Our Love

From New York to Melbourne, a small loft to a huge house. A new life, and a clean slate. Would it all be a life like any other, our would it change when a certain group of boys come into her life?


8. Confessions.

          Jai's P.O.V.

          I heard someone shut the door and I ran to the living room. I saw Luke coming inside brushing himself off. I stand at the doorway and he looks up at me, raising his eyebrow. He stares at me for a while, until we both start to laugh.

         "So, how did it go!" I say as I sit down on the couch.

          He sits down next to me, "It went good, I had fun."

          "Did she like you?" I ask attentively.

          "Yeah, Lei just texted me before she went to sleep telling me that she did." He smiled.

          I slapped him on the back, "Good job kiddo." I said winking.

          He rolled his eyes and got up yawning, "I'm gonna go to bed, you guys annoy me."

           "WHATEVER THEN." I yelled as he climbed up the stairs.

          Beau slipped into the room and sat down next to me, I looked over to him and winked as I changed the channel on the TV. He pulls out his phone and starts typing, I roll my eyes and look over to him.

          "Still texting that girl?" I ask.

          "Yeah, why?" He says confused.

          "Didn't you like Lei just the other day though?"

          "Well she is with Luke, and it's obviously not gonna happen so I need to move on Jai. Simple as that." He replied quickly.

          "Well Beau I didn't expect you to be one who moves on so quick." I sighed.

          "I already got what I wanted from her so I'm good." He rolled his eyes.

           I look at him confused, "What do you mean?"

           "Well she is hot and I wanted to make out with her so I did." He snapped.

            My eyes widen. "Hold up, you kissed Lei? When was this?"

            "This morning. She was pretending to sleep so I laid one on her." He explained.

           "Sheesh, I feel bad for Luke. I've kissed Lei about twice while shes been dating him. But that's not the thing, you told me all of this sappy stuff about how you like her and now you turn into a complete douche bag and deny it?" I snapped.

           "So what? Shes never gonna find out. How would she expect a girl like her not to be used once in a while? Cut me some slack bro. Besides I'm only trying to hook up with this girl I'm texting and I'm moving on. It's called 'No strings attached' , you should try it sometime." He says as he gets up from the couch with his eyes glued to his phone.

           I sneak up into the bedroom while Luke is surprisingly asleep. I look through the drawer for his iPhone. I spot it and I run out of the room silently before he can even shift. I unlock the phone quickly and search through his contacts for Lei. I find her number and I put it into my contacts. I save her as "Leeeeei :)". I put the phone back in the place I found it in and headed back downstairs to the living room. I ring her as soon as I sit down.

          "Hello?" I hear her sleepy voice say.

          "Yo Lei, what's up. It's me Jai." I reply.

          "Oh hey Jai, what's going on?"

          "Oh nothing, I'm just calling because I want to talk to you about something."

          "Uh, okay. What happened?"

          "Well Beau told me about what happened this morning, and I have been thinking about us. But I wanted to know where we all stand with you." I say quickly.

          "Oh well. What happened with Beau was totally unplanned. He just kissed me and I let it happen. I left right after though I really don't wanna get into anything with Beau after what happened at the party. Skip and I haven't talked in a while but we're friends I guess. I haven't been speaking to James that much, he's been distant. But I just think that's because he has a girl." She pauses and laughs. "And I guess Luke and I are a thing now if you wanna put it that way. We haven't really talked about making it official but I guess it just is, but you and me. I honestly don't know where we stand. How about you tell me?" She asks.

           A smile grows onto my face and I start to talk. "Well I do like you if you haven't noticed."

           She laughs and sighs. "The feeling is mutual Jai, but I don't know how to put this. I guess Luke beat you to it. I mean, I actually did like it when you first put your arm around me at the party. I actually do like it when we sneak those kisses at the doorway too." She stops.

          "I guess Luke is the right guy for you I mean. He does make you happy, and he does actually really like you. I think we should just stop sneaking everything, it's really making me feel bad. Let's just stop the affection and stick to being friends. For Luke." I say as I start to frown.

          "I know that it's gonna be hard for both of us to do that but I'll do it for Luke. I really like him you know. It's been going really good with us lately. I have my moms approval on him since today." She chuckles.

          "Oh really? I've been told." I laugh. "But Lei I'ma have to let you go I'm getting a bit tired and I need to get my beauty rest."

          "Alright, I'll come over tomorrow. So have something planned okay?" She says.

         "Don't worry I have a whole lot in mind. Well Night Lei."

