Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


7. Dinner with Mom.

          Beau and I reached the door to the Brooks' home. He took out his keys and unlocked it. We went inside and he ran straight into the kitchen, reading a paper.


          "Well that's nice. Having the house to yourself for an entire week." I chuckled.

          "Yeah, that means we can bring cute girls like you home without getting interrupted." He winks.

          "Very funny Beau." I say as I swoop around the counter and run up the stairs. I walk down the deserted hallway into Luke and Jai's room. They're both sitting on Jai's part of the bunk playing some Xbox. I stand at the doorway and watch them play for a while, they yell, jump, and have their eyes glued to the TV. They turn to look at me when I start to laugh after Luke lost a round. I smile at them and Luke comes up to me. He hugs me and then kisses me quickly. I giggle and then Jai comes up and we give each other a hug.

           "Babe, since you know how to do about everything, how about you come test your gaming skills by playing around with me and Jai?" Luke insists.

           "No, no. I'll just watch you two. Besides I suck anyways." I say.

          "C'mon Lei, don't be like that. Sit down and grab Luke's remote." Jai suggests.

           Luke looks at me and hands me his remote, "I need to see this."

          I take a deep breath and give Luke my phone, he holds onto it while I take the remote out of his grip. Jai starts a new round of Call of Duty and we start choosing our guns and game course. I pick my stuff and let Jai pick the course, I press 'X' on my control so that we can start and wait for the course to load. The screen is split into two sections and we both start moving around. I scramble my way around the entire place trying to find Jai, I hide under the car for a while trying to see if I can find him. I sprint into a building losing hope and then when I turn the corner I spot Jai. I start shooting and he starts jumping in his place trying to shoot back. He gets nervous and puts his hand on my remote, throwing me off. He gets back to his and shoots me to death.

          "JAI!" I yell. Pouting in my seat.

          "Sorry, I won fair and square Lei." He shrugged.

          "Oh my god, you obviously sabotaged me." I said.

          "There were no rules established saying I couldn't." He nods.

          I sigh and sit back down, we keep playing a few rounds. Jai beat me in the end but I don't really care. I looked over to Luke, who was looking through my phone. I laughed and went up to him.

          "Having fun there?" I ask.

          "Yeah, you have a lot of interesting selfies on here." He winks.

          "Oh god, those are embarrassing." I start blushing hard.

          "They're cute. Well I think they're cute." He replies.

           The phone rings and I see that it's my mom. Before I even grab the phone, Luke has already picked it up, and he's put it on speaker.

           "Why hello ma'am." Luke says eagerly.

           "Oh hello Luke! How are you doing?" She asks.

           "Nothing, just watching Lei play some video games, how are you?"

           "Oh nothing. I was just wondering if you both wanted to go out to eat. Since we didn't get to such a good start I'd like to make it up to you both by taking you out." She insists.

           Luke looks at me, then to the phone. "That would be wonderful, Lei and I will be ready and everything in about 2 hours. Would that be fine for you?" He says calmly.

          "Just call me when you want me to pick you guys up!" My mom says.

          "Bye!" They both say before hanging up the phone.

           I looked at Luke and I started to smile, he looked nervous but I didn't mind.

          "Aw Lukey, c'mon lets go get you ready." I say as I go into give him a quick kiss.

          He smiles and I look behind me to see that Jai wasn't there anymore. I shrug and stand up going to Luke's closet. I open it up and start rummaging through his clothes trying to find something cute to wear. I look through a billion shirts until I find a perfect white button up shirt and a striped navy blue and white pullover to go over it, I grab some khaki's from the other side of his closet, and a pair of blue converse to match. I look over at him then the outfit. I start to smile.

          "I like it, It's classy." He says winking at me.

          "You're gonna look so cute babe she's gonna love you!" I put my hands on my hips.

          "I'm gonna go take a shower, I'll call you when I'm done getting ready. Unless you wanna..." He smiles and looks over to the bathroom door.

           I laugh and raise my eyebrows, "I'm good," I say winking at him.

          He laughs and runs to give me a quick kiss on the cheek, he grabs his towel and closes himself into the bathroom. I grab my phone and walk down the stairs, I can see Jai making a sandwich. I peek over his shoulder, scaring him. I start laughing and he shakes his head laughing too.

           "Did I scare ya?" I ask eagerly.

           "Yeah, you kind of did." He said, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

           "Good. I'll see you later I need to go get ready," I say.

