted.

          "I don't know how you expected me not to." He laughed.

          "Hey look, it seems like the boys are still home." I say pointing to his living room window as we pulled into the driveway.

          "They must be doing something crazy, like always." He shook his head.

          He got out and opened the door for me, I got out and he closed it. He put his arm around my waist and led me to my house. We slowly walked up the steps and stood in the same spot as last night, when we were hand in hand. I looked at him right in the eyes, and I smiled. I liked the feeling I got when Luke and I were alone, together, like this. I leaned in and so did he. Then, our lips touched. It felt amazing, like a huge spark. My hands found my way around his neck while I kissed him passionately. I knew this was something like no other, I knew Luke was something different. After a while we pulled away, trying to catch our breath. I looked at my door then to Luke. I awkwardly opened up and got in.

          "Good night Luke." I smiled.

          "Night Babe." He said as he put his hands in his pockets, and walked home.

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