          "Night Jai." She says as she hangs up the phone.

           I sigh and lock my phone. I run up the stairs and slip into my part of the bunk. I somehow manage to close my eyes. A bit sooner than I thought I would.


          I woke up to the sound of Luke getting ready. He was in sweats and a tee just fluffing his hair and taking a selfie as usual. I rolled my eyes and yawned.

          "What time is it?" I asked.

          "It's 1. You slept through the entire morning." He said.

          "Why are you getting ready then? Is Beau even up?"

          "Well Lei's coming over and we're gonna hang around and Beau left to hang out with that Jessica girl."

          "It's called 'No strings attached.' you should try it sometime."

          "I'm gonna hop in the shower bro. I'll invite Skip since James went out of town to visit Veronica." I say as I hop out from my bed.

          Luke's P.O.V.

          I went downstairs and headed to the refrigerator. I search through and find nothing. I open up the freezer to find some ice cream. I shrugged and decided to wait on Skip to come so he can go grab some snacks at the corner store. I pulled out my phone at the feel of a vibration.

          From: Lei ♥

          Babe could you come open the door?

          To: Lei ♥

          Alright :) x

          I run to the door and open it up to see Lei. She was wearing some Ugg boots, leggings, and a grey sweater. She looked great, even if she wasn't even trying too. I pulled her in for a kiss and a long hug. I laughed as we pulled away causing her to laugh as well. I led her inside while she shut the door. We plopped onto the couch and she laid back resting her legs on my lap, leaning her head on my shoulder.

          "So what do you wanna do today love?" I ask her.

          "Anything, I don't really mind at all." She says giggling.

          "How about we go to the backyard and play some footie?"

          "Oh sure! C'mon let's go!" She stands up excitedly.

           We race upstairs and she grabs the ball, she runs back down while I follow her. We both run outside to the backyard and we mark our goals.

          "You ready to get beat on?" I say smirking.

          "Hey! Don't be too cocky." She warns me while I place the ball down and we start to play.

          She gains full control of the ball and starts running towards the goal. I sprint fast behind her trying to kick the ball out of her grip. She tries crossing me up but fails, I end up taking the ball and running to the opposite end of the yard. She gains up fast behind me and we start trying to fight for the ball. She keeps on laughing, which makes me a little weak. I tense up a little and let her have it. She runs all the way back to her post before I could even reach her halfway. Before I knew it she kicked the ball and was screaming "GOAL!"

          "1-0" She said looking at me, winking.

          "First to 3?" I challenge her.

          "Fine, it's on."

          After a while she ends up winning at a 3-2 score. I sigh and shake my head as she does a funny victory dance. When she finished gloating I look up to find Jai and Skip sitting at the back steps.

          "What's up Skip?" I ask as I sit down next to them.

          "Nothing, just enjoying myself seeing you lose badly to Lei." He says laughing.

          "Go somewhere with yourself snot face." I say as I punch him playfully.

          He gets up and stretches. "Hey Lei, wanna come with me to the market to grab some stuff to eat?" He asks while Jai and I get up to go play some Fifa.

          She goes up to him and nods. They both set out to the sidewalk as I walk inside searching for some water.

          Skip's P.O.V.

          "Lei long time no talk how you been?" I ask.

          "Great, how about you Skip?"

          "Eh good. I've been staying home a lot. Following some fans. Doing twitcams. The usual Janoskian stuff." I explain.

          "Aw, you guys are so nice to your fans I find that so cute. When are you guys gonna film another video?"

          "I honestly. don't know. Beau has been hanging out with Jessica. Luke has been hanging out with you, and Jai has been keeping on the low lately."

          She sighs. "How about tomorrow? You all meet up and film. I'll get all of the boys together and we can make a new video." She suggests.

          I put my arm around her shoulder as we walk, "If only it were that easy."

          I get into the market, my hand on her waist guiding her and directing her where to go. We're in the back of the market and I think it's time to make my move. She's too busy looking at the ice cream flavors so I'll just wait till she turns around. I lean back on the wall and look at her, I smirk a little bit. She looks over to me then stops, looking at me confused.

          "What? Is there something on my face?" She asks, frantically touching her face.

          "No. It's just I think you're really beautiful." I let slip out.

           She looks at me and smiles, giving me a hug. I pull out and look at her. I don't even think before I go in and plant my lips on hers. I have my hands wrapped around her and I just stay there. Not letting go. I smile a little. The only thing that stops me was when I heard a voice call my name. I look up to see who was there, I saw Luke standing there. Furious.

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