           He waved and I went up to him and took a bite out of sandwich then handed it back to him. He looked at me then gave me a glare, I laughed and walked out and back into my house. I run upstairs and I put my phone on the charger. I hop into the shower and make sure I don't get my hair wet. I head out and over to my closet. I stand there in my towel looking at what I should wear. I go through my clothes and decide to go with a light pink button up dress, I grab a brown braided belt to match. I slip on my undergarments and my clothes then let out my hair. I straighten it quickly trying to fix up the spots that got frizzy. I wrap the belt around my waist and tighten it. I look through my closet for my cream colored flats. I threw them on and then looked through my bracelets and stuff. I got a silver necklace with a little heart on it and wrapped it around my neck, I put on my pink Pandora bracelet shortly after. I spray on my perfume and look at myself in the mirror. I sigh and pull out a brown leather side bag, I put all of my things from the other bag including my phone into it and wrap it around my shoulders. I turn off my lights and close my door, heading out back to Luke's.

          I knock on the door and wait for a response. To my surprise Jai answers the door. He looks at me up and down and I smile. I wait for his feedback.

          "Lei! Y-you look great!" Jai says

          "Aw, thanks Jai." I pull him in for a hug and I start to blush, he kisses me on the cheek and I laugh. He closes the door behind us and I see Beau. I sit down next to him and I start conversation.

          "Hey Beau, what's up?" I ask.

          He looks up from his phone and smiles, "Oh nothing just texting this girl I met at the party."

          I nudge him a bit and then wink. "Well look at you, getting girls!"

          He blushes and starts to laugh, he shakes his head and looks back to his phone.

          "Well I'm gonna go check on Luke, see you around."

          I get up and head up the stairs, I go up to their bedroom and I knock on the door.

          "It's open, come in!" I hear Luke shout.

          I open the door and look at Luke, he looked great in the outfit I'd pick out. He was having trouble putting his chain on so I went and helped him.

          "You look great," I say as I finish and kiss him lightly on the neck.

          He turns around and puts his hands on my waist, looking at me and winking. "So do you baby" He says as he kisses me on the lips.

          Before I can even get a chance to kiss back my phone vibrates, I sigh and look at it.

          From: Mom :)

          U guys ready? U take 4ever! >:(

          To: Mom :)

          Yeah, come get us at Luke's. Just text me when you're outside Ma :) x

          From: Mom :)

          Gr8 I'll b there in 10.

          "My mom's gonna be here in ten minutes." I say as I look up at Luke.

          "That gives me just enough time to get another kiss." He says as he leans into me.

          I laugh when his lips touch mines and I wrap my hands around his neck. We stay there, against his desk kissing until we had to catch our breath. I gave him a hug and pulled away. I sat on his bed while he sprayed on his cologne and brushed his hair. My phone vibrated and I looked at it, my mom was parked out front. I look at Luke and then grab his hand while we walk out the door. I wave goodbye to Jai and Beau and we head outside, shutting the door behind us. I sit in the front next to my mom while Luke sneaks into the back.

          "Hi mom," I say giving her a hug.

          "Hey Lei, Hello Luke!" She says smiling at both of us and putting her foot on the gas.

          She took us to some restaurant in the city, I didn't know existed. I didn't know where we were either but I just tagged along. They called my moms name and we sat in a booth. We got our menu's and ordered quick. She was the first to start talking.

          "So, you two seemed to get off a bit well."

          "Yeah, we have." I say smiling.

          "So, Luke. Tell me about yourself." She smirks.

          "Uh, well I honestly don't know what to say. I like to work with filming and photography, I like to sing. My birthday's May 3rd and I really like your daughter." He says with a smile.

          I can't help but laugh and my mom joins in. "Well Luke, you seem like a funny one." She adds.

          Our food arrives and we eat and have a good time. I honestly have never seen my mom laugh so much, it scared me a little. We got into the car, full and out of breath. It was a short drive back home since my mom played the radio and we started to sing and dance in the car. We arrive at the house and we all get out of the car. I look over to Luke and he smiles.

          "Well, bye ma'am. I had a great time. I'll see you tomorrow Lei." He says as he kisses me on the cheek and waves goodbye to my mom.

          We walk into my house and my mom takes a seat in the kitchen I look at her for a while with a smile on my face.

          "So? Do you like him?" I say curiously.

          She takes a deep breath and smiles then looks at me, "Yes Lei, yes. I like him"

          I smile and give her a hug, I run up to my room and jump onto my bed. I grab my phone and go to text Luke.

          To: Luke ♥

          She likes you! xx

          From: Luke ♥

          Really? Cause I thought the way I described myself ruined everything, aha. Xx

          To: Luke ♥

          I thought that was cute, though ♥

          From: Luke ♥

          Yeah and I thought the way you gobbled up those chicken wings was even cuter ;) x

          To: Luke ♥

          Oh my goddd :( I hate you ♥

          From: Luke ♥

          I love you too babyyyy :) ♥

          To: Luke ♥

           Aw, babe I'm gonna go to bed. I'll come over tomorrow alright? x

         From: Luke ♥

          Alright, Night babe ♥

         To: Luke ♥

          Night :) x

          I change into my pajama pants and a huge t shirt. I go turn the lights off and slip into bed. I fall asleep thinking about the wonderful time I had today.

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